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Cheering for al-Qaeda By: Herb Denenberg
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, May 11, 2009

[Editor's Note: Jamie Glazov will speak and sign copies of his book at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles, Calif., at 7:30 p.m. May 14. Registration and reception begin at 7 p.m., and registrations can be made by e-mailing Stephanie Knudson at the Freedom Center.]

The mainstream media (also known as the liberal media; also known as the biased, dishonest and fraudulent media; and also known as the drive-by media) endlessly tell us about how the Republican Party is too far to the right and ought to become more liberal.

What they should be writing about is the Democratic Party, which has become the radical leftist party with heavy traces of anti-Americanism, socialism and pro-terrorism. That is the real threat to our democracy. It is not Republicans who embrace such radical ideas as appointing judges who will interpret the Constitution rather than promulgating their liberal agenda; stopping the headlong descent into bankrupting spending and loss of freedom due to a bloated, ever-expanding government; and impairing our national security by destroying the morale and effectiveness of the CIA, the FBI, and other intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The real media cry should be for the Democratic Party to become more conservative and start moving to the right.

So this column will address the neglected leftist, radical, extremist ideas of the Democratic Party. In 2004, David Horowitz wrote a book, The Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left. He showed how the leadership of the Democratic Party and many other Americans fought against the war on terror and the war against Saddam Hussein, after lending it initial support. He showed how this war of the leftists was not legitimate criticism but went way beyond that, involving outright attempts to undermine the war effort and defeat America.

He showed how this leftist group sees America as the “Great Satan” and acts accordingly in seeking alliances with the enemies of America. At one time, the left was in love with communism. Now that love has been transferred to the Islamofascists.

First, the leftists saw the Soviet Union and the communists as the “revolutionaries, the liberationists, and the insurgents.” They saw the U.S. as those who support the enemies of rebellion, liberation, etc. So before and during the Cold War, the leftists sided with the Soviets and communists.

Now these same leftists view the Islamic jihadists as carrying the banner of the “liberation” struggle. Again, they see the U.S. as opposed to that “liberation” struggle. This leftist group swept in many others including the anti-American leftists that are found in great number in our universities and the leadership of the Democratic Party.

The Unholy Alliance is an important book, and now comes an updating and further refinement of the Horowitz thesis. It is a book by Jamie Glazov titled
United in Hate: The Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror. Mr. Glazov shows how these leftist ideas are embraced by President Barack Obama and his administration and how they are being implemented in a fashion that has the potential to destroy our freedoms — and our country.

The sheer lunacy of leftists’ ideas is captured in a chapter titled “Cheering for al-Qaeda.” When Americans are cheering for those who are trying to blow them up, you have a serious problem, which is exactly what we have with the left and the leadership of the Democratic Party. Consider the views of Michael Moore, who sat in a place of honor at a convention of the Democratic Party. Mr. Glazov starts this chapter with a Moore quote that is as revealing as it is shocking:

“The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not insurgents or ‘terrorists’ or ‘The Enemy.’ They are the revolutionaries, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow — and they will win.”

Yes, Michael Moore, the hero and voice of the leftists, Jimmy Carter and the Democratic Party, said that on April 14, 2004.

This brings us to the views and activities of the worst president and the worst former president in history, Jimmy “Hate America” Carter. Just remember his Hamas odyssey in April 2008. Mr. Glazov writes he went to embrace the leaders of Hamas, the terrorist group, which is correctly viewed as the Palestinian version of the Nazi Party:

“He brought the Left’s — and his own — long tradition of romancing America’s totalitarian adversaries to its most obvious fulfillment. Indeed, what could have symbolized the Left’s yearnings any better than Carter embracing an organization whose life-purpose was to annihilate Jews and to destroy every possible tenet connected to Western values — including secular freedom and the individual pursuit of happiness?”

The Carter trip was simply a continuation of the leftists’ romance with America’s most savage, despotic, sadistic and vicious enemies. Two years earlier, Noam Chomsky, another leading leftist writer based at M.I.T., traveled to Lebanon in May 2006 to pay tribute to Hezbollah, the world’s largest terrorist army. While meeting with a top leader of Hezbollah, Mr. Chomsky declared President George Bush was the world’s top terrorist and the U.S. was a leading “terrorist state.”

Two political observers said this was “a meeting of murderous radical minds.” Mr. Chomsky is all too typical of what we find at universities, centers of anti-Americanism and worse. See Mr. Horowitz’s book, The Professors.

When Hamas won an election, there were attempts to cut off American aid flowing to it. Needless to say, this was opposed by the American left, even including the Jewish left. Where were the Christian Left of Europe and the U.S.? They also backed Hamas. For example, The World Council of Churches put pressure on the European Union to continue funding the Palestinian Authority government led by Hamas. When a suicide bomber killed nine people and injured more than 60 in Tel Aviv on April 17, 2006, the World Council on Churches and a Jewish group (Brit Tzedek v’Shalom) backing aid to Hamas, did not condemn the attack nor Hamas’ support of it. This was simply following the party line of the left in the terror war.

As incredible as this may sound, it makes perfect sense when you consider the values and positions of the left. Mr. Glazov writes,

“This makes perfect sense in the context of the Left’s long dalliance with tyranny. Just as the Left yearned for America and the forces of freedom to lose the Cold War, and just as it worked for an American defeat by the forces of tyranny in Southeast Asia, it reaches out to the Islamist death cult that America is confronting today with a loyal commitment to its most cherished principles.  The stakes are particularly high in Iraq, since bin Laden and other terrorist leaders have consistently made it clear that Iraq is the main battleground in the global terror war.”

The Left appears to be almost bloodthirsty, as it seems to wax more enthusiastic as the toll of the slaughter of innocents rises. After Arafat declared the al-Aqsa Intifida, the Palestinians became the cause celebre of the Left.

Mr. Glazov writes, “The more mass death and suicide the Palestinians perpetrated, the guiltier Israel became in leftist eyes, and the greater the heroism the Left ascribed to the Palestinian cause.”

The Left’s enthusiasm for those committing mass murder on 9/11 is well known. Perhaps the best-known reaction is that of Ward Churchill who saw the victims as “little Eichmann’s” and blamed the victims for the attack. Other academics across the land expressed the same viewpoint. Don’t soothe yourself by thinking Mr. Churchill is an academic exception. He is more the rule.

The Left’s defense of the terrorists and alliance with them is suggested by the fact that there were about 200 anti-war demonstrations around the world by the end of September 2001.

When the U.S. surge in Iraq worked, that put the Democratic Party leadership on the spot, as they had already predicted its failure. But even after it worked, President Obama said even if he knew the surge would work, he would still have opposed it. In other words, he said he was willing to abandon the Iraqi theater and put its people at the mercy of the genocidal maniacs associated with Saddam Hussein.

But Mr. Glazov explains Mr. Obama’s flip-flops perfectly, as he understands his history (something our electorate never did). Mr. Glazov summarizes the Obama perspective perfectly:

“Obama’s about-face on Iraq was not very surprising or original. He is an individual who spent decades engaging in either political alliances or personal friendship with individuals who loathe this country. He had close company with the radical Left throughout his political career, including terrorist figures in the Weather Underground such as Bill Ayers and Berardine Dorhn. He sat for 20 years in the church of the socialist Reverend Wright whose antipathy towards the United States has become famous. These relationships and associations provide a window into Obama’s politics — how he is perfectly at ease in the company of the hate-America Left and why even when confronted with the utter failure of his own world vision, such as in Iraq, he chose, during the campaign for president, to equivocate and avoid affirming America’s ongoing struggle for democracy in the heart of the Middle East. His political opportunism has also, obviously, played a central role in this saga.”

Mr. Glazov deserves credit for stressing the background of Mr. Obama, which should have been in the foreground when considering his suitability for president during the campaign, and should be in the foreground in understanding his presidential plans and policies. You’d have to be a fool to ignore that background, even though doing so was one of John McCain’s most important political mistakes.

Mr. Glazov presents other details of the leftist love of our enemies, including some from Hollywood such as Sean Penn and from others such as Ted Turner.

This is only part of a much larger canvas on which Mr. Glazov paints in detail the left’s love affair with our enemies and with terrorists who will blow us up if given a chance. It shows that our enemies are not simply the terrorists and Islamofascists who seek to destroy us, but the radical left, including leadership in the Democratic Party, whose policies and alliances will endanger our survival.

Mr. Glazov notes how the left graduated from loving the Soviets, communists and others into loving the current mortal enemies of America:

“And so the new generation of believers found their own idols in the terror war. The romance with Islamism is just a logical continuation of the long leftist tradition of worshipping America’s foes.”

Both Messrs. Horowitz’s and Glazov’s books should be must reading for anyone who wants to understand the political scene. I’d also recommend the classics on terrorism and the jihadists, including Steven Emerson’s Jihad Incorporated: A Guide to Militant Islam in the U.S. and Robert Spencer’s The Stealth Jihad. Finally, I’d recommend the great trilogy on the Islamofascist invasion of the West, Mark Steyn’s America Alone, Melanie Philips’s Londonistan and Bruce Bawer, While Europe Slept.

When you read these books, and follow what’s happened since they were written, you will understand that our very survival as a nation is threatened and it is later than we think.

Herb Denenberg, a former Pennsylvania insurance commissioner and professor at the Wharton School, is a longtime Philadelphia journalist and consumer advocate. He is also a member of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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