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An Arab Civil War? By: Nonie Darwish
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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The Egyptian Ambassador to Iraq, Ihab Sherif, was recently executed by terrorists in Iraq. The terrorists accused Sherif and the Egyptian government of being infidels who befriend Christians and Jews. Egyptian media and government officials accused the new Iraqi government of being the puppet of the West but turned around and sent an ambassador. This is a perfect example of the discrepancy between words and deeds of the Egyptian government and many other Arab countries.

Arab on Arab assassination and terror is not new, but terrorism is now redirecting its ugly face within Muslim nations.  Al Qaeda is now openly after Arab governments who deal or befriend infidel nations. At the top of the list are the governments of Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

These two governments have been playing a game of deceit, speaking from both sides of their mouths and practicing contradictory policy for decades. They have become a source of distrust and frustration for many Americans. Their lies and games are no longer working, for the Islamist terrorism that they have bred for generations to use and manipulate their enemies is now coming home to roost.


In their media, Saudi and Egyptian governments treat America as the enemy of Islam and the direct cause of Arab trouble. They reward and encourage terrorism, while privately insisting this is the only way a moderate government can survive in the Arab/Muslim world. Behind closed doors they say it is the only way to control their fanatic population.


Thus, they attempt to control fanaticism by promoting more fanaticism. In Arabic they glorify jihad, anti-Semitism and hate speech. Meanwhile, in English they promote a different agenda and appear moderate, even charming and sincere in their pursuit of balance and peace. But the balance that they pursue has maintained two extreme and opposite positions that result in further polarizing the West and the Middle East. This game is no longer working.


The genie is now out of the bottle. Terrorism, once a reason for pride and honor in Arab culture, is now out of control. Terrorists are now turning against the very governments that created them. And the governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority will be destroyed by such terrorism if they do not reform very quickly. If the Arab world does not face reality with honesty, it could have to face a brutal civil war very soon.


Saudi Arabia and Egypt are the two most powerful nations in the Arab world. The first has gained its massive wealth from oil and thus can use oil embargoes to bully other nations. Saudi Arabia is also the center of the Muslim world. 1.2 billion Muslims around the world face it to pray five times a day. The radical Wahabis can manipulate such power, for they don't just want American dollars and technology in return for their oil; they want something greater, as commanded by Allah: The Islamization of the West.


Egypt has the highest population and the largest military in the area, making it the center of Arab culture and power, even though the Egyptian people suffer from extreme poverty.  Despite the Egyptian government's power, a radical terrorist group called the Muslim Brotherhood is always ready to whip up turmoil, particularly when it comes to war with Israel.


Saudi Arabia and Egypt are the two nations that produced the 19 9/11 terrorists. Almost all were Saudis, and were lead by an Egyptian, Muhammed Attah. The blind sheikh Omar Abdel Rahaman, an Egyptian, was the inspiration behind the first World Trade Center attack. The radical Muslim sheikh in London, Abu Hamza El Masri is an Egyptian (in fact, in Arabic his last name means the Egyptian).


El Masri's mosque produced a number of terrorists, including shoe bomber Richard Reid. Saudi-born Usama Bin Laden's second hand man, Ayman Al Zawaheri, is an Egyptian from a prominent Egyptian family. The terror attack on El Al airline in LA a few years ago was committed by an Egyptian who wanted 'shahid' (martyr) status before choosing to commit suicide after family troubles. It has also been reported that an Egyptian chemist is connected to the explosives in the latest terror attack in London.


The obvious problem then is that these so called friends of America are also the countries responsible for the most terror. But despite of that, Western officials continue saying that no community should be blamed for terrorism. The West clearly has its own problems and challenges stemming from political correctness. Western nations feel a need to present an image of multiculturalism, tolerance and compassion, but do this to a fault. They promoted both legal and illegal immigration from radical Muslim countries and opened themselves to terror, and terrorists loved the golden opportunity to infiltrate and attack these open societies.


The West has also chosen to ignore Muslim hatred of multiculturalism and tolerance in the Arab world. Middle East Jews and Christians live in constant fear of terrorism if they choose to stay among Muslims. Westerners who venture in Arab lands are called occupiers and infidels no matter who they are and what good they do.  For instance, the terrorists did not care about Margaret Hassan's and Daniel Pearl's humanitarianism; Hassan and Pearl were killed anyway.


Saudi Arabia's intentions are clear; once can see these very intentions on the Saudi flag: to expand the Muslim empire throughout the world. The macho Muslim empire sees yet another opportunity to use the rich culture of the West that will feed the Muslim world long after the oil is gone.


But we now see terrorism turning inwards against those who want change in the Arab world. The Arab world is on the verge of a civil war, and the question is: will the West run to the rescue every time Arab nations cause turmoil among their neighbors? Or will they allow them to hit rock bottom and learn from their mistakes? When Iraq conquered Kuwait and was on its way to Saudi Arabia, we stopped Saddam's assault. By now, Saddam and his two maniac sons could have been ruling the area. I often wonder, what if the West just watched. Every time the West steps in to protect them (and ourselves) from a disaster we are depriving them the responsibility of cleaning up their own mess. Very few Arabs understand that.


Will the Arab world see the coming danger and do something before it is too late? Will they end the political charade, dishonesty, anti-Semitism, culture of jihad, hate speech and incitement? Will the Arab league finally admit to a problem from within rather than a problem from Israel? Will they ever admit that their problems existed long before the creation of the state of Israel?


After these terror attacks on Western capitals, tourist visas and immigration to the West from Muslim countries must be stopped, at least temporarily. Perhaps that can hasten reformation since even terrorists love Western freedoms.

Nonie Darwish is an American of Arab/Muslim origin. A freelance writer and public speaker, she runs the website www.ArabsForIsrael.com. Her new book is Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law.

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