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The "Nakba" at UC Irvine By: The Editors
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The UC Irvine Muslim Students' Union Association is currently staging a week long "Nakba" event (May 7-15) which, under the guise of commemorating the "catastrophe" of the founding of the Jewish state, will bring onto campus the genocidal philosophy being promoted by leaders and movements throughout the Middle East.

This preparation for genocide makes headlines every day in the world press. Rejecting the international community's call for negotiation and statecraft, Iran's Ahmadinejad, Hizbollah's Nasrallah, and various spokesmen of Hamas instead prepare for the obliteration of Israel. From the goose-stepping soldiers of Hizbollah, Syria and Iran to the broadcasts of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion on al-Jazeera and Egyptian TV, homage is paid to the Nazi past by radicals throughout the Muslim world. In their sermons and public proclamations the most virulent Jew-hatred since the dark of days of the Third Reich is trumpeted. And unlike the Nazis they do not conceal their malevolent goal. 

It is one thing for such toxic ideas to be conceived in the clandestine meeting places of international terror organizations, however, but quite another for them to be promoted in the campus offices of recognized student groups. But this incitement of hatred is exactly what is taking place during the UC Irvine Muslim Student Union's week of "Nakba" events.

How destructive is the agenda of "Nakba" week? Consider the roster of speakers the MSU has assembled:

· The notorious Norman Finkelstein, who demeans the Holocaust as an "industry" and is so extreme in his hatred of Israel that he is scorned by true scholars and denied tenure by his university department.

· Mohammed al Asi, who spreads the lunatic notion that 9/11 was actually caused by agents of the Mossad and CIA who had infiltrated "Islamic combatant groups."

· Amir Abdel Malik Ali, who believes that Ahmadinejad is "a pretty good guy" and has praised Palestinian mothers whose children become suicide bombers.

Such individuals come to Irvine not to mourn the suffering of the Palestinian people—a suffering made more extreme by their leaders' insistence on ignoring practical solutions in the Middle East in favor of a sixty year war they insist can end only with the obliteration of Israel-- but to engage in a hatefest. And hatred—of Jews and of Israel—appears to be the Muslim Student Union's reason for being. How else to understand an organization whose members commonly wear green armbands to signal their allegiance to the terrorist group Hamas? An organization that has displayed posters on the UCI campus that equate the Star of David with the Nazi Swastika. An organization that has asked UCI's graduating Muslim students to wear green sashes bearing the word shahada, the Arabic word for the "martyrdom" of a suicide bomber, to their graduation ceremony.

These are the actions of an organization that is not religious or cultural, as Irvine's MSU pretends to be, but overtly political and hardcore political at that. But then what else can be expected of a chapter of the nation-wide network of Muslim Student Associations created years ago by operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood, godfather to al Qaeda and Hamas, as part of a "stealth jihad" directed at American institutions?

It is time for members of the UC Irvine community to speak out against hate and the incitement to genocide at the heart of this week's "Nakba" events. These sentiments have no place on our campuses, let alone in our world.

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