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Posted at 12:00 AM on Friday, September 18, 2009 by David Horowitz
The Left's Campaign To Destroy Glenn Beck

glenn beck

The Left has launched a massive campaign to destroy Glenn Beck -- who right now, and along with Rush, is the most eloquent, fearless and effective warrior standing between Barack Obama and a collectivist state. The politics of personal destruction is what the left does best, and in many ways it is all the left does. "Purge" -- as in defame and then dispose of your political enemies -- is a term that leftists invented in the 1930s when Joseph Stalin staged show trials of his political enemies, defamed and demonized them, and then buried them. Witch-hunts are a leftist specialty -- identify your political enemy, freeze him, and isolate him by painting him as a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, nutcase -- whatever will work to banish him from the society of decent human beings and silence him. This is what the left is now trying to do to Glenn Beck, with its usual arsenal of malicious distortion, misrepresentation and made up "facts."

The new cover story in TIME portrays Beck as a Mad Man. (You want to see a Mad Man? Watch Keith Olbermann). A feature in today's Salon portrays Beck as a Mormon nut job. How's that for religious tolerance! (And by the way, the two or three sentences about me are inventions of the writer, as the interview he links shows, if you bother to read it.) As for Olbermann, he does a Beck lynching every night (and a Bachmann lynching, and a Coulter lynching, and a Limbaugh lynching. Even Jonah Goldberg has made "Worst Person in the World" four times). What we are witnessing is a political mob; its agenda is the destruction of anyone brazen enough to stand in its path and say "no" to its assault on Americans' freedom .

But it's not going to work. Thanks to the genius of the Internet, anyone who is not a rabid believer in leftwing lunacies can find out what is actually inciting them by viewing the man himself on You Tube. When the curious punch up his videos they're not going get Jeremiah Wright.  They're going to get the real Glenn Beck and see that the slander is just that. They'll also see why he's being slandered.

But doesn't he mis-speak every now and then? Doesn't he go over the top? Like everyone else who performs -- and in his case performs without a script and for four hours every day -- he does. But just compare five minutes of any Glenn Beck monologue with Olbermann's rants, or the sappy sarcasms of Rachel Maddow, or the bloviatings of  "progressive" TV pundits across the board, and relish a model of sanity and sobriety and insight into the political night that is descending on this country unless enough people stand up and say NO.

For me, the most sickening aspect of the anti-Beck campaign is the eagerness of some conservatives to join in. The Time Magazine story was written by David Von Drehle, whose rhyming drivel was once a regular feature of National Review (the only serious poor judgment of which Bill Buckley was ever guilty). The eagerness of some conservatives like David Frum to throw Glenn Beck under the bus reminds me of Trotsky's observation about pacificists as people who don't want to get their moral principles wet. Although with conservatives it's more like they don't want to get their Armani suits wet. They don't want anyone associated with them to appear to be street fighters when we're in the middle of a street fight. It's the snob effect.Or more likely it's a conservative Stockholm Syndrome. Held hostage by a leftwing media, some conservatives think that by dissociating themselves from Rush Limbaugh under attack, or Sarah Palin, or Joe Wilson or innumerable others, they can get their enemies to like them. The spectacle is pathetic and disgusting and the hope fatuous.

It's actually not just a street fight. We are in the midst of a political war in which one side is seeking to eliminate the other This is a war begun by the left, and in fact waged only by the left until Obama's recently launched attempt to steamroll the nation into the socialist future. Seven years ago, the left set out to destroy George Bush and did -- because he didn't fight back. How dare those Democrats who called Bush a liar and a murderer talk about decorum and profess shock that a Republican should call out Obama on his lies about health care? Their lies about Bush got Americans and Iraqis killed. Wilson's truth not only hurt no one, it resulted in a positive change in the policy.

Until now only one side has been shooting in this war. But from the day Rush Limbaugh declared that he hoped Obama would fail in his efforts to wreck America, there has been another army in the field -- a small one until 9/12, but a brave one. Some day the Democrats may want a truce in this war, and Republicans, being civilized and wishing the best for this country, will give it to them. But until then, we would all do well to circle the wagons and when fired on, fire back.


David Horowitz is the founder of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and author of the new book, One Party Classroom.

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