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Posted at 7:11 AM on Tuesday, September 16, 2003 by David Horowitz
Harvard replies to our remarks on Franken

One of Al Franken's researchers at Harvard mentioned in my article has responded. He's senior Noah McCormack.

From: "Noah McCormack" nmccorm@fas.harvard.edu

Subject: RE: Liberals and the Liberal Centers That Fund Them, Sep. 15

In response to David Horowitz's attack on Harvard, Al Franken and the Harvard students who helped Mr. Franken write his latest book, I would like to point out that many of Mr. Horowitz's assertions are either incorrect or blatant distortions of the truth. I was one of Mr. Franken's "14 graduate researchers" who were actually 9 graduate students and 5 undergraduates (I am an undergraduate). We were not, as Mr. Horowitz states, "provided" to Mr. Franken. The study group he ran was a not-for-credit class attended on a volunteer basis. All Harvard provided Mr. Franken was  office space and logistical support.

Sorry for neglecting the undergrads in the pack -- Franken didn't mention this and the Kennedy School to my knowledge is a graduate school. [A reader has since corrected me. Franken did mention this, and I missed it.] No harm done however, a senior is close to a graduate. To say that all Harvard provided Mr. Franken was office space and logistical support is quite an understatement. It happens Noah that I have quite a lot of use for researchers and am quite impressed with the difficulties of obtaining good ones. Harvard assembled for Al Franken's vicious and unscrupulous anti-Republican screed a volunteer pool (since you insist) of the nation's top students for the job (or do you think you got to Harvard by some random pick?) Moreover, since you all will be seeking recommendations from Harvard etc. Harvard also provided a strong incentive for you to perform. Harvard also provided 4 years of indoctrination by leftist and liberal professors to prime you for your noble task.

Secondly, Mr. Horowitz seeks to prove that liberals are vastly more powerful than conservatives by comparing the endowments of Harvard and the Heritage Foundation. What Mr. Horowitz neglects to point out is that all of the Heritage foundation's money is dedicated to furthering conservative causes, while Harvard spends billions every year on such "liberal" things as animal testing, nuclear research, defense policy analysis and the like. Harvard also employs a range of prominent conservatives and  Republicans, including Harvey Mansfield and the Rev. Peter Gomes, and has produced conservatives such as William Kristol, Alan Keyes, George W. Bush and Bill O'Reilly. I await a similar list of liberals  currently at or products of the Heritage Foundation.

Nice try Noah. But even subtracting those engineering billions do you really think that Harvard's liberal arts divisions are smaller than Heritage? And then why stop at Harvard since Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Penn are all leftwing think tanks? I don't think it's even necessary to comment on the fact that Bill Kristol went to Harvard. However forty-eight percent of the conservative Hoover Institution's fellows are Democrats. Name one university or college that has a ratio even close.

 As to Mr. Horowitz's complaint that Harvard would not offer a similar fellowship to Ann Coulter, any reader of Mr. Franken's book would find the abundantly documented lies, fabrications, fantasies and libels of Ms. Coulter abundant justification for her lack of an invitation.

Noah, you have a lot to learn. Here's your comment parsed by a member of the unwashed multitude. Different diction, same idea:

From: blanders13@yahoo.com

Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 6:04 PM

Wow ! I can't believe what a big pussy you are ! I just read your op-ed in the LA Times about Al Franken and I'm really overwhelmed by your inability to grasp why there is such a liberal bias at Ivy League Universities....it's because the faculty, grad students and administration there are smarter then you and your fellow Brownshirts. Face it, conservatives are dumb. Correction, dumb and bitter. Since Bill Clinton was running for President, Conservative demagogues have been beating on the Democrats in the print, radio and t.v. mediums. Al Franken releases a book that gives you some of your own medicine and you all circle the wagons and cry foul ! You're a bunch of whiney pussies who can't take a punch.


Brock Landers


David Horowitz is the founder of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and author of the new book, One Party Classroom.

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