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The War on Terror is a Values Issue By: Pendra Lee Snyder
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, January 13, 2005

“Values Voters” are the newest addition to the lexicon of political interest groups. Immediately the morning after the stunning conservative victory, this new group had to be defined, dissected, then diminished and demeaned. Conservatives, basking in the glory of the across-the-board November 2nd victory, told the social engineers, “We told you so! Values do matter!”

Their response was not long in coming: they gave us “authoritative” surveys that “proved” moral values did not play that big a role in the re-election of George W. Bush, nor in Republican gains in the House and Senate, nor the passage of 11 state marriage amendments. Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer recorded the accurate figured in his Nov. 12 column, “If you pit group against group, the moral values class comes in dead last: war issues at 34 percent, economic issues variously described at 33 percent, and moral values at 22 percent—i.e., they are at least a third less salient than the others.” Leftists took heart and noted, rightly, that many people’s exit polling responses included the war on terrorism with moral values. What the “liberals” overlook is the fact that the War on Terror belongs in that category, because the War on Terror is a moral issue.


We are in this war on terrorism because another religious system, fundamentalist Islam, is attempting to impose its values on America – and the rest of the “infidel” world – by violence, and they struck the first blow on our own soil. Those who refuse to adopt their religious system are promised the same fate. Unless we defeat the radical Islamic jihadists and win the war, America will not look anything like the nation established for a free people. Across the board, “values voters” equate morals with traditional values derived from a Judeo-Christian religious system. Should the unthinkable occur and Islamists win, the words of their prayers write their death warrants.


And not all those who want to hasten this deadly day of reckoning are foreigners. Some six months after the World Trade Center attack, there was a journalism conference held by Regent University in Alexandria, Virginia. During one panel session on religion, Louay M. Safi, Ph. D., and Director of Research for the Saudi-funded International Institute of Islamic Thought, expressed that as the Muslim population in America increases, a long term goal is for duel judicial systems: an American judicial system and a Shari’a (Islamic law) judicial system. This is a jarring prospect, as we read news accounts from Third World Islamic countries ruled by Shari’a law where women are stoned to death or buried alive up to their necks for committing minor religious infractions blithely tolerated in America.


Most Americans can’t imagine such a barbaric act being carried out on American soil, yet it may be closer than they think.


The Canadian Council of Muslim Women released a report on September 11, 2004, expressing their concerns about the establishment of Shari’a/Muslim Law in Canada to handle family matters. According to the author of the study, Pascale Fournier:

The first study examined the application of Sharia/Muslim family law in France, Germany and Britain…[and] what is apparent is that Canadian Muslim women risk being ghettoized and their equality rights seriously violated in a country that is known in the world for its commitment to human rights…all eyes are on Canada to see what we do here.


This is the same law that is used to persecute Christians in Muslims countries, and it’s coming to this nation…a nation based on the very Judeo-Christian values that tolerate and welcome people of all faiths, and no faith.


An editorial in the Nov./Dec. 2004 issue of the magazine, Israel My Glory, published by the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, reported: “State department statistics show Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the United States…there are 1,209 mosques in America…Between 17 and 30 percent of American Muslims are converts to the faith.” The population figure for American Muslims vary from two million to seven million, with “80 percent of the U.S. mosques under the control of the Wahhabi imams and subsidized by Saudi Arabia.”


Wahhabism is the most extreme form of fundamentalist Islam, the kind held by Osama bin Laden.


The editorial continued, “In addition to funding mosque construction and subsidizing programs, the Saudis are said to be pouring millions into creating a system of schools teaching militant Wahhabi doctrines.”


The State Department (as reported in the article) lists the Wahhabis as having planted 327 mosques in California, 67 in Texas, 57 in Florida, and 140 in New York, and the number is growing.


While the traditional values conservatives have been battling liberals on a myriad of moral issues, a new set of values has crept onto our shores.


“Religion is emerging as one of the most critical factors in global politics, international security and U.S. Foreign policy,” starts a report from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released last November 10. “Security and foreign policy experts have traditionally been reluctant to take religion into account, but new global realities increasingly underscore religion’s important role in international relations.”


So, throw the war on terror and Iraq back into the moral values equation. Morality drives both the terrorists and those of us who pledge every fiber of our being to opposing the terrorists. Those who wish to practice their religion and teach their Judeo-Christian values in a free land have no other choice; we have been drafted into the action against the Islamists.


Experts at the highest levels of our government understand the role religion plays in terrorism. And terrorists feel American values pose a threat to the entire world, such that they must eradicate our way of life immediately. Apparently they aren’t listening to the liberal lamentations that values don’t enter into the War on Terror, either.

Pendra Lee Snyder publishes the Citizen USA (www.citizenusa.us) newspaper in Ohio.

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