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Spain: the European Iran By: Ignacio Russell Cano
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, January 29, 2007

January 25, 2007 joins the annals of history as the first time a part of Europe adopted Ahmadinejad's customs officially. Those studying the transformation of Europe in Eurabia will surely see the case of Ciempozuelos (Madrid) as the first warning of the Islamification of Spain. However, the picture is slightly different.

Ciempozuelos is a village near Madrid. Excluding punctual scandals – like the major’s recent resignation under charges of corruption – for the 12,768 inhabitants of Ciempozuelos, life is good – and progressive. The Socialist Party PSOE calls the shots, so it was no surprise when the town announced there was not going to be any commemoration of the Holocaust Memorial Day, which Miguel Ángel Moratinos, Spanish Foreign Minister, likes to say he established in Spain (even though the date was established in the Berlin Accords signed by previous Prime Minister Jose María Aznar in 1995).


The townhall will host the Day of the Palestinian Genocide instead, a hate-fest against Israel, Israelis and Jews in general.


Middle East politics notwithstanding, attacks against Jews in Spain keep rising. The Foreign Minister himself, known for his pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel points of view, starred in an episode a few days after the Spanish PM Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero appeared wearing a Palestinian handkerchief. Spanish businessman Mauricio Hatchuel Toledano was heavily admonished in front of an astonished press by Moratinos when Mr. Hatchuel, a Jew, pointed out the fact that no one in Spain – Osama, Chávez, Castro, Putin, and Ahmadinejad – is so heavily attacked by Zapatero’s executive as Israel. Moratinos simply could not argue. In a country whose citizenship jumped to the streets to protest for the Lebanon war carrying swastikas to denounce Israel’s existence and as part of the western government congratulated by Nasrallah himself in one of his fatwa-speeches, Moratinos was forced to use the only method he could to shut up critics: It is not true because I tell you so.


While the sensation of the day is Abbas’ visit to Spain – the Foreign Ministry is working heavily to make Madrid one of the capitals to host a Middle East conference plan – Zapatero’s position towards the Holocaust was known around one year ago, when European MP Vidal-Quadras explained in Intereconomia Radio a dark, grim Spanish episode very revealing in terms of Spanish anti-Semitism. To make a long story short, during a semi-official dinner, Zapatero said he quite understands the Nazis, since the Jews are a problem.


Zapatero’s position nowadays is not exactly comfortable. Together with the usual progressive steps upon arriving to power – social security, education, the law of the civil war, etc. – Zapatero introduced what the calls “the process,” Spain's very own Oslo Accords. The idea is to give the Marxist Leninist group ETA everything it asks for (including whole parts of Spain like Navarra, in a move some say reminiscent of Hitler’s claims over Czech Republic) in order to “bring peace.” The problem looming was not only Spanish language – “diálogo” in Spanish means that ETA should be offering something too – but a terrorist attack against Spanish airport T4 weeks ago. Zapatero visited the zero zone only days after the attack (more time than it took Bush to visit ground zero after Katrina) to announce he was not renouncing his idea of "dialogue." With increasing unemployment, no industry and a revival of higher, new taxes, Zapatero’s numbers are plunging faster than Bush’s. It’s terror, stupid!


The Spanish position in the EU is not easy either. After outspoken attacks against every single European major leader – from “loser” Merkel to “dickhead” Blair – Zapatero is struggling against German giant E’On. The company is trying to buy Spanish company Endesa through a cleanly legal acquisition process, but after putting his men in charge of many important business and banks, Zapatero promised Endesa to a government-friendly Gas Natural. This fraudulent procedure is not liked by “the looser” – German Chancellor Angela Merkel – who seems ready to give more than a headache a la española during this German European presidency.


Many in Europe – outside of France this time – are questioning if it was right to get Spain inside the CEE back in the 80’s, asking if Zapatero is to follow European rules every time, or only when German funds pours in. In any case, 2007 is the last year Spain receives European funds, which means more problems for an economy based on the brick, exclusively. A Peace Conference in Spain is the ideal recipe: it would avoid European critics, would eclipse Socialist scandals, would shut up Spanish opposition accusations of irrelevance in the world (something that is threatening Moratino’s head even under his current Islamist protection) and would signal to Arab countries that when it comes to pressing for Israel’s disappearing, Spain is the right place to begin pouring petrodollars.


Does Ciempozuelos host a huge immigrant Muslim community? The answer is negative; the Non-Holocaust Day move seems to come to the rescue of extreme leftist groups that, after years of claiming “genocide” in the Middle East, are watching the numbers of Hamas-Fatah victims as increasingly dangerous. At the current rate, Palestinian victims of Palestinians will surpass the “Palestinian of the holocaust” in less than a year. Also, in a country increasingly Muslim, many people are beginning to ask if the judenreinification of Gaza was necessary, useful, or practical, or if Moroccan dealings in Córdoba and Seville expelling non-Muslims from whole neighborhoods are not “occupation.” However, no one pretends to hide the fact this is nothing more than a simple excuse. The Socialist Party of Spain is clearly anti-Semitic, both in its public outbursts and in its private dealings to press the Jewish community not to talk.


Together with anti-Semitism comes anti-Americanism. Many members of the Socialist Party claim that it’s Moratinos who is to blame for the huge spike of anti-Americanism in Spain. Some journalists even show faxes sent by the FM to newspapers through his contacts in Spanish news agency EFE: call this one “insurgent,” do not call this one “terrorist.” In Spain, Palestinian terrorists are not captured by IDF; they are “kidnapped.” But American tapes about the war in Iraq are “American propaganda” (Cuatro TV, January 26). Al Qaeda videos are “tapes of resistance.” The Spanish goal in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict seems to be a huge concentration camp for Jews, “protected” by some “Peace Troops” and directed from Brussels. Hence the obscenity of a peace conference in Madrid.


Is the multicultural ideal another Leftist utopia condemned to failure, such as the USSR? Probably. But the Spanish multicultural ideal never included Jews. Even as OSCE member, Spain does nothing against anti-Semites. Just recently, Moratinos announced another organization to “combat Islamophobia” (a.k.a. shut any criticism against Islamism) while he says nothing about anti-Semitism. When something happens, some imaginary Nazi is the one to blame (together with the Popular Party), or some old Catholic prejudice (as leftist fringe, Zapatero’s government is also keen on attacking Catholics for “secularity” reasons, although Spanish public schools teach “Islam”).


When all this is taken in count, Spanish citizen behavior is almost heroic. Leftist government fills the air with anti-Semitism with vague excuses of Arabism, peace, security, and the hidden need of a judenrein Middle East. On the other hand, Saudi petrodollars are bribing increasing amounts of Spanish journalists through Muslim organizations in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Murcia to talk about Iraq, but also about the Wahhabi version of the Middle East. Journalists earning less than 1000 EUR a month are driving BMW cars, and there seems to be a pact of silence inside many Spanish newspapers not to ask a single word.


So the Spanish paradise of coexistence does not include Jews, as equals at least. It’s unfair however for the PSOE to tell the story this way. More than one old member of the party does not stand Zapatero, and more than a half of the party does not want him in the party or the government, or this is what they say in private. There are also those who claim that Israel is just a collateral victim of PSOE war against the US: the US is the source of every illness in the world, and in order to reduce the Great Satan's influence in the world, as the Imperial foot in the Middle East (a.k.a. a country that is not anti-American), Israel must disappear.


In about a couple of hours, the links to Ciempozuelos' version of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be broken, and none will know a word about the initiative. As a symptom, however, it could not be clearer. No wonder why Spanish Jews are considering aliyah. A country ready and willing to receive tourists? No, tourists should avoid it right away.


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