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Providing ACCESS to Hate By: Debbie Schlussel
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, September 19, 2005

As an American who happens to be Jewish, it bothers me greatly when I'm told by others, "Well, such-and-such Jewish group said this Muslim or that Muslim group is okay" about particular extremist Muslims who are anything but okay.

Americans must stop relying on left-wing Jewish leadership (who are generally a bunch of knee-jerk, ill-informed morons or worse) for the kosher seal of approval on Muslims who support terror. When this happens, the results are a disaster . . . and can even be fatal. "Mainstream" Jewish groups often fall all over themselves to embrace extremist Muslims (to show how tolerant they are) who wish death upon America, Christians, and--yes--Jews (even these uber-liberal Jewish idiots who pander to these radical Muslims).

Case in point is the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit. The Jewish Fund, which is a program of this organization, and the Detroit Jewish Community Council, another program of the Jewish Federation, have a one-sided love affair with an organization that supports terrorists--even gave job-training to alleged Al-Qaeda sleeper cell members--and sponsored a conference at which "Annihilate the Jews" was chanted in unison by attendees.

That organization is ACCESS, the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services, of Dearborn, Michigan. Today's Detroit Free Press, in a brief blurb, announces that Detroit's Jewish Federation and the Jewish Fund are giving $20,000 on the Arab American National Museum "to teach middle school-age children about different cultural and ethnic groups."

But the Arab American National Museum is part of ACCESS. It was founded and is run and controlled by ACCESS and its executive director, Ismael Ahmed.

Funded by millions of your tax money and Arab League funds, ACCESS was founded by Ahmed (a follower of Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson) for the express purpose of getting auto unions to divest themselves of their holdings in companies doing business with Israel.

ACCESS was a monetary and name sponsor of the 2002 Palestinian Students National Divestment Conference, held at the University of Michigan. The keynote speaker was Islamic Jihad chief Sami Al-Arian, who engineered the murder of Americans and Israelis, including New Jersey college student Alisa Flatow. The conference featured other speakers who called for the mass-murder of Jews, and conference attendees shouted in unison in Arabic, "Annihilate the Jews!" Ahmed defended it as a cultural activity for Arabic children.

ACCESS vehemently opposed Bill Clinton's anti-terrorism laws that designated HAMAS and Hezbollah as terrorist groups, and Ahmed specifically protested them--angry that Americans could no longer fund these terrorist groups.

Last year, ACCESS sponsored a Middle Eastern music festival at the University of Michigan, featuring the "Map of Hate." Where the State of Israel is on a real map, "Palestine" was on the brochure for the festival. This year's festival features a group from "Nazareth, Palestine." But Nazareth is in Israel (behind the Green Line).

ACCESS held rallies to encourage universities not to cooperate with the Federal government in trying to locate students here illegally or with ties to terror. It was raided by the FBI for bringing pregnant Muslim women into the country to have their babies here by ripping off Medicaid and taking advantage of citizenship laws.

Heard enough? Imagine what this organization will teach middle school children with the $20,000 they are getting from Detroit's Jewish Community.

This is why you can't believe Jewish groups when they give the seal of approval to Muslims and Muslim organizations.

And why you need to investigate where your money is going when you give to any organization--Jewish or not.

And why in the case of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, you just shouldn't give, period. Unless you want to fund the jihad.

(The Jewish Fund gets its money--around $60 million--from the sale of Detroit's Sinai Hospital. I doubt the Jewish donors who funded Sinai Hospital--many of whom are deceased--wanted their money to fund Jew- and America-haters. They are turning over in their graves.)

Detroit Jewish Federation officials are, or should be, well aware of ACCESS' behavior. But they don't care. Bending over backwards to demonstrate their tolerance--however perverted it may be--takes precedence over doing what is good for America and the American Jewish Community in the fight against terrorism.

This jilted-lover-coming-back-for-more mentality must stop if we have any intention of keeping America free in future generations.

Read more on ACCESS, the owner/operator of the Arab American National Museum, here.

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Visit Debbie Schlussel's website at DebbieSchlussel.com. She can be reached at writedebbie@gmail.com.

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