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Obama Outsourcing America’s Security to Israel By: Jamie Weinstein
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, September 25, 2009

In July at the G-8 Summit in Italy, President Obama indicated that his tolerance for Iranian intransigence on the nuclear issue was not open-ended. Indeed, he established a deadline along with other members of the G-8, the end of September, by which time the Iranian regime was expected to come to the table and negotiate over its nuclear program in good faith.

This month, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad responded to the September deadline by declaring “Iran’s nuclear issue is over.” Just in case one confused this statement to mean that Iran’s brutish regime in an hour of enlightenment had decided to abandon its nuclear program, Ahmadinejad clarified the statement by noting, “We will never negotiate Iran’s undeniable rights.” To the Iranian regime, being a nuclear power is one of those undeniable rights.

Well, now that the Iranian regime concretely spurned Obama’s outstretched hand, one would hope that Obama would get serious about taking all necessary steps to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power and threatening the world. Keep on hoping. Though Iran clearly rebuffed negotiations over its nuclear program, the Obama administration has decided to proceed with talks with Iran anyway.

If Iran becomes a nuclear power, the Western world will be threatened and the Middle East will be destabilized. For a tiny state like America’s ally Israel, which Iranian leaders have pledged to wipe off the map, a nuclear Iran is a threat to its very existence. Yet, despite pledges by the Obama administration that a nuclear Iran is intolerable, and despite Iranian defiance in the face of an American-backed deadline for real negotiations over its nuclear program, the Obama administration is playing right into the hands of the mullahs in Iran with its decision to engage in what will inevitably be non-substantive talks.

“We are going to test that proposition, OK,” a State Department spokesman said, defending America’s decision to enter in talks with Iran even though Iran has taken its nuclear program off the table for talks. “And if Iran is willing to enter into serious negotiations, then they will find a willing participant in the United States…If Iran dissembles in the future, as it as in the past, then we will draw conclusions from that.”

One can only be dumbstruck. Does the State Department not know that Iran has already rejected substantive talks? Is the State Department unaware that European countries negotiated with Iran for years over its nuclear program with nothing to show for it? Is the Obama Administration so blind that it fails to see that all that negotiations with Iran will accomplish under these circumstances is to provide Iran cover to continue its nuclear program unhindered?

At the same time Obama committed America to negotiations with Iran that have little prospect of success, Britain’s Guardian newspaper is reporting that Obama is pushing for a radical reconfiguration of America’s own nuclear posture. Perhaps President Obama is confused. What world peace requires is not the reduction of American nuclear weapons, but proactive American action to prevent Iran from acquiring such weapons.

Yet, with Iran, the Obama administration has indicated by its actions that it is not ready to take serious action to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran from becoming a reality. And with the Obama administration’s decision last week to cancel planned missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic, one gets the impression that the Obama administration does not quite understand the serious threat a nuclear-armed Iran would pose. That they cannot see why it would be so dangerous for a terrorist-sponsoring, possibly religiously apocalyptic regime to possess nuclear weapons in a post-9/11 world is a fault that cannot be easily understood.

The abandonment of U.S. missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic does more, however, than just show the Obama administration’s misunderstanding of the need to protect the American homeland from a potential Iranian nuclear threat. The decision was also a tremendous slap in the face to two staunch American allies. For Israel, the conclusion that must be drawn from the Obama administration’s move in Eastern Europe is unmistakable: American security promises cannot be relied upon. Israel cannot depend upon the United States to neutralize the Iranian threat, either through sanctions or military force. Acting in defense of its own existence and to protect the safety of the Western world, Israel could very well, by itself and on its own, have to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

Far from the United States ensuring Israel’s safety, Israel may be tasked with eliminating a threat to America. By its actions in Eastern Europe, President Obama has signaled to Israel that Obama’s America is not a reliable ally upon which to be counted. And by accepting the empty offer for negotiations proposed by the Iranians, Obama has demonstrated that he is willing to engage in futile exercises with no prospect of success in order to avoid making difficult but necessary decisions.
The Obama administration’s foreign policy decisions this month may have made an attack on Iranian nuclear sites inevitable. Like many times in its short history, Israel will have to depend on itself to defend its existence. Unlike the past, the United States seems to be effectively outsourcing its defense responsibilities to another—that is, an ally with 1/50th its population.

Jamie Weinstein is a syndicated columnist with North Star Writers Group.

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