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Homegrown Sleeper Cells By: Barbara Stock
MichNews.com | Monday, March 07, 2005

There are thousands of Saudi-funded Islamic schools in America. While we have been aware of this for years, Americans were ignorant about what was being taught in those schools to American children who just happen to be Muslim. The Saudi Ministry of Education has been creating a network of sleeper-cells right in the heart of America.

For a modest investment, the Saudi government has had total access to thousands of young American minds  and has used that opportunity to corrupt and mold those young minds into its view of the perfect Muslim. The perfect Muslim  is full of hate  for all non-Muslims,  has no loyalty to the United States,  and is convinced that only radical Islam  - Wahhabism - is the correct interpretation of Islam. There are now thousands of pre-programmed terrorists in America, waiting for the war against the American infidel begin in earnest. These soldiers do not consider themselves:  they know they are loyal Muslims in the army of Islam.

The American flag waves in front of each Saudi-supported American school, but the students continue to be taught  that someday  it will be replaced with the flag of Islam.  They believe it is just a matter of time. These young people have been totally indoctrinated in the Wahhabism belief that has been taught in Saudi Arabia for two centuries.  Children are not born terrorists. Terrorists are created. The Saudis have been very busy doing just that  - right here in America.

There are two major questions that remain: How much longer will Americans tolerate this Saudi hate-filled school system in our midst a nd how much damage has been done? One has to assume that the hate-everyone-not-Muslim curriculum is standard in all of them.

After other embarrassing moments for the Saudis, the airwaves have been saturated with denials and righteous indignation from the Saudi government. The Royal House of Saud has been noticeably silent this time. Perhaps there is nothing for them to say.  Nothing has changed in Saudi Arabia. The radical Wahhabi interpretation of the Quran  is still being taught to Saudi children. Where do you think Bin Laden learned it?  What angered Bin Laden was the fact that he felt that the Royal Family had strayed from the strict path of Islam because of Western influence.

Long ago, the House of Saud turned over the Education Ministry to the Wahhabi clerics with the understanding that the Royal Family would not be bothered.  The Saudi leaders have allowed this hatred to be spread all over the world in the hopes of securing their own safety.

Wahhabism has given birth to the likes of Bin Laden and the Taliban. These Islamic terrorists are the strictest of the strict.  Wahhabies are the most violent and think nothing of slitting the throat of a fellow Muslim that does not practice Wahhabism. This is the religion of our "good friends," the Saudis.

What the Saudis have done  is create perhaps the largest Fifth Column in history. There is no way of knowing  how many of those American Muslim children,  now adults,  will follow the clarion call  when it is given. That call will be given. Arabs do nothing on impulse.  The attack on 9/11 was more than six years  in the making.  It is unlikely that the call will come from the Saudi Arabian government. The Saudis lost control of the situation years ago. The self-appointed-by-Allah  rulers of Saudi Arabia  are in the cross-hairs themselves.  Frankenstein's monster has come home seeking its creator.

In July, 2004, the Saudis proudly posted on Saudi Institutes webpage:

"We need your Support!  Join the Saudi Institute  in fighting terrorism and promoting democracy in Saudi Arabia."

While the Saudis were saying these lovely and reassuring words publicly,  Erik Ruselowski  published an opinion editorial in the Virginia Pilot  that gave the first line of the teachers manual used for teaching first graders:

"For the teacher: Explain that all religions, other than Islam, are false, including that of the Jews, Christians, and all others."

There seems to be a conflict between what the Saudis say and what they do.  The Islamic Academy in Alexandria, Virginia, is completely funded  by the Saudi government and some of its more illustrious graduates are now making a name for themselves.

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali,  an American,  graduated from that academy  six years ago
at the top of his class.  He now faces 80 years in prison for being a traitor to his country. This must baffle most Muslims, who have no allegiance to any country.  Their only allegiance is to Islam.  This is what they have been taught since birth. It is all they know. Muslims have no borders.

Saudi children are taught to hate the Jews.  They believe that Jews are the root of all things evil.  A high school text book has lines such as this that must be memorized by all students:

"The Hour will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews,  and Muslims will kill  the Jews."

Saudi children are taught  that it is not a crime  to kill a Jew.  In fact,  the extermination of the Jews  is encouraged  and these children  are taught that this pleases Allah. The "end-time" cannot come  if Muslims have not destroyed the Jew. This mindset has now been expanded to include Christians,  Hindus, and even Muslims who do not follow Wahhabism.  It is not an accident that 15 of the 19 highjackers on 9/11were Saudi. The hatred taught to them in Saudi schools gave birth  to their 9/11 mission.  

Many Muslims brag that Islam is the "fastest growing religion in the world." These new converts have not been brainwashed since infancy,  so the indoctrination needs to be swift and harsh.  In 1993, the Islamic Assembly of North America published the "Answers to Common Questions to New Muslims."
The question put to these Islamic leaders was:

"Now that I am Muslim, can I keep my non-Muslim friends  that I have known all my life?"

Their answer should anger every American.  These new Muslims were told  to break all ties with non-Muslim friends and family.

"You should try to remain away frommixing with non-Muslims because mixing with them removes your religious zealousness and pride from your heart and may lead you to having love and compassion in your heart for them.  .it is obligatory upon a Muslim to be free of the people of infidelity and to hate them for the sake of Allah."

Hatred is quickly inserted to new converts mind-set. They isolate and indoctrinate.  Americans call it brainwashing.

Islam doesn't allow love and compassion for un-believers. It would be difficult for new converts to kill those that they consider friends. While this teaching session goes on to say that infidels should not be harmed, there is the obligatory exception:

"One must not harm them,  hurt them or oppose them without justice and rights to do so, as long as they are not fighting us."

But we are fighting them because the vast majority of Americans do not wish to be Muslim. This one line justifies killing their neighbor or even their brother if he is not Muslim.

Hatred for infidels is preached from American mosques. The absolute belief that Islam will rule the world is taught in Islamic schools in America and all over the world. New converts to Islam are isolated and indoctrinated to hate their country and their people. The war is here. It's just that the shooting hasn't started yet.

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