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Guns, "Sexperts," and the First Amendment By: Mike Adams
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A couple of days ago, bird watcher and forest conservation advocate, Rita Dean of Greenville, SC, wrote a letter complaining about me to the chancellor (and nearly every other administrator) of my university. She was shocked at some comments she heard when she saw me speaking on Capitol Hill (broadcast live on C-Span) in affiliation with the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute. Here's part of what Rita had to say:

"Carrying the banner of higher education, Mr. [sic] Adams today promoted the proliferation of firearms and tied this policy directly to the credentials and advancement of college Republicans. He encouraged conservative college students to promote the establishment of campus chapters of the National Rifle Association, and to align themselves on the other hand with pro-life advocates. I fail to understand the natural relation between guns and a "pro-life" position. It seems to be a progression in logic that is understandable only to Mr. [sic] Adams and his young acolytes. Mr. [sic] Adams reflects poorly on the entire University of North Carolina academic community..."

Ms. Dean's complaint suggests that the focus of my speech was the 2nd Amendment. The focus of my speech was actually the 1st Amendment.

Specifically, I suggested strategies to combat the efforts of liberal administrators to censor conservative speech on campus. After hearing my speech accusing liberal administrators of trying to censor conservative speech, Ms. Dean suggested that the liberal administrators should try to censor my conservative speech. Bird watchers like Rita make my job easy.

It is worth noting that my "offensive" speech criticized two UNC campuses-one for showing a porn movie to students (on campus) and another for hiring a porn star to lecture on safe anal sex. That was right before I told an LSU student (during "Q and A") that taking people "plinking" in the woods with a .22 was a good way to get them interested in firearms.

And that was the start of the problem, I suppose. You rarely hear so-called liberals (I call them neo-libs) like Rita discuss the dangers of porn and sodomy. But they are terrified of .22 rifles. And many neo-libs expect everyone to tolerate government funding of pornography and sodomy education while they refuse to tolerate gun ownership by private citizens.

And, of course, there is no inconsistency between my opposition to abortion and my opposition to gun control. Put simply, I am committed to the protection of innocent life. I want the fetus to be protected from the abortionist who seeks to take an innocent life. I also want adults to be protected from the murderer who seeks to take an innocent life.

Of course, critics of my response to Rita will argue that a fetus is not a person in order to rebut my assertion that "the abortionist...seeks to take an innocent life." But the real issue, the one that my critics will not touch, regards the status of the college student.

Whenever neo-libs seek to distribute condoms on campus, to show porn movies, to encourage sodomy, or to encourage "reproductive choice," they assert that college students are adults. But when it comes to gun ownership, they portray college students as children. And these children must be kept away from firearms, just as they must be shielded from any speech that might make them feel uncomfortable or wound their inner child.

The neo-libs claim a right to abortion they cannot identify in the constitution. But NRA members claim a right to bear arms, which is spelled out clearly below the 1st Amendment. It is no accident that the neo-libs seek to suppress knowledge of one amendment through the destruction of another.

And that is where I come in. You won't find me fighting for the right of government offices to spend my tax dollars on porn and sodomy lectures, just as you will never see me bother adults who want to watch porn or engage in sodomy. Instead, I will spend my time encouraging adults to learn to use firearms safely. I will do that by encouraging student NRA chapters on campuses across the country.

In the future, every time I make a speech on a college campus in South Carolina, I intend to donate one Remington shotgun to each host campus with an NRA chapter. The guns, which I will call Rita's Remingtons, will be given along with a contribution to the National Rifle Association. I will also provide the students with 250 rounds of 12 gauge ammunition.

Neo-libs like Rita Dean don't understand that I am proud to be a member of the NRA. I am also proud to have worked for www.NRANews.com during the last election year. I am only ashamed that I work for a university system that has sponsored $3000 lectures (at UNC-G) on safe sodomy and rejected my offer for a free lecture (at N.C. State) on firearm safety.

I hope you have fun watching birds, Rita. I'm coming down to South Carolina with my 45-70 to kill a hog in your honor. I look forward to reading your next letter to the chancellor. Pork chops, anyone?

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