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The United Nations' New Preacher-In-Chief By: Joseph Klein
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, September 29, 2008

The new president of the sixty-third UN General Assembly and preacher-in-chief is Miguel d´Escoto Brockmann, the foreign minister of Nicaragua for the Communist Sandinistas during the 1980s and a former Roman Catholic priest.  The Vatican suspended d’Escoto’s priestly functions for refusing to quit Nicaragua's revolutionary government two decades ago, and Pope John Paul II publicly reprimanded him for his radical political activities during a visit to Nicaragua.  Now this renegade has been given a huge pulpit on the world stage to preach his Marxist dogma under the guise of liberation theology.


Anti-American to the core of his being, d’Escoto started off his presidency of the General Assembly in mid-September with an attack on the United States as the world’s worst aggressor while he defended Russia’s brutal invasion of Georgia.  D’Escoto passed over the scourge of global terrorism, which the UN cannot even define much less combat, while focusing his condemnation on the United States’ forcible removal of the ruthless dictators in Iraq and Afghanistan and its fight against Islamic extremists in both countries.   


D'Escoto believes that the global perception of the United Nations is at the worst moment of the organization's history due mainly to its "inability to call [the US] to order."  He is unable to comprehend that the United Nations is at the worst moment of its history because of its many systemic failures such as the following:


  • Paralysis in confronting genocide in such places as Rwanda and Sudan;


  • Excusing and providing political cover for Islamic terrorists and their state sponsors such as Iran and Syria;


  • Perversion of human rights values on the UN Human Rights Council;


  • The racist, anti-Semitic agenda for the UN-sponsored Durban II Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance;


  • Pervasive financial corruption within the UN bureaucracy; and


  • Sexual abuse of children by UN peacekeepers.


Since d’Escoto misses entirely the roots of the UN’s dysfunctional state, it is not surprising that his ‘fixes’ will only make matters worse, if that were even possible.  He is pressing for radical changes to the United Nations to give more powers to the miscreants who have already managed to enshrine their pathology as a core part of this insane asylum, upending the UN Charter in the process.


D’Escoto would start with the Security Council, which is the only UN body today that has any power to pass and enforce binding resolutions under the Charter.  He would neuter the Security Council’s powers, which he thinks that the United States and its allies have abused with their veto privileges “to the point of making them think they are entitled to do as they please without consequence.”


Evidently, d’Escoto has no problem with Iran’s decision to do whatever it pleases in continuing its nuclear enrichment program in violation of prior Security Council resolutions and defying requests for more transparency about its nuclear arms research from even the relatively sympathetic UN International Atomic Energy Agency.  D’Escoto went out of his way to literally embrace Iranian President Ahmadinejad following that dictator’s speech to the General Assembly last week – a speech that revived the global Zionist conspiracy canard of 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.'  He also joined a dinner with Arab and left-wing Christian groups to mark the end of Ramadan, with Ahmadinejad attending as the guest of honor.


In lieu of the presently constituted Security Council, d’Escoto is seeking to convert the General Assembly from a forum that is only supposed to make policy recommendations and that sets the budget for the UN as a whole into the equivalent of a world parliament whose resolutions would be legally binding on all members.  He believes that this body, which is made up of more authoritarian regimes than fully free governments, is somehow ‘democratic’ by being able to muster a majority of votes from countries who mock fundamental democratic principles.


If d’Escoto has his way, for example, the Islamic-sponsored General Assembly resolution making ‘defamation of religions’ a punishable crime would become a formal part of international law.  The drecks of humanity, who now control the discredited UN Human Rights Council, have enough votes in the General Assembly to pass this kind of garbage whenever they want while paying a miniscule portion of the UN’s budget that subsidizes their garbage.


As matters stand today, aside from the huge waste of time and money the General Assembly resolution process consumes, the resolutions are not worth the paper they are written on.  However, under d’Escoto’s plan, these powers would seek to use the resolutions they pass to become the masters of universal law.  Thus, for example, they would assert the power to enforce their ‘anti-defamation’ edicts in the International Criminal Court against anyone who dares to criticize the extreme elements of Islam that spawned the Islamic terrorists. 


When d’Escoto wasn’t busy hugging and breaking bread with the madman Ahmadinejad, he found time to excuse some of the world’s worst tyrants in Africa from any responsibility for the horrible plight of their people.  He declared that “Africa has amply fulfilled its own political, economic and social commitments.” 


Either d’Escoto is too uninformed to know what he is talking about or, more likely, he is too blinded by his socialist dogma to care about the truth.  Corrupt African leaders are enriching themselves to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars at the expense of their people.  Some, like the thug tyrant Mugabe in Zimbabwe and genocidal murderer Bashir of Sudan, have gone further and pulverized their own people.


Instead of confronting such evils at their source, d’Escoto blames world hunger on “inequitable distribution of purchasing power both between and within countries,” caused by “Neoliberal economic restructuring” and “a handful of multinational corporations.”  Forced collective guilt is the socialist’s stock-in-trade to bring about massive centrally-planned wealth redistribution.  Karl Marx would be proud of his disciple.


Let d’Escoto and his anti-American comrades pursue their fantasy of a utopian world parliament built around the General Assembly.  If they waste too much of our taxpayers’ money chasing their socialist pipedream, we should deny them the funding that fuels their mischief.  It is time to break the monopoly that the United Nations establishment has acquired on purporting to represent the only form of ‘legitimate’ multilateralism.  We need to work with other democracies as partners to devise creative forms of multilateralism to address specific global problems that the United Nations has proven incapable of solving.  And let d’Escoto continue to preach his nonsense to his own choir at their sole expense.

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