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Threats of the Taliban By: MEMRI
Memri | Monday, December 08, 2008

The latest issue of the Taliban monthly e-journal Al-Sumoud, posted December 2, 2008 on the Islamist forum Al-Faluja, contains a message by Taliban leader Mullah Omar. In it, Mullah Omar warns the U.S. and NATO not to send new troops to Afghanistan, as this will only lead to more NATO casualties. He states further that the global financial crisis is the result of the U.S.'s "failing belligerent policy," and calls on Muslims to support the mujahideen in Iraq and Palestine. He warns the mujahideen against internal strife, and stresses that resisting American influence in the region is a common interest of Afghanistan and its neighbors.

The following are excerpts from the message:

"Your Hope of Winning [the War] By Sending In Additional Troops is Illogical and Misguided"

Addressing the U.S. and NATO, Mullah Omar declares: "Your hope of winning [the war] by sending in additional troops is illogical and misguided, because with a large number of troops the fighting will spread in all directions. Consequently, there will be fierce battles with hundreds of attacks every day instead of dozens, and your [forces] will suffer thousands of casualties every month instead of hundreds..."

Mullah Omar then mentions the global financial crisis, saying: "The main cause of the financial storm that has swept through the world is America's failing belligerent policy and its strategy of occupation. The negative effects [of this policy] have spread, in one form or another, to all corners of the world..."

"Do Not Wear Yourselves Out With the Farcical Series [of Procedures] Called 'Elections'"

To the Afghan people, Mullah Omar says: "Do not wear yourselves out with the farcical series [of procedures] called 'elections.' The real elections take place in Washington. The agents called '[Afghan] officials' are not appointed by your vote, but according to the will of Washington…"

"If The Ranks of Holy Jihad [Stand] United and Strong, Like They Do in Afghanistan, The Suppressed Peoples Will Gain Their Freedom and [Start to] Implement Shari'a"

Mullah Omar continues: "We ask the eminent figures in the Islamic world, and especially in the Arab world, to support their brethren the mujahideen in Iraq and Palestine as much as they can, with money and people, and to carry out their religious duty in the best possible manner during this sensitive period of Islamic history. The ulama and Islamic scholars have a special duty to direct and guide the mujahideen to the right path. I am convinced that if the ranks of holy jihad [stand] united and strong, like they do in Afghanistan, the suppressed peoples will gain their freedom and [start to] implement the [laws of] shari'a...

"The call for reconciliation [in Afghanistan is just] another conspiracy… Those who seek reconciliation must first of all put an end to the occupation… Do not think [for a single moment] that the leaders of Islamic jihad will relinquish their… holy jihad [in return for] false promises, material gains, [promises of] amnesty, [and offers of] ministerial posts and high positions while the occupation [continues]...

The Aggressors Are Again Striving to Dissolve the Unity of the Afghan People and to Sow the Seeds of Discord Among Them"

"The Afghan people have frequently lost the glory of crushing victories, and the fruits of brilliant success [after] defeating their enemies in battle, because their enemies, through political conspiracies and secret meddling, did not let them establish a strong administration and unite around a single, strong leadership. This is what happened after the defeat of the Russians [by the mujahideen]…

"Today, the aggressors are again striving to dissolve the unity of the Afghan people and to sow the seeds of discord among them, before they [i.e., the enemies] are defeated on the battlefield…"

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