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War from Within By: Colleen Gilbert
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Those who read Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed’s chilling remarks wherein he referred to Osama bin Laden as "a sincere man who fights against evil forces," and called for the flag of Islam to fly over the entire free world were likely shocked and horrified.

But those who have been following the penetration of Wahhabism into western society have come to expect these comments, and already know what the rest of the world is reluctantly coming around to understand: that the roots of Islamo-fascism in western societies were planted decades ago, and are now beginning to bare fruit.

This is not the first time Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed has said anything controversial, putting to rest speculation that perhaps his comments were taken out of context. He is the director of Al-Muhajiroun (“The Emigrants”), an organization based in the UK which funneled large sums of money to the Taliban after September 11, 2001 and also sent several hundred foot soldiers from Britain to Afghanistan to fight for the terror-sponsoring regime. Its offices were raided by British authorities on July 30th, 2003 on suspicion that the organization recruited British Muslims to fight jihad abroad.


In August of 1999, the Sheikh wrote an open letter to Osama bin Laden in which he called for biological attacks against US office buildings. The letter caused US officials to order 40 million more doses of a smallpox vaccine. In addition, in another open letter Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammad identifies himself as spokesman of the International Islamic Front, believed to be the political wing of bin Laden’s International Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders.  Bakri has said of his dealings with the group that funds Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas, “We collect funds to be able to carry on the struggle; we recruit militiamen; and sometimes we take care of these groups’ propaganda requirements in Europe.”


Despite the raids on his home, his rhetoric and his constant condemnation of the West and praise for the “Magnificent 19,” known to the rest of the world as the murderous 9/11 hijackers, this man and his organization have continued to operate in, and thrive from the freedoms afforded them by the United Kingdom.


And this is not the only group of its ilk to do so.


The Finsbury Park Mosque served for years as a haven for Islamist radicals to spread their poisonous Wahhabi ideology. A long-time preacher at this mosque was Abu Hamza al Masri, a cleric with ties to Al Qaeda who helped to inspire both shoe bomber Richard Reid, and Zacarias Moussaoui, the would-be 20th hijacker on September 11th. Al Masri was also investigated by a federal grand jury for his efforts to establish a terrorist training camp in Bly, Oregon, with Muslim convert James Ujaama. Ujaama has resurfaced in the news during the last week because of his connection to Haroon Rashid Aswat, the main suspect that authorities believe was behind the London Attacks on July 7.


Many more examples of nefarious organizations and sinister radicals exist which could be listed here, and there are many other countries which house them, as well. Much of Europe, particularly France and the Netherlands, have networks established within them that are busy recruiting the young and disheartened to follow their ideology of hate who can – and will – execute acts of terror on command. The United States is also at risk, having had parts of its Muslim establishment penetrated by Wahhabi murderers.


It is important for those who haven’t been following the development and establishment of radical Islam in Western societies to know that comments like those made by Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed are not anomalies – these radicals have been advocating for attacks on innocent westerners for years.


It is not the war in Iraq which has caused these militants and their misguided disciples to blow civilians – and themselves –  to smithereens, as some media outlets have been irresponsibly reporting. It is not the UK’s association with the United States that is to blame for the 52 deaths caused by the July 7th attacks, as many critics of US policy have been asserting.


As Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed’s sobering remarks unmistakably indicate, the objective of these attacks is to pave the way for the rule of Islam – or Shari’a. In other words, total domination of the world by the radical sect of Wahhabi Islam.


Western governments must act now to stop Wahhabi penetration into our societies if we are to stop these attacks and stop the Islamists from achieving their overall objective. We have waited too long already. If we do not deal seriously with this growing problem now, not only will the flag of Islam fly over 10 Downing Street, it will fly over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as well.

Colleen Gilbert is a Research Associate at the Center for Security Policy.

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