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Intimidation CAIR-Style By: Jamie Glazov
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Dave Gaubatz, the first U.S. civilian (1811) Federal Agent deployed to Iraq in 2003. He is the owner of DG Counter-terrorism Publishing. He is currently conducting a 50 State Counter-terrorism Research Tour (CTRT). He can be contacted at davegaubatz@gmail.com. 


FP: Dave Gaubatz, welcome to Frontpage Interview.


CAIR supporters recently targeted you again, this time during a lecture you provided to ACT members of Dallas, TX, on July 23, 2009.


What happened?


Gaubatz: Yes, Jamie.


First it is important for readers to know that approximately 1.5 years ago members of my research team conducted first-hand research in Texas, to include Arlington, VA. The results were provided directly to the FBI National HQ office. Our team provided the who, what, when, where, why, and how of Islamic terror supporters operating inside Texas and who travel throughout America. One of my Muslim researchers (who worked and lived in Iraq over 30 years) was directly involved in several meetings with leading Texas Imams, specifically Arlington. Readers can contact FBI National to determine what actions were taken.


What happened to me just recently was almost as memorable as the ISNA event. CAIR continues attempting to put my life in danger by providing false information to law enforcement. Law enforcement authorities were professional, but again only due to their professionalism and my former training, this did not escalate. Similar to when CAIR provided law enforcement photographs (pictures of me in Iraq/2003, holding my U.S. government issued weapons) of me and falsely accused me of being a ‘threat’ to them, CAIR officials this time conspired with their supporters in Dallas (Muslim Student Association/MSA and Jamal Qaddura, President of the DFW Islamic Center, Arlington, TX, and American Muslim Political Action Committee) to again intimidate and harass me, but again they have underestimated me and will fail. Not only are they harassing me, but also ACT and anyone who opposes Islamic terrorist groups and their supporters.


FP: Why do you believe you are continually being targeted by CAIR and their supporters?


Gaubatz: Simply because they know I have evidence against them pertaining to supporting Islamic terror organizations and their violent ideology. They believe I can be silenced through their usual tactics.


FP: Please explain what happened in regards to the local law enforcement events.


Gaubatz: I had been invited to speak by ACT leaders in Texas. The event was held at the Lions Club, Pantego, TX (Arlington). The audience was outstanding and after my presentation they asked very good questions. There were two MSA members in the audience.  After my presentation they asked for an interview. We talked inside for a few minutes and then went outside to continue the interview. One of the MSA members was trying to conceal a tape recorder. I saw it and as I have always said there is nothing I say in an article or interview that I am ashamed of, not my professional opinion, and would not say to whoever desires to listen/read. People are only fearful of video/audio if they are ashamed of something or if they are lying about an issue. Again I am not ashamed of supporting my country, providing my professional opinion on CT issues, or any issue regarding our nation’s security.


The interview with MSA lasted almost two hours. Numerous questions were asked. The questions were prescript and were written down on their notepad. Approximately 30 plus questions. Of course their intention was to record me and hopefully obtain information to use against me in a lawsuit or more intimidation brought forward by CAIR and their supporters.  I informed them that the majority of their questions have been answered numerous times during media interviews and they can ‘Google’ the question and I have likely discussed it previously. My responses do not change with time or location. I have always said CAIR, MSA, ISNA, and the other similar organizations are simply ‘fronts’ for Islamic terrorist organizations. The interview ended professionally.


While outside of the Lions Club I had observed marked patrol vehicles cruising on this isolated street. During my interview one of the ACT members had stayed within the area. He and I shook hands and were going to depart. It was approximately 2300 hours. An unmarked vehicle pulled up near the building and a female officer asked if we could come over to her vehicle. She then turned her ‘emergency lights’ on and off to let us know she was law enforcement. The officer was very professional and informed both the ACT member and I why she was there.


Jamal Qaddura had written to the Police Chief, provided a photograph of me, and alleged I was a threat and should be monitored. The officer advised her and several others (to include her Police Chief) that they had had been surveilling the ACT meeting, the Muslims who attended, and I during the entire meeting and afterwards during my interview with the MSA members outside. I was informed her department immediately knew our group meeting was not as described by Jamal Qaddura, and was a professional group. The officer advised the letter to her Chief led their department to watch our meeting, and opined my life may have been in danger. She and other officers had observed individuals parking several blocks away and then walking to the Lions Club.


The officer, ACT member and I talked for approximately 45 minutes. Again the officer was very professional and an example for other officers. We exchanged business cards and we left the area.


FP: So, then, so far this appears to have resolved itself professionally and no one was hurt physically?     


Gaubatz: Well Jamie, yes, the operative words are “so far.”


The bottom line is that law enforcement was, once again, provided false information by CAIR supporters. I determined it is the best interest of the law enforcement office involved and I to bring the events forward. Jamal Qaddura and his supporters knew the information they were providing to law enforcement was false, but now on two occasions have misled our officers and only due to their professionalism and mine has the outcome resulted with me not being ‘accidently’ shot based on false and misleading information.


This particular incident was late at night and the lighting was bad. If this officer was not a true professional and I did not have my prior experience in law enforcement, the outcome could have destroyed my life and my family. Then she and her department would have been the focus of news organizations that have often portrayed our law enforcement as unprofessional, overreacting, and ‘stupid’, as President Obama refers to them.


I am bringing this incident forward because what is happening to me by becoming a target of Islamic terrorist supporters can happen to anyone. If CAIR were to send law enforcement a false letter (which they do) on someone who does not have law enforcement experience, and the particular officer responding is new, a serious incident could occur.  The innocent person being accused by CAIR of being a ‘threat’ may become nervous if approached by law enforcement, reach into a bag innocently to obtain identification, and possibly be shot/killed by an officer.


FP: What would you like to see come of this incident?


Gaubatz: A ‘strong signal’ by our U.S. Justice system must be sent to supporters of terrorism that providing false and misleading information to law enforcement simply to harass and intimidate their ‘target’ into silence will not be allowed or condoned in America. The Pantego Police Department should seek charges against the individual/s for providing false information that wasted their time, valuable resources, and put my life in danger. I will put my statement in writing and under oath. Will CAIR, Qaddura, and their supporters?


FP: You have stated CAIR was involved in this Texas incident. How do you know CAIR was involved?


Gaubatz: Thank you Jamie and this is the most important question. Islamic terrorist leaders like Abul Mawdudi (founder of Jamaat e- Islami) strongly inform their worshippers to remember that “War is Deception”. I did not simply drive to Texas (46 hours roundtrip) to speak for one hour at an ACT meeting. I travel because it allows me to obtain additional CT intelligence.


I allowed the interview outside with the MSA individuals not because I want to appease terrorist supporters and people who desire an end to our country, but because their questions and my questioning of them allow me to obtain more intelligence. During my interview with the MSA men, they unwittingly provided me information. I observed one of the men had an email from Umar Lee and Tariq Nelson. Readers can view their internet sites, but most importantly both of these individuals are tied to CAIR National. I have written about them previously and would not discuss anything openly about them if I was not aware of their relationship to CAIR Executives, Dar Al Hijrah Mosque, Falls Church, VA, and the number of times they have visited CAIR National. Lee and Nelson are two of the many people who ‘behind the scenes’ target individuals who oppose CAIR.


Jamie I would like to close by informing readers to not be intimidated by Islamic terrorists and their supporters. They do not respect weakness and will continue attacking you and your family. Be strong. They put on a tough show, but readers should keep in mind they can only win if we allow it. The majority of ‘Mujahadeen’ (Islamic terrorists) wear a mask to conceal their identity. Why? On the outside they portray braveness, but in reality they are cowards. The brave fighters are Americans who oppose these groups and our troops without wearing a mask. To our law enforcement: Do your jobs. Protect America, be proud of your service, do not align yourselves with organizations that promote the downfall of our country, and do not become discouraged even when the President of The United States ‘stoops’ to their level and shows his true feelings by attacking you in the media by referring to you as ’stupid’.


Readers can review the letter from one of the Texas leaders, Jamal Qaduura/AMPAC, which was issued after the meeting. Then after his message refer to my email to Jamal Qaddura. AMPAC is simply running scared of the legal consequences of supporting/advocating Islamic Jihadist ideology. They have a legitimate right to be concerned. Many of their fellow friends and members are in U.S. prison. Sharia law will not protect them. See the emails below.


FP: Dave Gaubatz, thank you for joining us. The letters can be seen below.


-----Original Message-----

From: Jamal Qaddura1 [mailto:jamalqaddura1@aol.com]

Sent: Saturday, July 25, 2009 5:48 PM

To: 'Jamal Qaddura1'

Subject: Act for America meeting usage in the City of Arlington Libraries has been REVOKED


Dear Friends,


As you probably already aware that that the City of Arlington decided to stop what is so called “Act! for America” from the use of any public library, and revoked any privilege of use to conduct their meetings. I commend Ms. Cary Ann Siegfried, the Director of Libraries at the City of Arlington, for her swift action to enforce the City of Arlington Library Rules, to preserve the rights of Arlington Citizens from Act! for America’s deception.


As you will see (below), are several exchanges of correspondence ( I received from the City Attorney’s office, subsequent to an open records request) to the Honorable Mayor and City Council members sent by the  Jerry(Jerome) Pikulinsky, Dorrie Obrien, and the “Abused Arlington cry baby Tax payer” William Sandlin.


As you will read in the correspondence (below) from Ms. Cary Ann Siegfried, that the reason for prohibiting them from the future use of the library is simply due to their repeated violations of library rules.


The Library rules that they violated are the following:


1.     Solicitation of funds inside the library.

2.     Sale of books( the deceiver/guest speaker made announcement about selling books during the meeting inside the library) in the library parking lot.

3.     Questioning some of the attendees at the entrance of the meeting room about their background, their religion, their racial background, origin, and beliefs, to qualify/allow them to attend the meeting.

4.     Dorrie O’brien and her Klan member Dale Attebery attempted to stop several individuals from video taping the events.


The library rules are strictly enforced by the library officials to protect the public from deceivers, similar to Act! for America, who’s speakers pray on citizens fear to steal their pockets of few dollars ( like the gypsies who read your palm in one hand and pickpocket you with the other hand), They admitted to the above violations in their “Act! for America” flyer for the July 20, 2009 meeting at the lions Club (see flyer below).


Back in May, 2009, I wrote an Op-ed in the Star-Telegram (see:  http://www.star-telegram.com/245/story/1401849.html ) about the deception of Act! for America against the gullible citizens who fall in their trap of fear, then empty their pockets, as I said “nothing personal, but its all about the money!”


Sadly, this 4’6” Bridget Gabriel (see: http://www.loonwatch.com/2009/04/a-case-study-in-sincere-hypocrisy-brigitte-gabriel/ ) , who reminds me of “the evil Dr. Loveless” from the old T.V. show “The Wild Wild West” (see:  Wild Wild West James West Shirtless and Defeated  ) is the one who is scouting all these haters and racists nationwide (i.e. our local Dorrie O’brien and her dirty dozen Klan), by banking on their hate, she is hypnotizing them for her cause. Gabriel managed to establish an army of haters all over the country and called each hater in every city “Chapter”, her ultimate goal is to locate a “chapter” in every city in America, then wage a religious war in America that will make her a fortune, and satisfy her childhood hate towards Muslims and Islam.


Dorrie Obrien, according to people who knew her from Colorado, where she came from, Dorrie is nothing but a lonely, un-employed individual, who came from a broken home, don’t believe in God (Atheist), Alcoholic husband, and a gambler, where she and her husband lost all their money at the casinos tables, then her husband left her and ran with a young girl. This Dorrie is angry at this world, she is a no-body who looking for attention. Her friends moved her to Texas to start a new, and a better life.


In late 2006, she found her match, Jerry (Jerome) Pikulinsky( another hater, opportunist, and a mayor-wanabe ), and the “Concerned Tax Payers of Arlington”, a hate group whom are angry at anyone who becomes Arlington mayor or city council member. She found the perfect opportunity for attention: Smear Muslims and Islam using the CTA as her platform (see: http://www.concernedtaxpayersofarlington.com/CTA061025Muslims%20in%20America.htm ). Everybody discounted Dorrie’s efforts due to everyone’s knowledge of CTA’s agenda, and of the losers who run CTA.


Then Dorrie hits Bingo, she and Gabriel’s “Act! for America” found each other, where they established “Act! for America, Grand Prairie Chapter” along with Jerry Pekulinsky, Dale Attebery, and the rest of her local dirty dozen Klan.


Dorrie is alleging that the American Muslims are “America’s enemies” (see her letter below). Earlier this month, another fan/Klan of  Act! for America in Seattle, Washington, answered Act for America’s calls (They Must Be Stopped), he attempted to defend America from “ America’s enemies” (the American Muslims), by attempted to kill a 25 year old American Muslim woman and her 6 months old baby at a health clinic with a ten-inch knife (see: http://www.seattlepi.com/local/407964_arrest08..html ) , according to him when he was asked of the reason for attempting to kill this woman and her baby, he said ”I’m defending America”.


Dorrie and her dirty dozen Klan are alleging and spreading horrible accusations and lies (see their correspondence below), and conspiracy theories/accusations against the local American Muslims, our local and county officials for not going their way, and against local and federal law enforcement agencies of being intimidated and afraid of the American Muslims. Asking the public to take the mater into their own hands to “defend America against America’s enemies” , that led to another local fan/Klan who was commenting on Jerry Pikulinski, and others’ letters to the editor in the Star-Telegram on May, 2009, about Dorrie and Act! for America, he made threats to kill local Muslims at the place of worship during Friday prayer’s assembly, also someone attempted to burn a Mosque (see: http://www.wfaa.com/video/?nvid=370822&shu=1 )


Friends, Please find attached (attachment to this letter above) a U.S. Department of Homeland Security “Assessment memorandum”( Prepared by the Extremism and Radicalization Branch, Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division, Coordinated with the FBI) about the threats we are facing in America as a direct result for people and entities like Dorrie O’Brien and Act! for America, also below, a statement by the US Attorney General Eric Holder, relates to enforcement efforts to protect the American Muslims from people like Dorrie O’brien and  her “Criminal Act for America” ( as many citizens called them after attending some of their meetings). If we allow these haters to keep manipulate/hypnotize the minds of the gullible sector of our society in America, we will face another tragedy like the one in Seattle or the tragedy in Washington D.C. (the Holocaust museum attack) by another individual named James W. Von Brunn, a right wing extremist, with the same mentality as Dorrie O’Brien, except Brunn is directing his hate against Blacks and Jews, although both Brunn and O’brien write in the same style ( see: http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/documents/2009/06/james-w-von-brunn-obama-is-missing.php?page=1 ).


Dorrie Obrien’s meetings so far has been video-recorded with a hidden camera carried by one of the meetings attendees (legal videotaping), all her gullible attendees’ hate remarks and their faces are recorded, including the attempts to confiscate the video equipments from one of attendees ( by Dale Attebery and Dorrie during their last meeting on July 20, 2009) to stop them from documenting their hate, and their Criminal persuasion against the American Muslims.


The American Muslim community will be filing a complaint to the U.S. attorney General seeking civil and criminal enforcements against this group for placing the American Muslims in harms way, by spreading and waging this false criminal conspiracy theories  against Muslims in America, in the name of their freedom of speech, attacking and violating the American Muslims freedom of Religion. also We are in the process of producing a documentary to expose all the participants in these meetings to the American Public, we will distribute copies to the masses, and broadcast it on You-tube. The next time you know of someone attempts to attend Dorrie’s future meeting, tell them to smile to the camera..  


Thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail, also I want to thank the courageous acts of the officials of the City of Arlington for protecting the rights of their citizens. And a special thanks for Arlington Police Department Command, their field officers, and the local FBI office for their dealing with these threats in a professional manner, and the extra measures of safety at the Mosques in Arlington.


Also special thanks for the Star-Telegram newspaper for their upcoming coverage of this story.


I wish everyone a blessed weekend..


Jamal Qaddura,

Steering committee

American Muslims Political Action Committee



Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 15:50:36 -0500

Subject: Interview request

From: dave gaubatz <davegaubatz@gmail.com>

To: jamalqaddura1@aol.com

Mr. Qaddura,


I have been keeping up with many of the happenings in Texas. I was the 1st U.S. Federal Agent in Iraq (2003) and upon returning have conducted private counter-terrorism research throughout the U.S.


Would you consent to an interview? They would not be typical questions most naive Muslim and non Muslims may ask, but ones that bring the truth forward about your true intentions (good or bad).


A couple of examples:

Arlington, Estes, Dar El-Eman Islamic Center = Sunni (Pure Islam) Am I wrong?


1. What is your relationship with CAIR (if any)?

2. Can a Muslim take any part of the Sharia and decide not to follow..for instance can you pick and choose which aspects to follow, or must a 'Pure Muslim' (as described by Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Maududi,Ahmad Sakr, etc..) state Sharia is an ALL or nothing. If you are in a location that you can't practice some form of Sharia, do you believe

you should try to change with "the hand, the pen, the tongue, or the least preferred in the heart)?

3. I have travelled to Saudi Arabia since 1980 and the last time was a month before the war in Iraq (2003).  The Saudi customs officials took the Bibles from the bags of our troops and openly put them in the trash. Saudi does not allow for Christian missionary work in their country, or a church. Do you agree with this policy?

4. Does your Islamic Center/mosque have any Maududi, Ali Al Timimi, or material stamped by the Saudi govt? If you are not sure let me and I can answer this for you.

5. What is your relationship of Yusef Estes?


Hint: Yusef Estes was the person who went through the steps of Dawah with me, and at Dar Al Hijrah, Falls Church, VA, I 'reverted' back to Islam with Estes as my witness. Of course my 'reverting' back to Islam was pseudo, but it did help obtain an enormous amount of intelligence from Yusef Estes and his 'friends'.


Mr. Qaddura. Why do Muslims use the word 'revert' behind the scenes,and the word 'convert' with naive non Muslims?


Again the above are very easy questions.  Would you be willing to answer 10 more questions in writing? Possibly in a sworn affidavit? Or possibly during a debate in Texas (open to the public)??


You can also verify my work with CAIR's Nihad Awad and Senator Larry Shaw. At the last CAIR annual banquet I served court summons to Nihad Awad and his executives for committing fraud against many Muslim people.Just google Awad CAIR Banquet Gaubatz.


You can review my background at www.daveg.us


Respectfully, Dave G.





Jamie Glazov is Frontpage Magazine's editor. He holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy. He is the author of Canadian Policy Toward Khrushchev’s Soviet Union and is the co-editor (with David Horowitz) of The Hate America Left. He edited and wrote the introduction to David Horowitz’s Left Illusions. His new book is United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror. To see his previous symposiums, interviews and articles Click Here. Email him at jglazov@rogers.com.

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