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CAIR's Sex Shopper By: Joe Kaufman
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, November 03, 2008

Sexuality and radical Islam make a strange combination. On the one hand, militant males are raised to believe that 72 virgins await them following martyrdom. On the other, fundamentalist Muslims are brought up with a wide divide between the genders. For one Islamist leader, though, the lure of sex seems very appealing.

Affad Shaikh is the Civil Rights Coordinator for the Los Angeles office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Los Angeles), also known as CAIR-California. He has been involved with CAIR for a number of years, also holding positions within CAIR-San Diego and with CAIR-Los Angeles’s monthly tabloid, Southern California In Focus.

CAIR is a nationwide organization which began as a part of the terrorist group Hamas. CAIR is currently named by the U.S. Justice Department as a co-conspirator for a Dallas federal trial dealing with the financing of millions of dollars to Hamas. CAIR has had a number of representatives who have been deported and/or convicted for terror-related activities.

Shaikh, too, has had his own extremist history. Besides being involved in a Hamas-affiliated group, last July, Shaikh was stopped at the U.S./Mexico border, accused of plotting with others to assassinate President Bush. He has referred to Americans in Iraq as “Crusaders.” He has called the U.S. government a “terrorist fascist government” and has stated, “the United States is among the least peaceful nations in the world.” He has called the Pope an “extremist” and Senator Barbara Boxer an “Islamophobe.”

Considering Shaikh’s level of fanatical behavior, one would be hard pressed to believe that this same person would have anything to do with sexual perversion. After all, it is believed by many that the vast majority of radical Muslims are first and foremost fundamentalist Muslims with generally conservative views on morality.

Yet even child pornography has made its way into the most militant of Islamic circles, so Shaikh is no exception. On October 24, 2008, he posted to his blog a wildly enthusiastic piece towards a website called Muslim Sex Shop, which talks about such things as what foreign objects should be placed inside women’s vaginas.

In his blog post entitled “A Fascinating Find – Muslim Sex Shop,” Shaikh wrote, “Here I was cooking Macaroni Bashamel for a friend...when low and behold someone out in the cyber world sent over a link to the ‘Muslim Sex Shop.’ This American Muslim highly recommends that you visit it. Its a forum that promotes itself to discussing an issue Muslims have made taboo.” (All quotations from his blog contain his spelling and grammatical errors.)

One of the taboo subjects deals with that of abstinence. In “Abstinence: It’ll Make You Go Crazy,” the Sex Shop talks about how, according to the Greeks, a male “becomes melancholic, as soon as the putrid matter of the retained semen reaches his head.” The Shop states that this was an explanation used to account for insanity in some men.

Shaikh seems to be going through this same ailment, as he explains on his blog: “[I]n my family, guys usually dont get married until they get past 35...As a Muslim, or at least an obeservent Muslim, there is no ‘dating.’ You don’t go out to get to know girls, and you certainly don’t have casual relationships, rebound dating, which all translates to not having SEX. Observant, good Muslim boys and girls are VIRGINS. Imagine being a VIRGIN until the age of 35. OH MY FREAKING CRAP! I can not find enough activities to keep me away from not thinking about that mesmerizing three letter word.”

In Muslim Sex Shop, the content gets a lot more risqué than just dealing with abstinence abuse. With regard to abortion, a case is made that it is “unconditionally permitted.” Concerning male masturbation: “It is only your own water (=sperm). Let it go!”

A story is told in the Sex Shop, which stars Aisha, the Muslim prophet Muhammad’s favorite wife. It reads that, following her divorce and then marriage to Muhammad, she showed Muhammad “the fringe of her trousers.” He in turn suggested to her that she, along with the ex-husband, desired to “taste” each other’s “sweet honey.” One can surely imagine the offensive nature, to many Muslims, of this story – to the point where the security and well-being of the website’s creators could be in jeopardy.

The Sex Shop, whose slogan is “Because Now That Ramadan Is Over, You Can Do It In The Daytime,” as well, discusses the topic of “withdrawal” from the vagina prior to ejaculation. However, none of the content on the Sex Shop can compare to the perversity found in the organization’s post, titled “Muslim Jurists on Female Masturbation and Dildos. Who Knew?” In it, the group states that, if a woman “suffers from sexual deprivation,” she is permitted to use certain objects, including a “leather dildo,” “tiny cucumbers,” and a “squash.”

According to the Sex Shop, the group will soon be “re-stocking” its online store. One can only imagine what types of products will be sold there.

For a radical Muslim – even one from California – to be involved with this sort of matter would normally be unthinkable. But sexual perversion has made its way into the radical Muslim world, and Affad Shaikh, it seems, has been touched by this affliction. While he actively curses America, he also looks to explore the deviances that America has to offer.

Is this a new side of CAIR, or is Shaikh simply a sexually repressed Islamist looking to break free from family tradition?

Joe Kaufman is the Chairman of Americans Against Hate and the founder of CAIR Watch.

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