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Posted at 10:46 AM on Sunday, March 01, 2009 by David Horowitz
A Hero of the War Against Islamo-Fascism at CPAC; David Frum and Controversial Leaders
I'm in Washington DC where I attended the CPAC conclave. On Friday evening we co-hosted an event for Geert Wilders attended by upwards of 500 people. Wilders, a member of the Dutch parliament, is under indictment in his own country for creating a short film called Fitna which juxtaposes instructions from the Koran with the blood curdling statements of Islamic Imams currently calling for the extermination of the Jews and the conquest of the West. Wilders is himself under heavy guard in the Netherlands and has had to relocate his family in safe houses because of the death threats he has received from the bloody-minded followers of Islam. Wilders has been barred from England which is ruled by socialist appeasers of Islamo-fascism.

Our event was organized by Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugged, and co-hosted by Andrew Bostom, our own Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch, and our TerrorismAwareness Project. It was a private event, not on the official program because conservatives have yet to put the Islamo-fascist threat front and center. The American Conservative Union's "courage award" was given to George McGovern for opposing card check legislation which would take away the secret ballot from working Americans when union thugocracies are moving on their places of employment. Well and good. But hopefully next year's courage award will go to the brave Dutchman and his fight against a global enemy that is more barbaric than either the Nazis or the Communists and more dangerous as well.

David Frum: Wilders -- a controversial leader for intolerant times.

David Frum has an interesting blog on Geert Wilders, calling him a controversial leader for intolerant times. I have no quarrel with the characterization, but it begs the question. Can there be leader in these intolerant times, who is concerned about the threat from the fascist movement in Islam and dares to name it, who is not instantly labeled "contoversial." Those of us who, in issuing warnings about the jihadist threat, have attempted to make the distinction between fascist Islam (or "radical Islam" or "militant Islam") and "moderate Islam" or just Islam, have to a man been smeared as "Islamophobes" and "hate-mongers," "bigots," "racists" and attackers of all Muslims. We have been so attacked to the point where it no longer makes apparent sense to insert the distinction in every sentence, or before every paragraph that attempts to describe the threat, because whatever qualifiers we insert will be cynically ignored.
A year ago, Robert Spencer and I posted an ad in The Emory Wheel the school paper at Emory, titled "What Every American Needs to Know About Jihad." It was milder than the Wilders' film. Robert and I had exchanged many emails in which I was critical of his view that Islam and its bible rather than radical or militant or fascist elements within Islam were the problem. So you can be sure our ad was careful not to conflate Islam with the jihadists.

Nonetheless, the ad was denounced in a full-page public counter ad in the same college paper by the entire Religious Life staff at the university, including the liberal rabbi who heads Hillel. (When I visited the campus later and confronted the rabbi over this, he had no response. He evidently understood that our comments were fair, but still felt it was politically incorrect to attack Islamic jihadists on a university campus).

The attacks against Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, myself and others like us, have been orchestrated by the jihadists themselves through the Muslim Brotherhood's network in America led by CAIR, the Muslim American Society, ISNA and the Muslim Students Association. I have personally been attacked by the Muslim Students Association at every campus I have appeared on as someone who attacks all Muslims, even though I have begun every campus speech by saying, "as in all religions there are good Muslims and bad Muslims." Leftist allies of the jihad and even liberals like Alan Colmes have repeated their charges, though the charges themselves are baseless. We have been unable to enlist a single liberal ally in our campus campaign to raise awareness of the Islamo-fascist threat.

Where were the Muslims by the way denouncing the support for the genocidal Islam terrorist movement Hamas during the Gaza war? Where are the Muslim organizations denouncing the honor killing and beheading in New York?

These experiences have caused me to reconsider my disagreements with Robert Spencer and while I still make distinction between good Muslims and bad Muslims, the former are so invisible when it comes to opposing the Islamo-fascist threat, that I cannot help but think of the "good Germans" who didn't make a damn's worth of difference in the end.

So I ask my friend David: Can there be a leader in the democracies of the West who is willing to stand up to the Islamo-fascists, and call them by name who will not also be a controversial leader in intolerant times?

David Horowitz is the founder of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and author of the new book, One Party Classroom.

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