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Vote Stormfront? By: Joe Kaufman
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, December 12, 2008

Derek Black, 19, recently ran for the office of Committeeman for the Republican Executive Committee (REC) of Palm Beach County. The office is an elected position, voted via ballot, much like that of a U.S. Congressman or City Councilman. Black ended up receiving more votes than his opponent.

Normally that would be enough to claim victory, but procedural errors on his part made him ineligible to hold office. Everyone running for the REC position had to have signed, by a particular date, what has been termed a “loyalty oath” to support and not do damage to the Republican Party. Black neglected to do so, disqualifying him from the REC.

However, there was one other matter looming large with regard to Derek Black: his background. Black is the Program Director for Stormfront Radio. Stormfront is a website that acts as a clearinghouse for the world’s “white power” movements. Neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and everything in between come to Stormfront to complain about what they believe is causing harm to come to them and the rest of the universe. That usually amounts to “blacks” and “Jews.”

Black also hosts his own Stormfront radio show and is the engineer for the show co-hosted by his father, Don Black, and friend David Duke, both of whom were former Grand Wizards of the KKK. Derek’s mother, Chloe, was a Klan leader as well; under Duke, her ex-husband, she held the position of Vice President of the Louisiana Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. According to Don, who founded Stormfront in January of 1995, Derek has hosted every one of his and Duke’s radio shows.

When Sid Dinerstein, the Chairman of the Palm Beach REC, learned about Black’s election, he quickly moved to disqualify him from serving. Nine others, too, were disqualified for not signing the loyalty oath. Dinerstein made it clear, though, that even if Black signed the oath, he would not be welcome in the party.

On Wednesday, December 3, 2008, the monthly meeting of the Palm Beach REC took place. At it, individuals were sworn in as newly elected Committeemen. Attending was this author, as well as Derek Black and members of his family. Knowing Black was going to be there, the media showed up in full force, including the New York Times.

Throughout the process, Black acted in a way expected of a child, disrupting a news interview with Chairman Dinerstein, disrupting the meeting itself by walking in front of the Chairman to speak to the audience when never granted permission to do so, and walking out of the meeting in a huff when given the choice to sit or leave. One wonders if he, the product of Don and Chloe’s home schooling, acts that way at Klan meetings which he attends.

I had the chance to speak for two minutes, towards the end of the meeting. Derek and Chloe Black were sitting in the front row, across from the podium, roughly ten feet in front of me. I said I had come to support Sid. I said that it was unfair that he was being attacked for no reason by Stormfront. Dinerstein’s religion had nothing to do with the fact that Black was not allowed to serve as a Committeeman, yet the website has gone after his faith with a vengeance.

When I began to read aloud anti-Jewish quotes I found on Stormfront, Chloe yelled and shook her head “no.” I held up the material and said they were printed directly from the pages of Stormfront, telling her, “It’s here in black and white.”

Chairman Dinerstein has been referred to by members of Stormfront with anti-Semitic terms, such as “the kike,” “Yid Dinerstain,” “that hook-nosed Jew,” “jewbag,” “that evil jew,” and “another filthy stinking Jew.” Constant vicious and offensive references to his being Jewish have been mouthed by David Duke, as well.

Calls for harassment of Dinerstein, including threats, have made their way onto Stormfront [some grammar corrected by author]:

  • “[T]his sick jew should be picketed day and night…”
  • “It is time to deal with this fellow Dinerstein.”
  • “Someone needs to reign this jew in.”
  • “[In a photo from the REC meeting], Derek looks like he wanted to clean ol’ Sid’s clock. I wish I had been there.”
  • “What he needs is a good old fashion country ass whoopin.”

[The person who posted the latter comment, Stormfront member ‘nappyheadkev,’ uses an icon (avatar) depicting a decapitated pig’s head superimposed over a Jewish star.]

And statements have been made on Stormfront threads, regarding the REC matter, that were aimed at Jews in general [some grammar corrected]:

  • “[W]hen a jew is involved, look out for dirty fighting!! They are a most treacherous race!”
  • “Can you now deny that the jew is our unrivaled #1 enemy?”
  • “We will have to fight the Jews/Zionists sooner or later.”
  • “It is simply impossible for jews to peacefully coexist with us in our society. They are a cancer, a plague, a loudmouthed, hateful, anti-White parasite burrowed deep in. As long as they control the media, they control the minds of the foolish masses.”
  • “The only logical solution is to round up every single jew in this country and send them to Israel.”

Half of the quotes from above were posted on the same thread as a post from Derek Black, himself, containing a scan of the “Certificate of Election” that was mailed to him from the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections. Indeed, this was a disturbing place to put such a document.

Those who voted for Black need to ask themselves if this is the type of individual that they believed they were voting for, when they chose his name over that of his opponent. It wouldn’t make much sense to want someone as a public representative, who is affiliated with a group that wishes to segregate a large part of society for no reason beyond the color of one’s skin and the way one worships G-d.

On December 4th, Derek’s father Don told WPTV-Channel 5 the following concerning his son: “I encourage him in all of his endeavors, and of course, I have encouraged him to work within the political system and to promote our point of view.”

Their point of view is hate. It is not “white nationalism” or “white pride,” as they say it is. It is hatred for others, and that is all that Stormfront and its associates represent. That has no business in the public realm.

Joe Kaufman is the Chairman of Americans Against Hate and the founder of CAIR Watch.

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