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Global Warming Trickery By: Tait Trussell
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, July 27, 2009

Global warming zealots, namely Woods Hole scientists, at what once was considered a premier independent research institute, are trying to trick us into believing global warming presents a dire threat. They published an open letter June 19 to the President and Congress warning of “global climate catastrophe.” A former Woods Hole scientist already has Obama’s ear. He is the President’s science czar, John Holdren, a long-time enthusiast of radical beliefs.


The Woods Hole Center scientists called the Waxman-Markey energy tax-climate control bill, “only a first step” to “protect the human future.” Does that sound like objective science or hysteria? That bill barely squeaked through the House June 30 on an Obama-Pelosi-forced vote. According to a Politico story, House leaders, including Chairman Henry Waxman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, contributed many thousands of dollars to possibly wavering members shortly before the vote. The Senate has yet to act on the issue. But may take it up in September.


Nations should “limit the build up of carbon dioxide, [incorrectly calling it] the principal greenhouse gas...to prevent disastrous climatic alteration,” the Woods Hole scientists pleaded in their unscientific open letter.  The letter was signed by 20 scientists, who normally would be judged to be both distinguished and informed.      


But one of the mysteries of modern politics is that a segment of the world’s scientists and politicians still believes the myth that global warming through carbon dioxide (CO2) is a man-made enormous danger to our planet. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in India apologized July 20 to that nation for global warming purportedly caused by the U.S.


The truth about carbon dioxide and climate comes clearly, for example, from William Happer, professor of Physics at Princeton University. He is a former director of Energy Research at the U.S. Department of Energy, where he supervised all climate-change study. He has published over 200 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and is a member of the National Academy of Sciences. Testifying before the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee Feb. 25, Professor Happer said “warming has decreased” in the past decade, not increased.


A new study by two University of Wisconsin professors, Kyle Swanson and Anastasios Tsonis found “temperatures have flattened,” and the earth has been cooling since 2001. Japanese scientists recently blasted the myth of man-made climate change modeling as “ancient astrology.”


Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) have increased  slightly over the past 100 years, Happer acknowledged in his testimony. “The combination of fossil fuels, coal, and natural gas, has contributed to the increase of CO2” [but] “the increase of CO2 will be good for mankind.” And what about the claimed frightening consequences of increasing levels of CO2?  “They are wildly exaggerated. I and many scientists like me are not alarmed by increasing levels of CO2,” testified Happer.


“Without greenhouse warming, the earth would be much too cold to sustain...life. At least 90 percent of greenhouse warming is due to water vapor and clouds. Carbon dioxide is a bit player.” Doubling the CO2 concentration would increase the earth’s temperature by about one degree.”

The earth’s warming period most recently began about 1800, he noted, “long before there was any appreciable increase in CO2. There have been similar warming periods several times in the past 10,000 years [which] clearly had nothing to do with the combustion of fossil fuels.”

“Al Gore likes to display graphs of temperature and CO2 concentrations”...In fact, “there is a delay between temperature increase and a CO2 increase of about 800 years, with the temperature coming first.

“I keep hearing about the ‘pollutant CO2’ or about ‘poisoning the atmosphere’ with CO2, Happer told the Senators. “CO2 is not a pollutant and it is not a poison. Our exhaled breath contains about 4 percent CO2...about 100 times the current atmospheric concentration. CO2 is absolutely essential for life on earth.”


According to ICECAP.us, an impartial international climate and environmental change assessment project, when the earth was in its infancy it is believed the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere was about one million times that of today.


False warnings say that “increased concentrations of CO2 will be catastrophic, cities will be flooded by sea-level rises ... there will be mass extinctions of species, billions of people will die, tipping points will render the planet a desert.”

Al Gore claims that sea level rise could drown the Pacific islands, Florida, major cities the world over, and the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. In fact, sea level has been rising at a rate of 1.8 mm per year for the past 8,000 years.  The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control (IPCC), however, notes that “No significant acceleration in the rate of sea level rise during the 20th century has been detected.” Unless there is another Little Ice Age, they will continue rising at roughly this rate for centuries to come.


Happer testified further that many of these “frightening scenarios about global warming come from large computer calculations...But their predictions have not been very good.” He noted “the frequent assertion that there is a consensus behind the idea that there is an impending disaster from climate change...Historically the consensus is often wrong.” He cited several examples, such as the former medical consensus that “bleeding” patients was a cure for diseases.


A July 9 poll by the Pew Center  found a “large gap” between what many scientists think about global warming and a more skeptical American public, which has some doubts that burning of fossil fuels causes global warming. About 20 percent think it is due to what they call “normal patterns.”


Professor Happer told the Senators, “Enormous effort and imagination have gone into showing that increasing concentrations of CO2 will be catastrophic...there will be mass extinctions of species, billions of people will die...” He also testified that “hysterical op-eds lecture us today about the impending end of the planet and the need to stop climate change with bold political action....


 “Even elementary school teachers and writers of children’s books are enlisted to terrify our children...[C]hildren should not be force-fed propaganda masquerading as science,” Happer declared.

A July 1 commentary in The Detroit News quoted “a child who has yet to lose her baby teeth: ‘I worry about (global warming) because I don’t want to die.’”  The commentary also reported that a new survey of American pre-teens found that “one in three feared the earth would not exist when they reach adulthood....”


The real battle on climate control will come when the Senate takes up the so-called cap and trade legislation, probably in September. In a Washington Post commentary June 1, respected economist Martin Feldstein said the proposed legislation would have a trivially small effect on global warming while imposing substantial costs on all American households.”


Under cap and trade, companies could buy permits from each other if it is cheaper to do that than make technological changes necessary to eliminate an equal amount of CO2 emissions. Companies would pass along to the public the cost of the permits. Customers theoretically would then reduce their consumption of CO2-intensive products.


The impartial Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated the increasing consumer prices resulting from cap and trade—prices needed to reach a 15 percent reduction in CO2—would raise the costs in a typical American household by $1,600 a year. Some estimates go much higher. The Heritage Foundation says the increase for a family of four “hits an astonishing $114,415 by 2035.”


The scientists who believe in myths are helping lead to profound economic and financial losses for America.

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