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The UN-holy Alliance By: Joseph Klein
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, February 27, 2009

For several decades now, the so-called non-aligned member states who currently dominate the United Nations General Assembly have sought to convert the United Nations into a global governance institution. The objective is to bring about what its proponents deem global social justice. The arbiters of what such a system should look like would include a majority of member states in the General Assembly (many of whom are not democracies themselves), unaccountable UN bureaucrats, and unelected left-wing non-governmental organizations accredited by the UN to participate in its deliberations. 

These globalists demand massive international wealth redistribution to the under-developed world. They want the General Assembly to have authority to issue legally binding directives under international law and wherever possible to displace the Security Council, which is the only UN body today that has any power to pass and enforce binding resolutions under the United Nations Charter. They also seek to sharply reduce the powers of the Security Council’s permanent members, particularly the United States. 

The largest single voting bloc within the UN’s non-aligned group consists of the 57 members of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).  They have successfully managed to appropriate the left-wing jargon of revolution against Western colonialism, racism, and oppression by cleverly framing their hot button issues, principally the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, in just those terms. Already having turned the UN Human Rights Council into an instrument to harass Israel and to provide themselves with political cover for their own rampant human rights violations, the Islamic member states have called for a permanent seat on the Security Council to protect the Muslim world's interests. They also want major changes to the current veto power, which they accuse the United States of misusing to protect Israel from sanctions and other enforcement measures. 

The OIC has a Ten-Year Plan of Action, which includes a specific plank devoted to Islamic plans for the UN: 

    Participate and coordinate effectively in all regional and international forums, in order to protect and promote the collective interests of the Muslim Ummah, including UN reform, expanding the Security Council membership, and extending the necessary support to candidatures of OIC member states to international and regional organizations. (Emphasis added.) 

The Islamic and left-wing globalist advocates for increasing the governing power of the United Nations and for diluting the United States’ ability to thwart their agenda have found the perfect spokesperson to lead the charge. He is Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, Nicaragua’s ambassador to the United Nations who is the current president of the General Assembly. 

Brockmann believes that the global perception of the United Nations is at the worst moment of the organization's history due mainly to its "inability to call [the US] to order." Surrounded by a coterie of far-Left advisors including Noam Chomsky, Ramsey Clark, and Richard Falk (the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories who has compared Israel to the Nazi regime), Brockmann has articulated an ambitious program that he wants to accomplish during his one year tenure as General Assembly President.  He has taken it upon himself to push for radical changes throughout the United Nations system, particularly in the General Assembly itself and the Security Council where he believes there is too much concentrated power. 

Brockmann has called for the General Assembly to turn into an equivalent of a world parliament whose resolutions would be legally binding on all member states. He believes that this body, which is made up of a majority of authoritarian regimes that includes virtually all of the Muslim governments, is somehow “democratic.” 

Brockmann also wants to enlarge the current 15-member Security Council and expand the number of permanent members, which are now limited to the five veto-bearing states. He aims to fundamentally change its governance structure to meet his concept of a “democratic” body that more closely resembles the one state, one vote General Assembly. And he wants to take on the current veto power of the five permanent members. Brockmann believes, in common with the Islamic bloc, that the veto has been abused, principally by the United States to protect Israel whom he has compared to an apartheid state.    

Brockmann wants to use his made-over UN bodies to combat what he regards as the principal source of world poverty and hunger, which he blames on the economies of the United States and other Western, free market democracies - namely, the “inequitable distribution of purchasing power both between and within countries” caused by “[N]eoliberal economic restructuring” and “a handful of multinational corporations.”   

Brockmann is particularly well-suited for this mission. He is a former Catholic priest whose anti-capitalist pseudo-religious liberation theology and service in the Marxist Sandinista government run by Daniel Ortega from 1979 to 1990 led to a public reprimand from the late Pope John Paul II. While foreign minister in that government, Brockmann received the Lenin Peace Prize for 1985-6.    

With his patron Ortega back in power as president of Nicaragua, after losing an election in 1990 and then winning in 2006, Brockmann has also returned to the world scene. The Sandinista's anti-Western jargon is unchanged, but the role model for defeating the capitalist West has switched from the failed Communist revolutionary movements to the more successful Islamic revolution in Iran. 

In the first week of his current term as president of Nicaragua, Ortega met with Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Ortega told the press that the "revolutions of Iran and Nicaragua are almost twin revolutions...since both revolutions are about justice, liberty, self-determination, and the struggle against imperialism."

Last year, while commenting on the financial crisis gripping the United States and spreading to other capitalist countries, Ortega said that "God is punishing the United States" for imposing flawed economic policies on developing countries around the world. Apparently the divinity worshiped by Ortega, Brockmann and other followers of the socialist liberation theology is combining its retributive powers with Allah’s in order to punish us for our capitalist sins. Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, a high level Iranian cleric, also described the United States’ economic situation as divine punishment. "They are seeing the result of their own ugly doings and God is punishing them," said Jannati.

Brockmann, like Ortega, admires Iran’s Islamic-inspired revolutionary spirit. Indeed, he began his presidency of the General Assembly last fall with a warm embrace of Ahmadinejad after the latter’s speech to the General Assembly. Ahmadinejad lashed out against Israel and the United States and portrayed himself as the champion of the world’s oppressed peoples (leaving out, of course, all female protestors and other political dissidents in Iran who are now languishing under inhuman conditions in Iranian jails).    

In a further show of support for his revolutionary brothers in Iran, Brockmann said that the Organization of Islamic Conference’s nomination of Iran as its candidate for an open Security Council seat last year was perfectly fine with him despite Ahmadinejad’s threats to wipe another member state off the face of the earth and Iran’s flouting of three Security Council resolutions directed at its uranium enrichment program.   Brockmann’s response was that "[T]here are members of the Security Council right now who have done things infinitely worse than Iran could ever do." This was meant as a direct shot across the bow of the United States and as a purported justification for his plans to revamp the Security Council altogether. 

Thus, it should be no surprise that Brockmann has made it a point to include Iran and Syria on the first road trip that he is taking to sell his Security Council reform ideas to member nation heads of state. His other stops on his six nation itinerary will include China, Bahrain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. 

And the General Assembly president launched his drive for inter-governmental negotiations to “democratize” the Security Council by appointing Ambassador Zahir Tanin from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to chair this initiative. Tanin is first and foremost representing the interests of the Organization of Islamic Conference member states, whose foreign ministers he addressed at UN headquarters in New York last September with a complete endorsement of their Ten-Year Plan of Action. Recall that the OIC’s plan aims “to protect and promote the collective interests of the Muslim Ummah, including UN reform, expanding the Security Council membership”. 

One would think that transparency should be part of any process to create a more “democratic” Security Council, since such reform is a matter of public interest. However, when asked if there was a need for increased public attention and debate around the Security Council reform process through greater openness, Ambassador Tanin crisply responded that the meetings are closed to the public.   

The alliance forged by the radical Left, globalists, and the Islamic states to infiltrate and ultimately take control of key UN agencies works best in the shadows. This article and others to follow in FrontPage Magazine will strive to expose their stratagems by lifting the veil of secrecy and decoding the double-talk that permeate so many of their UN-related activities.  

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