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FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, September 08, 2008


By John Hinderaker

The New York Times's Public Editor, Clark Hoyt, considers complaints that his paper has been unfair to Governor Palin, and finds that all is well in Pinchville. The NYT "stands by its reporting," except, of course, where it was demonstrably false, as we noted here.

The Times still thinks that John McCain didn't devote enough time to "vetting" Governor Palin. The problem with this front-page story is that it is only a story if there is some news about Palin that McCain failed to discover. The Times acknowledged this implicitly in the very first sentence of the front-page article that Mr. Hoyt defends:

A series of disclosures about Gov. Sarah Palin, Senator John McCain’s choice as running mate, called into question on Monday how thoroughly Mr. McCain had examined her background before putting her on the Republican presidential ticket.

The problem is that there was no such "series of disclosures." The best of the Times's purported "disclosures," that Palin was once a member of a party that advocated Alaskan independence, was false--just one more example of the paper's shoddy reporting. The remaining "disclosures" proved nothing at all about McCain's vetting process: 1) Bristol Palin was pregnant. The campaigns say they knew this, and the Times offers no evidence to the contrary. So this can't be a "disclosure" that "calls into question...how thoroughly Mr. McCain had examined her background." 2) Governor Palin has hired a lawyer in connection with the dead-end "investigation" of the firing of a state employee whose least compelling reason for termination was his tasering of a small boy. People hire lawyers all the time--thank goodness!--and the Times doesn't even try to pretend that this was news to the McCain campaign. 3) Governor Palin's husband got a DUI 22 years ago, when he was 22 years old--about the same age when Barack Obama, by his own account, was doing illegal drugs.

This is, obviously, a pathetic "series of disclosures" on which to hang the Times article's thesis. The article was just one more in an endless series of partisan hit-jobs by the Times, and it's too bad that the paper can't admit as much. Sunday, September 7, 2008




By Eric Allie

Political Cartoon by Eric Allie




By Scott Johnson


One more perspective on Sarah Palin: that of former Israeli Air Force fighter pilot and current Los Angeles-based director Elan Frank (with Governor Palin in the photo above). Frank shadowed Palin for three days earlier this year for a documentary he is making about extraordinary women around the world. I believe he is referring to the flag he found on Palin's wall in the governor's office when he says: "I saw something amazing there." YNet News reports:

"She had an Israeli flag, of all the things, mounted on her office wall, and I have that on film," he said. "I was very surprised to see that and when I asked her about it, she said that she loves Israel and the she had friends who visited the country and brought her the flag."

The linked article by Dana Zimmerman unfortunately passes on the canard that Governor Palin was a supporter of Pat Buchanan but otherwise provides an interesting glimpse of her.

UPDATE: The flag can be seen in the window in this video tour of Juneau that winds up in the governor's office with Sarah Palin. Sunday, September 7, 2008




By Bill Roggio 

Two Taliban suicide bombers struck inside police headquarters in southern Afghanistan for the second day straight. The target of the attack was a senior police general.

The bombers penetrated security at the police headquarters in an effort to assassinate General Abdul Razzaq Shah, the chief of border police in the district of Spin Boldak in southern Afghanistan’s Kandahar province.

The bombers split up and searched both floors of the two story building in an effort to find Razzaq, but were stopped by policemen and detonated their vests. Six policemen were killed in the attack and 37 were wounded. Sixteen of those wounded were in serious condition, reported. Razzaq was among those wounded.

The Taliban took credit for today’s attack in Kandahar. Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousif Ahmadi said his group was behind the attack, and Razzaq has been a target for some time.

Spin Boldak sits across the border from the city of Chaman in Pakistan's Baluchistan province. This crossing is one of the two major border checkpoints between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The attack occurred just one day after a similar strike against a senior intelligence officer in the western province of Nimroz. A Taliban suicide bomber breached the security at a government building and killed Anwar Shah Khan, the provincial intelligence chief, and his 20-year old son.

The two attacks may signal the onset of a Taliban assassination campaign against senior military and police officials in southern Afghanistan. In both attacks, Taliban bombers clearly had inside intelligence on how to penetrate police headquarters and locate senior officials. Sunday, September 7, 2008




By Charles Johnson

Here we go again at Daily Kos, with another disgusting, transparently false smear against Sarah Palin: Daily Kos: ‘So Sambo Beat The Bitch’ - Sarah Palin...

Progressives! Is there any depth to which they will not dive?

Here’s the article they’re linking to, at “LA Progressive:” Alaskans Speak (In A Frightened Whisper): Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean.”

The charge that Palin has racist attitudes toward Eskimos is based on the word of an anonymous waitress at an unnamed restaurant. Another word for this kind of smear is “lying.”

It’s not even worth debunking, but I’ll just point out that Palin’s husband is of Eskimo descent.

UPDATE at 9/6/08 11:47:08 am:

And another Daily Kos hate diary vanishes down the memory hole: Daily Kos: ‘So Sambo Beat The Bitch’ - Sarah Palin...

UPDATE at 9/6/08 3:19:53 pm:

The Daily Kos administrators better get cracking, because here’s another one: Daily Kos: Did Palin call Barack a Sambo and Hillary a Bitch?

UPDATE at 9/6/08 7:42:36 pm:

Another one down the memory hole! Daily Kos: Did Palin call Barack a Sambo and Hillary a Bitch? Saturday, September 6, 2008



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