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Rolling Over Australia By: Sharon Lapkin
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, May 22, 2006

Europe, according to Oriana Fallaci, weeps only for Muslims, not for the Christians or Jews or Buddhists or Hindus. And yet, as the weeping Europeans wave their white flags, Fallaci witnesses an Islamic invasion of Europe and recognises a revival of “centuries-old expansionism”, of “centuries-old imperialism” and “centuries-old colonialism”. And this time, she warns, it is “more treacherous” and “more underhand.”


And so it unfolds. This war. Based on cultural infiltration rather than traditional warfare, the Islamists exploit the democratic spaces within our society and insert their religious dogma via our own societal modes. And when Islam oversteps and the ignorant Westerners protest, Islam screams, “Racism, Xenophobia”, and the gatekeepers of Western culture rollover and go back to sleep.


In France – where in some parts of the country the Islamic population has increased to 20 or 30 per cent – the inequities of Islam are altering the social landscape of a country steeped in age-old Christian traditions. Recently, Fallaci says, a “Catholic farmer was ordered to remove the cross” he kept in his own cornfield, because “the sight of that religious symbol caused tension with the Muslims.” And at the Collége Edgard Quinet, where 95 per cent of students are Muslim, a “fifteen year-old girl was savagely beaten by her classmates and thrown into a garbage-bin because she was wearing blue jeans.” The school Principal rescued the girl as her fellow students were about to set fire to her. He was stabbed twice.


In Australia, where 300, 000 Muslims live within a melting pot of 20 million citizens, the warning bells ought to be waking the cultural gatekeepers from their slumber. But, here too, they are weeping for the Muslims.


In 2000, gangs of Lebanese Muslims in Sydney hunted down young Australian girls on the basis of their ethnicity and raped and tortured them while calling them “sluts” and “Aussie pigs”. One of the convicted rapists, Bilal Skaf, sent a text message on his mobile phone, “When you are feeling down ... bash a Christian or Catholic and lift up.” Despite this, the mainstream media painted the crimes as run-of-the-mill rapes and deleted ethnicity from the crime scene. When the Premier of NSW publicly acknowledged the ethnic background of the rapists, the politically correct thundered its disdain.


For years the Australian Refugee Review Tribunal has been granting asylum to Islamic refugees who claim to be members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Australian (April 08, 2006) reported that Ahmad al-Hamwi  – better known to the RRT by his alias, Abu Omar – had “alleged links to terrorist organisations spanning a good part of the globe.” The newspaper further asserted that al-Hamwi was connected to Osama bin Laden and was a “senior al-Qa’ida bagman linked to the 1993 World Trade Centre bomber, Ramzi Yousef.”


There is little doubt about al-Hamwi’s terrorist connections. He freely admitted before the RefugeeTribunal to playing a key role in the International Research and Information Centre (IRIC). According to terrorism expert Zachary Abuza, the IRIC was an Islamic terrorist front that provided funding to “the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, al- Qa’ida and Abu Sayyaf, a group that conducted military training with Jemaah Islamiah.” Despite this, Australia granted al-Hamwi asylum in 1996.


Australian Federal authorities recently decided that books inciting suicide bombing, racism and violence currently being sold in Islamic bookshops throughout the country, were not in breach of the country’s anti-terror laws, the Commonwealth Criminal Code or the NSW Crimes Act 1900.


The Daily Telegraph reported that one of the books carried an endorsement by “Osama bin Laden on its back cover and promoted ‘wiring up one’s body’ with explosives for ‘martyrdom or self-sacrifice operations.’” Another book claimed Australian police were “rapists” who bashed young Muslim boys, and that politicians were conspiring to turn Muslims into drug addicts. These books are now sold in Muslim bookstores with permission from the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions and the Australian Federal Police.


Late in 2005, ten Muslim men were arrested by authorities on alleged terrorism offences. Despite the nature of the crimes the men were allegedly planning to commit against Australian civilians, two of the country’s largest newspapers reported sympathetically. The men, they claimed, were in solitary confinement, dressed in ‘Guantanamo Bay orange’ and banned from touching loved ones.”


The Sydney Morning Herald was weeping so hard for the alleged terrorists that in a story entitled “Terror Suspects: Christmas in Solitary” it reported the men were near breaking point because the conditions were hard, and the Muslim prisoners were not permitted to spend Christmas with their families. The Australian media machine stretched Islam all the way to a nativity scene in order to appease it.


There’s an old saying that “Democracy, like love, can survive almost anything except neglect and indifference. And the West, it appears, is determined to sleep through the invasion. Just as in Europe, Australia is appeasing and ignoring. It is censoring its own freedoms and democratic principles to assuage Islamic cultural sensitivities. It is turning a blind eye to Islamic racism against Australian citizens and succumbing to the bullying tactics of those who attempt to frighten anyone who dares to name it.


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