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Jihad Cynthia Strikes Again By: Debbie Schlussel
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, April 05, 2006

For those of us who've been following Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) a/k/a "Jihad Cindy" (not to be confused with Jihad Cindy #2, Cindy Sheehan), her assault on a Capitol Police officer (she punched him) is no surprise. Nor is her race-card playing. It's par for the course.

To revisit my 2001 column on Jihad Cindy:

McKinney has a strong record of hating America. During the recent U.N. World Conference Against Racism, she joined the Arab world . . . and Third World republics in attacking the U.S. While there (and overseas--the conference was in Africa), in pushing for slavery reparations, McKinney said the White House is "just full of latent racists."

Bill Clinton was in the White House then, FYI.

Jihad Cindy Packs a Mean Punch

Just after 9/11, when extremist billionaire and Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al-Saud offered New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani $10 million if the U.S. would change it's policy in Israel, morally excusing the murder of 3,000 Americans, Jihad Cindy wrote the Prince a Letter. In it, she chastised Giuliani for denying the Prince's right to speak (he didn't). Then she wrote that a baby born in Asia has a much better life than a Black baby born in the U.S. More from my column:

"Your Royal Highness, the state of Black America is not good." McKinney wrote, "There are many people in America who desperately need your generosity," making the false assertion that a black baby born in Harlem has a worse life expectancy than one born in Bangladesh.

Remember, this was days after 9/11, and Jihad Cindy is attacking our country to a high-ranking Prince (his uncle was Saudi King Fahd) of the country from where 15 of the hijackers emanated.

Speaking of 9/11, McKinney is all about the tin-foil theories of who is behind the attacks, and she held House hearings on it. Hint: She doesn't think it's Al-Qaeda. But when it came to real investigation, when former FBI Counter-terrorism Director Oliver "Buck" Revell wanted to show minutes of a documentary on Islamic terrorists in America, she balked and protested.

Then there's Jihad Cindy's obsession with defending Black Panther cop killers. Not to mention her close association with the Nation of Islam's loony leader Louis Farrakhan, who sent his top lieutenants to run her failed 2002 campaign.

When my good friend, John Mitnick, now a White House counsel, ran against Jihad Cindy in 1996, she and her father used anti-Semitic statements about him, referring to him as "that racist Jew." (They made similar statements when McKinney was defeated in a Democratic primary in 2002.)

So it's no surprise that she employed and then had to fire Rayed Tayeh, a former employee of a HAMAS front-group when he wrote a letter to the editor of a Capitol Hill newspaper, accusing Jewish Congressmen of being disloyal to America. Tayeh went on to lead the Muslim boycott of Starbucks for the crime of having a Jewish CEO. (I debated him on FOX News' "O'Reilly Factor" and MSNBC's "Hardball" on the topic.)

That's Jihad Cindy in a nutshell. So, the latest assault on law and order by this nutty Congresswoman should be no surprise.

The surprise is that she continues to be a respected member of the Democratic Party and House Democratic Caucus. In my column, I wrote that Jihad Cindy is the modern-day Hanoi Jane. But I was wrong.

Jane Fonda was only in film. Jihad Cindy is far worse: She's a Member of Congress.

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