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Another Photoshopped Media Lie By: Zombie
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, October 31, 2005

[The following article is written by “Zombie”, an anonymous denizen of Berkeley, California, and photographer extraordinaire -- The Editors]

The antiwar protest in San Francisco on September 24, 2005, was represented in the media by one specific photo, posted below, published by the San Francisco Chronicle on the frontpage of its website:


Preview Image


I was able to capture some images at the same rally that the San Francisco Chronicle didn't want you to see. I took a photo of the same girl just a few moments after the Chronicle's photographer did. At first glance it looks practically identical:


Preview Image


But the reader may notice that my picture is lower resolution. That's because it's a zoomed-in portion of a much larger photograph. I cropped off the other parts of the picture to get a close-up of the girl.

So what would happen if I hadn't cropped off so much of the image? Let's take a step backward and reveal what the Chronicle didn't want its readers to see.


Preview Image


Here's the same photo without as much cropping, revealing more of the context. You can see that the girl's protest contingent also sported Palestinian flags and obscene placards.

Now let's take another step back.


Preview Image


Here's my full original photo, not cropped. Now we can see that the girl is just one of several teenagers, all wearing terrorist-style bandannas covering their faces.

But, as you'll notice, the bandannas are all printed with the same design. Was this a grassroots protest statement the teenagers had come up with all by themselves?

To find out, let's take a look at another photo in the series, taken at the same time:


Preview Image


Oops -- it looks like they're actually being stage-managed by an adult, who is giving them directions and guiding them toward the front of the march. But who is she?

The last picture in the series reveals all.


Preview Image


It turns out that the woman giving directions belongs to one of the Communist groups organizing the rally -- if her t-shirt is to be believed, since it depicts the flag of Communist Vietnam, which has been frequently displayed by such groups at protest rallies in the U.S. for decades.


International ANSWER and the Palestinian movement in the Bay Area have been actively trying to recruit high school students with the help of the ACLU under the guidance of United For Peace and Justice (the new name for the Communist Party USA with links to and guidance from Cuba and North Korea).


For example, at Deer Valley High School in Antioch, California, a student group created by a Social Studies teacher with an agenda and a few students sought to create a day devoted to supporting the anti-war movement and “Palestine.” When the principal refused to allow it during school hours and on school grounds, the ACLU sued and forced the district to permit the spectacle. What Front Page has reported at college campuses across America in terms of good-old-fashioned Indoctrination as found in the communist and Arab totalitarian worlds is now being expanded into our high schools. Elementary schools are next.

The San Francisco Chronicle featured the original photograph at the start of this article on its front page in order to convey a positive message about the rally -- perhaps that even politically aware teenagers were inspired to show up and rally for “peace,” sporting the message, "People of Color say 'No to War!'" And that served the Chronicle's agenda.

But this simple analysis reveals the very subtle but insidious type of bias that occurs in the media all the time. The Chronicle did not print anything inaccurate, nor did it doctor a photograph to misrepresent the facts. Instead, the Chronicle committed the sin of lying by omission: it told you the truth, but it didn't tell you the whole truth. That’s a tactic today used by the International Answer people and their PLO and Ba’ath Party allies.

Because the whole truth -- that the girl was part of a group of naive teenagers recruited by communist activists to wear terrorist-style bandannas and carry Palestinian flags and obscene placards -- is disturbing, and doesn't conform to the narrative that the Chronicle is trying to promote. By presenting the photo out of context, and only showing the one image that suits its purpose, the Chronicle is intentionally manipulating the reader's impression of the rally, and the rally's intent.

Such tactics -- in the no-man's-land between ethical and unethical -- are commonplace in the media, and have been for decades. It is only now, with the advent of citizen journalism, that we can at last begin to see the whole story and realize that the public has been manipulated like this all along.  Americans must be made aware.


If you’d like to see more chilling examples of my photos from the San Francisco rally on September 24th, click here.


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