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The Return of the Taliban By: MEMRI
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, June 02, 2006

Taliban Military Commander Mullah Dadallah: We are in Contact With Iraqi Mujahideen, Osama bin Laden & Al-Zawahiri; Non-Islamic Countries Have Offered Help in Defeating the Americans

The following are excerpts from an interview with Taliban military commander Mullah Dadallah, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on May 31, 2006.

TO VIEW THIS CLIP, VISIT: http://www.memritv.org/search.asp?ACT=S9&P1=1156.

"Would You Believe That Some Non-Islamic Countries Have Offered Us Support... [To Help Us] Defeat the Americans[?]"

Mullah Dadallah: "The infidels who have occupied our country and some other Muslim countries - not only Afghanistan - have hatched a great plot to destroy Islam. We resolved to expel the infidels from all Muslim countries, not only from Afghanistan. We will continue with this until our last breath."

Interviewer: "Are there specific reasons for this escalation? Did you obtain new weapons? Did you receive support from neighboring countries, or from Islamic countries?"

Mullah Dadallah: "Allah be praised, the Islamic countries don't mind if we inflict losses upon the infidels and defeat them. America is the big snake that wants to bite everybody. Would you believe that some non-Islamic countries have offered us support? They offered [to help us] defeat the Americans."

Interviewer: "Yes, but did any country actually help you in your recent operations?"

Mullah Dadallah: "These are matters of military tactics, which I cannot divulge. Doing so will not benefit us in any way. Some of them may have helped us in this."


"We are Using New and Accurate Methods... You Will Have Many Surprises in the Future"

Mullah Dadallah: "In our recent attacks, we carried out a number of martyrdom operations. These operations were numerous. As for mines and booby-trap tactics, we are using new and accurate methods. This is just the tip of the iceberg. You will have many surprises in the future."


"The government's military situation is very bad. All the commanders are beyond its control. In personal contacts, the military commanders who work for the government have asked us to pardon and forgive them. They said that they will not fight and that they are weary of the war. Karzai also conveyed a message to us. But, Allah be praised, we have an Islamic goal, and in no way will we give up this goal. These military commanders are in touch with us, and if we decide to pardon any of them, you will see him jumping with joy."


"We are the Ones Who Control Afghanistan"

Mullah Dadallah: "Allah be praised, there are many Taliban members in these four states. To the best of my knowledge, 12,000 Taliban fighters participate in the attacks. Based on this, you can assume what happens in other regions. Allah be praised, there are huge numbers of mujahideen. The people as a whole has revolted. The people in its entirety has begun to participate in jihad against the infidels."


"The government's control over the region it rules is also weak. Allah be praised, Taliban is in control. The Americans rule in their bases and in Karzai's palace. With these exceptions, we are the ones who control Afghanistan."


"All Muslims, Throughout the World, Wish They Could... Support Us"

Interviewer: "Some say you are financed by drug dealing, and so on. Is this true?"

Mullah Dadallah: "This is not true. We do not obtain aid through drugs. We get aid from the people. All Muslims, throughout the world, wish they could spend even a single rupee to support us. The drugs here are not on that scale. It is the Americans who deal with these drugs. Many are unaware of this fact. Karzai helps the Americans in this. His brother is in charge of the largest drug-smuggling operations."


"Our Advice to [Canada and Britain] is to Avoid the Heat of Battle, Because We Will Wreak Vengeance Upon Them One by One"

Mullah Dadallah: "America now wants to avoid the heat of battle, so it pushes other countries towards it. Our operations may increase even more. Our advice to Canada and Britain is to refrain from defending the American propaganda, and from standing by this historic American crime. America wants to get other countries entangled in the crimes it committed in Afghanistan. Our advice to these countries is to avoid the heat of battle, because we will wreak vengeance upon them one by one, like we are doing with the Americans, if they remain here when the Americans are gone."


"Our main enemy is the United States. As for Canada and the other countries - we have no historical enmity with them. But if they want to come here as fighting forces, we will view them just as we view the Americans, and will conduct resistance against them. But if they return to where they came from, and withdraw their forces from here, we will not view them like the Americans, but as countries which we have nothing to do with."


"The Bombings We Carry Out - We Learned it From [Al-Qaeda]"

Mullah Dadallah: "We like the Al-Qaeda organization. We consider it a friendly and brotherly organization, which shares our ideology and concepts. We have close ties and constant contacts with it. Our cooperation is ideal."

Interviewer: "Do you coordinate with them in military operations in Afghanistan?"

Mullah Dadallah: "Yes, when we need them, we ask for their help. For example, the bombings we carry out - we learned it from them. We learn other types of operations from them as well. We have 'give and take' relations with the mujahideen of Iraq. We cooperate and help each other."

Interviewer: "Did Arabs from Al-Qaeda participate in the recent operations in south Afghanistan?"

Mullah Dadallah: "Some may have participated in the bombing operations."


"Sheikh Haqqani and his son are undoubtedly the battle commanders. They devise the military plans. He and I are in charge of things here. In some of the other regions, one of our brothers is in charge. As for Hekmatyar, he is our brother in the confrontation with the Americans. We can form close relations with him, and enjoy better contacts with him. Sheikh Haqqani is one of our greatest friends. He supports us and makes efforts to provide us with aid."


"Operations are carried out throughout Afghanistan, but the reason they escalated in three or four states is that commanders like myself and others are here. In other regions, there are fewer commanders. One of our plans is to escalate our operations there as well."


"We Have Continuous Contacts With [Osama Bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri], Whether by Phone or by Other Means"

Interviewer: "Let's move on to the issue of Osama bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri. Do you have any information about them? Have you heard anything about them? Are they in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, or elsewhere?"

Mullah Dadallah: "The senior commanders know that they cannot hide in a place controlled by the others, without having control over that place, and without having any army or force. They may have been in a place controlled by the mujahideen, protected by many people, but from a military perspective, I cannot tell you where they are now - in Afghanistan or elsewhere."


"We may have sent our people to Iraq, and [the Iraqis] may have sent their friends to us. We have continuous contacts with them, whether by phone or by other means. Some of our brothers may have met them, and they may have met with us too."

Interviewer: "Yes. Do you send people for training, for example, do they come here for training, or do you maintain contact through the Internet?"

Mullah Dadallah: "We have training centers here in Afghanistan, and, as you know, they have their own centers there. If we discover anything new, they come here to learn it, and if they discover anything new, our friends go to learn it from them."

Interviewer: "Have the Americans contacted you recently for the purpose of negotiations?"

Mullah Dadallah: "The Americans are ready to leave Afghanistan, on condition that we sit with Karzai at the negotiating table. But we do not want to negotiate with their ally. They have demanded this of us time and again, but we did not, and will not, accept this type of negotiations.


"Mullah 'Omar appointed a shura council with 10 members. He delegated to them the task of conducting the operations, in accordance with the interests of each region. We get new messages from Mullah 'Omar."

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