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Godless By: Jamie Glazov
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Ann Coulter, the New York Times’ #1 bestselling author. Her new book is Godless: The Church of Liberalism.

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FP: Hi Ms. Coulter, welcome back to Frontpage Interview.

Coulter: Hello.

FP: Let's begin with your comments about some of the 9/11 widows and their activism. It has sparked quite a stir. What is the rationale behind your comments?

Coulter: It was a simple observation of the so-called Jersey Girls, who are "mourning" at fetes thrown by Graydon Carter/Vanity Fair Magazine and on MSNBC every night.  This is part of the leftist agenda: Put up "victims" as spokesmen to tongue-tie the opposition.

Ok, well, speaking of the leftist agenda, you have taken on a new challenge in your latest book in terms of liberals and religion. You point out how most liberals often boast they are not religious, yet that they are, in fact, part of a religion. Can you talk a bit about this phenomenon?

Coulter: Yes, they say they are not religious (until they need Americans to vote for them) in order to act like supreme rationalists, slaves to the scientific method, which they claim disproves God.  But of course, liberals hate science -- as covered in copious detail in my book.  Science is the study of the world as it is, invulnerable to their crying jags.
The point of my book is that liberalism is itself a religion, a godless one, that worships nature and sees man as a morally indistinguishable part of nature - really a blight on nature.  They have a whole cosmology, a world view, and a belief in the supernatural.  But by denying that liberalism is a religion, they get to promote their religion in government schools.


FP: Can you just expand a little bit on why liberals hate science deep down?

Coulter: The liberal war on science is an entire chapter in my book so you will need to read it for the full exposition, but liberals hate science because it so often contradicts their religious beliefs - that women are no different from men in their aptitude for math and science, that the AIDS virus doesn't discriminate, that there is no such thing as IQ and if there is, it is equally distributed among all genders, races and classes of people.  People who subscribe to God-based religions don't need the science to come out one way or another on any of these issues.  We consider all human life sacred so it doesn't threaten our world view if it turns out that some humans don't make good Navy SEALs because they lack upper body strength.

FP: Why is the Left is so hostile to the Judeo-Christian tradition?

Coulter: Their beliefs are antithetical to the Judeo-Christian tradition. It gets in the way of their agenda of moral relativism, hedonism, and socialism.  You might say they consider the Judeo-Christian tradition to be “an inconvenient truth”.

FP: It is interesting that the Left is adamantly for the separation of Church and State, against prayer in schools etc., but when it comes to Islam, liberals and leftists lose their fervor in being anti-religious. What gives here?

 By denying that liberalism is a religion, liberalism is able to permeate government institutions, most obviously, the public schools. Christianity and Judaism are banned from government schools, where children are baptized in the liberal religion -- safe sex, recycling, Heather Has Two Mommies, Bush is “like Hitler,” and of course, Darwinism, the last of the 19th century mystery religions. Only once you realize that the official state religion is liberalism does it make sense that the state religion can play favorites with other religions, such as Islam, post 9/11.  Liberalism differs with Islam on abortion, homosexuality, women - but both religions view Christians and Jews as infidels.

FP: Tell us what you think about
Darwin's theory of evolution and its sacredness in the eyes of the Left.

Coulter: For the full explanation you must read the book - the evolution chapters are fun.  Like John the Baptist,
Darwin foretold one of the key tenets of the left's worldview, that humans are accidental descendants of earthworms, rather than being the unique creations of an all-powerful God. Darwin
's theory is bunk, but mana to liberals, who worship nature and think men are indistinguishable from beasts, contra The Book of Genesis.

FP: How do you think the terror war is going in general and the
war in particular?

Coulter: The war in
was going just dandy until we killed al-Zarqawi.  Now they're all mad at us.  Way to go, President Bush.

Actually, it's going smashingly well.  Congratulations to the F-16 pilots who laser-guided al-Zargawi to Hell.
's government is well on its way to taking control.  The threat to our progress comes not from the likes of Zarqawi and his ilk - our boys can handle these savages - but from Fifth Columnists in the West, like Pinch Sulzberger.

Killing the #2 man in al Qaida just means everybody in the organization moves up one notch.  The former #3 guy is the new #2 guy, the former #10 guy is now the #9 guy, and the new #48 guy is Howard Dean.

FP: Since you mention Howard Dean, let me ask you: in terms of Zarqawi's death, what do you think of how the Left took the occasion to demonize America and call for American surrender in Iraq?

Coulter: You know what the new definition of a nanosecond is?  The interval of time between the news of al-Zarqawi's death and the first liberal saying, “This is just going to enrage the insurgents and make everything in
Iraq worse!”  


FP: What are your thoughts on Noam Chomsky's recent pilgrimage to embrace Hezbollah?

Coulter: I guess Castro and Kim Jong Il were both too busy to see him.

FP: How do you think Bush has done overall in fighting the War on Terror?

Coulter: Within five years, how many attacks have there been on
U.S. soil since September 11, 2001?  You know, a ballpark estimate?   

FP: What do you think of the Dixie Chicks and their latest song on how they are not ready to “make nice” -- in terms of what happened with their position on Bush and the war etc? I thought it was quite comical. The song is based on the assumption that someone out there even actually cares whether they are ready to “make nice” or not. What was your take?

Coulter: Just so you know, I'm ashamed that the Dixie Chicks are from

FP: Um, ok.
So, what are your plans in the next five years?

Coulter: Mostly enjoying the continuing disintegration of the mainstream media.


FP: Ann Coulter, thank you for joining us today.


Coulter: My pleasure, any time Jamie.


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Jamie Glazov is Frontpage Magazine's editor. He holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy. He is the author of Canadian Policy Toward Khrushchev’s Soviet Union and is the co-editor (with David Horowitz) of The Hate America Left. He edited and wrote the introduction to David Horowitz’s Left Illusions. His new book is United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror. To see his previous symposiums, interviews and articles Click Here. Email him at jglazov@rogers.com.

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