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Posted at 10:19 AM on Saturday, December 04, 2004 by David Horowitz
Brock site calls Cosby racist

The one utility David Brock's site has is to display the mentality of the left at its worst. MediaMatters(MM) is a hate site that exists only to stigmatize disagreement and dissent. Thus, Brock and his minions jumped on me for pointng out that Al Franken had tarred me as a racist despite my lifelong commitment to civil rights and without even bothering to justify his slander with even a phrase from the million or so words I have written. MM's tack was to pull (and distort) two quotes of mine from articles I had written for Salon.com, which were published with the blessings of their leftwing editors. MM made no effort at the time -- nor has it since -- to explain how politically correct leftists would publish racist attacks on blacks (which is how MM characterized them).

In defending myself I'm afraid I tossed out them another curve ball. I pointed out that Bill Cosby was now saying exactly the same things I had written in these articles and in books like Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes where I had exposed the left's crippling message to minorites: blame others. When you blame others you take away your own power to shape your life. Thus the article I had written chastized the NAACP for suing gun manufacturers because young black males were killing other black males at an alarming rate (what Jesse Jackson refers to as "black on black crime.") So how did MM respond to this point? By labeling Bill Cosby a racist! (Let me guess, the moron who wrote this is white).

re: In retaliation, David Horowitz labeled Al Franken

Statistics show that white and black people commit drug crimes at the same rates, however, black people are more often arrested and convicted. This is readily known fact based on statistics in universities. That is why people say that the disproportionate amount of blacks in prisons constitutes racism. [DH Actually this is a sleight-of-hand. Most people incarcerated for drug crimes are incarcerated for dealing drugs, while most of the white people referred to are consumers of drugs not dealers. Moreover, a very large portion of those dealers are incarcerated for dealing crack cocaine. It was leaders of the black community in fact who originally descended on Congress and demanded harsh laws and sentences specifically for crack dealers because of their destructive impact on the black community. Of course the privileged leftists at MM could not care less about the lives of the black people who actually reside in these communities.]

If Horowitz were truly interested in making a valid point, he would go through the trouble to dig up all of the current facts and statistics before spouting his opinions. The fact that he, instead, reacts by blaming black families for not raising law-abiding citizens is a prejudiced maneuver, whether he realizes it or not.

Also, in reading his article, I am aware that Horowitz, like many Americans, confuses racism with personal prejudice. He seems to be saying that he is not biased against blacks therefore what he writes is not racist. Some of Horowitz's statements, like the one I talked about above, show that he is personally prejudiced against blacks, though perhaps unconsciously, but lets say for the sake of argument that he wasn't. That wouldn't preclude any of his statements from being racist, since racism is a social dynamic in our culture that each of us learns as we live our lives. We internalize the same stereotypes we see around us daily. The trick is to become aware of those internalizations, learn to evaluate them critically, and stay conscious of how what we do and say perpetuates or fights against those streotypes.

In the end of his article, he alludes to Bill Cosby's past statements that were made in the same reacitionary vein as his, as if because a black man said it, and some black people applauded it (many did not and let Cosby know it), it is no longer racist. The Cosby example kind of proves my point - Is Cosby personally prejudiced? Or is he ignorant to how racism works as a social dynamic? Or both? He could be any of those things and all of those things, regardless of his skin color.

by speakout - Wednesday December 1, 2004 12:23:41 PM EST


DH: The discussion that follows this post is rich as well: "Doesn't Whorowitz get all sorts of funding from right wing donors?" As I pointed out in my original post on these sordid attacks, Brock got enough money from the Soros-Podesta crew (left-wing donors my friend) to underwrite FrontPagemag.com for ten years.


David Horowitz is the founder of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and author of the new book, One Party Classroom.

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