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FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, March 07, 2008


By Charles Johnson

Just like they did on September 11, 2001, Palestinians in Gaza and Ramallah and “refugee camps” in Lebanon are partying and celebrating the brutal mass murder of seminary students in Jerusalem.

Here’s a slideshow of photos from the atrocity, showing exactly what these inhuman monsters are celebrating: Terrorist in Yeshiva.

(Warning: some graphic images.)


By Charles Johnson

A UN Security Council resolution condemning the mass murder of Israeli students in Jerusalem was blocked today—by Libya.

UNITED NATIONS, March 6 (Reuters) - The United States accused Libya on Thursday of preventing the Security Council from condemning as a “terrorist attack” a deadly assault on a Jewish school in Jerusalem, but Tripoli called for “balanced action.”

The United States had drafted a statement that was discussed at an emergency U.N. Security Council session called to debate an attack by a Palestinian gunman who killed at least eight people and wounded at least 10 more at an Israeli religious school.

“The members of the Security Council condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist attack that took place in Jerusalem March 6, 2008 which resulted in the death and injury of dozens of Israeli civilians,” said the draft statement.

The U.S. delegation had hoped the 15-nation council would unanimously support the text but Libya, backed by several other council members, prevented its adoption.

“We were not able to come to an agreement because the Libyan delegation with the support of one or two others did not want to condemn this act by itself but wanted to link it to other issues,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Zalmay Khalilzad told reporters after the council meeting.

The Libyans wanted to include in the statement language condemning the recent Israeli incursions into Gaza, which have killed over 120 Palestinians, many of them civilians.

They wouldn’t condemn mass murder, but the United Nations found time today to condemn Israel for defending herself against Palestinian rocket attacks.


By Charles Johnson

Yes, that’s right. The headline is no exaggeration. California Democratic Sen. Alan Lowenthal has proposed an amendment to the Educational Code that will explicitly allow the promotion of Communism in schools, and also allow groups who want to violently overthrow the US government to meet on public school property.

Here’s the PDF file: sb_1322_bill_20080220_introduced.pdf

(1) The Civic Center Act requires the governing body of a school district to grant the use of school property, when an alternative location is not available, to nonprofit organizations, and clubs or associations organized to promote youth and school activities. Existing law also prohibits an individual, society, group, or organization from using school property for the commission of any act intended to further a program or movement the purpose of which is to accomplish the overthrow of the government of the United States or of the state by force, violence, or other unlawful means.

This bill would permit the school board to require the furnishing of information as it deems necessary to determine that the use of school property for which application is made would not violate that provision. This bill would also delete provisions regarding a person who intends to use school property on behalf of an organization to deliver a statement, signed under penalty of perjury, that the organization is not a Communist action organization or Communist front organization required to be registered with the Attorney General of the United States or does not, to the best of that person’s knowledge, advocate the overthrow of the government of the United States or of the State of California by force, violence, or other unlawful means.

(2) Under existing law, a permanent or classified school employee, or a classified community college employee may be dismissed from employment for specified causes, including, but not limited to, commission of a felony.

This bill would delete provisions that a permanent or classified school employee, or a classified community college employee may be dismissed from employment if he or she is a knowing member of the Communist Party.

(3) Existing law prohibits a teacher from giving instruction and prohibits a school district from sponsoring any activity that reflects adversely upon a person because of his or her race, sex, color, creed, handicap, national origin, or ancestry.

This bill would delete provisions that prohibit a teacher giving instruction in a school or on property belonging to an agency included in the public school system from teaching communism with the intent to indoctrinate or to inculcate in the mind of any pupil a preference for communism. The bill would also delete provisions that a teacher may be dismissed from employment if he or she teaches communism in that way.

(4) Under existing law, a public employee is required to answer, under oath, specified questions, including, but not limited to, knowing membership in an organization advocating the forceful or violent overthrow of the government of the United States or of any state. This bill would delete these provisions. The bill would also delete related findings and declarations by the Legislature regarding communism and the Communist Party.  Thursday, March 6, 2008




By Michael Ramirez




By Allahpundit

Hysterical wingnut overreaction to the “Re-create ‘68!” jackassery that’s percolating in some leftist circles? Indeed, if you count HuffPo among the hysterical wingnuts. Hope and Change from the mailbag of lefty author Rick Perlstein:

Rick, if the Machine tries to give the Clintons the victory at the convention, I swear to God, Chicago’s going to look like a Sadie Hawkins dance. People my age are going to be throwing stones. We all have transportation — cell phones — disposable income — the Internet — free time — and Seattle as our example. Part of me is scared of a riot. Part of me isn’t. The nomination belongs to Obama. Do you think we’re going to let the Democratic Leadership Council take it? “God gave Noah the rainbow sign. No more water, fire next time.”


Not to mention that there’s going to be a significant Iraq veteran contingent at the convention, ready to rock ‘n’ roll. We’ve already had planning meetings about it — we’re going about it the same way that we would plan any decent military operation.

Put it this way: if she goes for the gold in Denver, she’ll have to claim the medal somewhere other than the Pepsi Center.


I can’t emphasize enough how potentially scary things could get — we’ve got folks working on the inside of the convention, and it’s all done on a cell basis, so that folks only know what they need to know.

I’m trying to keep everyone calm, as I just mentioned, but it’s getting harder and harder to do so.

Exit question: First the Times Square bombing, now this.

Update: Hard feelings are all but certain:

If black voters who have supported Obama think he lost the nomination because the rules of the contest were unfairly changed, the backlash could be damaging, some civil rights activists said.

“You would be changing the rules after you’ve had the contest,” the Rev. Al Sharpton said. “In Michigan, Obama’s name wasn’t even on the ballot. Clearly, if the name of the candidate who’s getting the African American vote isn’t on the ballot, that encourages many to stay home. . . . It would be a tremendous insult to the voters of this country.”

An Obama victory could split the party in a different way. Like Clinton, the Illinois senator is likely to need the votes of Democratic superdelegates — party activists and elected officials who are free to back any candidate. Suspicion among Clinton voters that Obama courted superdelegates through backroom deals could upset female and Latino voters loyal to the former first lady.


By Ed Morrissey

The bombing of a military recruitment center keeps getting stranger and stranger. The eight Congressional Representatives from New York City all received a copy of a picture of the targeted office, showing deliberate premeditated intent to hit the recruiting center. They also received a letter, but it contained no threat:

Eight House Democrats were mailed a letter and photo of a Times Square recruiting station in Manhattan before it was bombed this morning, according to House insiders.

The letter did not contain any specific threats against the lawmakers or the site, but the U.S. Capitol Police and the FBI are now investigating the matter.

With the late reporting today suggesting that the perpetrator could also have been responsible for two earlier bombing attacks against the Mexican and British consulates, it seemed that the choice of target may have been coincidental. Now we’re back to seeing this as a deliberate choice for the bomber. Reports from the earlier bombings didn’t include any communication with the targets, so this attack looks like some kind of political message — but what, we don’t yet know.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The content of the letters is now known, and it is an anti-war rant:

Police are investigating letters that arrived Thursday at Capitol Hill offices containing a photo of the Times Square military recruiting office before it was bombed and including the claim “We Did It.”

The manila envelopes contained a photo of a man standing in front of the recruiting station, according to a Democratic aide who spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter is under investigation. The photo was the kind commonly sent as a holiday greeting card.

The message on the card: “Happy New Year, We Did It.”

The envelope also contained a packet of approximately 10 sheets of paper that seemed to be a political manifesto railing against the Iraq war and a booklet. The aide didn’t know what the booklet was.

So it was in fact an act of political terrorism by some fringe anti-war activist. Of course, someone else had to have taken the picture, which indicates at least one accessory to the attack.

UPDATE II: Michelle notes that there may have been more than eight recipients of the letter; the FBI and the Capitol Hill postmaster is investigating it.

UPDATE III: Now MS-NBC says the letters are just a coincidence:

Law enforcement officials tell NBC News they believe they have identified the man who sent letters to several Capitol Hill offices that contained a photo of the Times Square military recruiting office before it was bombed and the words “We Did It.”

The letters, which arrived Thursday and at first glance appeared to take credit for Thursday’s pre-dawn bombing, are not believed to be connected to the blast, officials said.

The alleged letter-sender was being questioned, but there was no indication he committed any crime, officials said.

Why do they think it’s unrelated?  The man signed the letters.  Thursday, March 6, 2008




By Glenn McCoy




Adam Gadahn.

As US and Pakistani intelligence attempted to determine who was killed in the Jan. 29 airstrike in North Waziristan that killed al Qaeda commander Abu Laith al Libi, a new, unconfirmed report claimed Adam Gadahn, Laith's deputy, two Kuwaitis and four other terrorists were killed in the strike.

Sources inside Pakistan told the Nine/Eleven Finding Answers Foundation that US traitor Adam Gadahn was killed along with Abu Suhail, Laith's former deputy; Hamza al Somali, who is presumably of Australian or US nationality; Abu Ubayda Tawari Rakhis al Mutairi, a Kuwaiti national; Abu Adil al Kuwaiti, another Kuwaiti national, and at least three Uzbek nationals. "It should be noted that the death of the American Gadahn has not yet been officially confirmed," the Nine/Eleven Finding Answers Foundation reported.

Adnkronos International reported Abu Adil al Kuwaiti, were reported killed in the North Waziristan airstrike, along with Abu Obeida Tawari al Obeid, a Saudi, on Feb. 5.

Speculation about Gadahn's death surfaced immediately after the airstrike, as Pakistani sources told US and Pakistani news agencies that Gadahn had not been seen nor heard from since the strike. Gadahn was purportedly attending the meeting chaired by Laith, who was planning al Qaeda's 2008 campaign in Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda has been quick to lionize the death of its leaders, for propaganda and recruiting reasons. Laith's death was announced on a jihadi within three days of the airstrike in North Waziristan.  Thursday, March 6, 2008

The top 10 members of al Qaeda in Iraq's network killed or captured in February 2008. Click to view.

As al Qaeda in Iraq is targeted in the northern city of Mosul, pressure continues to be applied to the terror network nationwide. US and Iraqi security forces have killed or captured 26 senior leaders of al Qaeda in Iraq's terror network over the past several weeks, Major General Kevin Bergner, the spokesman for Multinational Forces Iraq said in a briefing in Baghdad on March 5. Many of those killed or captured have come from the northern regions, where al Qaeda is struggling to re-establish its network during a joint US and Iraqi military onslaught.

Eight of those killed were emirs, or leaders responsible for "a geographic or functional area," five were cell leaders, and 13 were facilitators "involved in supporting the network of foreign terrorists, organizing the movement and security of senior leaders of the terrorist cells, or the making and use of improvised explosives and suicide vests," Bergner said.

Bergner identified 11 of those killed or captured by name. The list highlights how al Qaeda's operations have shifted from Anbar and Baghdad provinces to the northern provinces of Diyala, Salahadin, and Ninewa. Of those al Qaeda leaders identified, five operated in Mosul, two in Tikrit, one in Sharqat, and one in Baqubah, all in the north. Only two of those identified as killed or captured came from Baghdad.

Abu Yasir al Saudi: Also known as Jar Allah, Yasir entered Iraq in August 2007 and rose through the ranks to lead al Qaeda operations in southeastern Mosul. He was killed in an airstrike along with Hajji Hamdan in Mosul on Feb. 27. He trained and fought in Afghanistan prior to entering Iraq.

Hajji Hamdan: He led al Qaeda's anti-aircraft teams in Mosul and the surrounding areas. He was killed in an airstrike along with Abu Yasir al Saudi in Mosul on Feb. 27. Hamdan was also a Saudi national.

• Abu Salim: An al Qaeda cell leader in Mosul who coordinated the movement of foreign terrorists into the Mosul region. He was killed on an unspecified date inside Mosul. Salim was also a Saudi national.

• Manhal Fadil Salih Ahmad: An al Qaeda cell leader in Abu Yasir al Saudi's network in southeastern Mosul behind attacks on US and Iraqi forces. Ahmad was captured on an unspecified date.

Nawaf Latfi Rida Jarrah. Click to view.

• Nawaf Latfi Rida Jarrah: The commander of Ansar al Islam's network in Mosul. He is behind attacks on US and Iraqi forces. Jarrah was captured on an unspecified date. Ansar al Islam is also known as Ansar al Sunnah, and has its roots in the Kurdish regions. Abu Abdullah al Hassan bin Mahmoud, the leader of Ansar al Islam, has close ties to Osama bin Laden. The terror group adheres to al Qaeda's radical Salafi ideology. Military commander Abu Abdullah al Shafi has admitted to carrying out operations with al Qaeda. Ansar al Islam has refused to subordinate itself to al Qaeda in Iraq due to issues with al Qaeda in Iraq's foreign leadership, several US military intelligence officials have told The Long War Journal.

• Ammar Rashid Barbuti Hassan: The emir of al Qaeda in Tikrit. Hassan also facilitated the movement of foreign terrorists into the region as well as made and transported weapons for attacks against US and Iraqi forces. Hassan was captured on an unspecified date.

• Fannr Mubarak Muhammad Farhan: An al Qaeda foreign terrorist and weapons facilitator, trainer, and jailer in Tikrit. He was captured in Tikrit.

• Najm Abdallah Abbas Mahdi: An al Qaeda cell leader that coordinated and carried out car bomb attacks and assassinations in Baghdad. He also moved weapons and explosives into southern Baghdad province. Mahdi was captured in Baghdad on an unspecified date.

• Jasim Abdallah Salih Shibil: Al Qaeda's leader in Sharqat. He had previously operated in Bayji. Shibil was captured in Sharqat on an unspecified date.

• Rushdi Hamid Shihab Ahmad: Al Qaeda's military leader for the Karkh district in Baghdad behind car bomb attacks in western and southern Baghdad. Ahmad was captured in Baghdad on an unspecified date.

• Abu Hassan: Al Qaeda’s deputy leader for Diyala province who led the regional car bomb network. Hassan was killed in Baqubah on an unspecified date.

Other al Qaeda leaders recently killed or captured in February not included in Bergner's briefing include:

Arkan Khalaf Khudayyir: A senior intelligence officer of al Qaeda in Iraq’s network in Diyala. Khudayyir, who is also known as Karrar, was instrumental in facilitating suicide bombing attacks in the Diyala River Valley and in Baghdad. He was behind several of the female suicide bomb attacks in Baghdad and Diyala. Khudayyir was killed in Khan Bani Saad on Feb. 17.

• An unnamed suicide bombing cell leader and recruiter north of Baghdad. The cell leader was recruiting women to carry out suicide attacks against Iraqis and Coalition forces. The cell leader/recruiter was captured in Ghailibiyah, just north of Khan Bani Saad, in Diyala province.

The success against al Qaeda's leadership network in the North is the result of constant pressure against the terror group combined with the recruitment of the Sunni tribes and former insurgents to provide intelligence and security. The push against al Qaeda in the northern areas began after Baghdad and the surrounding regions, known as the Belts, were cleared during major combat operations during the summer of 2007. Multinational Forces Iraq and the Iraqi security forces first tackled the Za'ab triangle region, the area between Ninewa, Kirkuk (Tamin), and Salahadin provinces, followed by clearing operations in Diyala, then finally the Ninewa operation, said Brigadier General Tony Thomas, the deputy commander of Multinational Division North in a briefing on March 3.

US and Iraqi forces began focusing on the North in the late summer of 2007. Operation Lightning Hammer II, launched in early September, focused on the Za'ab triangle region. The Concerned Local Citizens - now known as the Sons of Iraq - were recruited to provide local security. This was followed by Operations Iron Hammer and Raging Eagle in November and Operation Iron Reaper in December 2007. In January 2008, Operation Phantom Phoenix was launched to target al Qaeda's networks in the central and northern regions. Iron Harvest and Marne Thunderbolt, two subordinate operations to Phantom Phoenix, were launched in early January. Iron Harvest targeted al Qaeda's networks in Miqdadiyah and wider Diyala province, while Marne Thunderbolt targeted al Qaeda's networks in southern Baghdad province.  Wednesday, March 5, 2008




By Charles Johnson

Arianna Huffington’s hate site has turned off comments for their post on the mass murder in Jerusalem: 7 Die in Shooting at Jerusalem Seminary - The Huffington Post.

Why would they do this? Because their site is infested with virulent antisemites who will party and celebrate this atrocity just like the Palestinians have been doing. The people who run Huffington Post know this—and encourage it—and then they turn off comments on posts like this one to avoid embarrassment.

Virulent antisemites like the one who emailed me today, using the (phony) address “JewKiller007@hotmail.com,” asking when he could register at LGF.

Hey Charles;

When are you going to open up registration for new members?

I just cant wait to post comments and tear the Jews a new one (although since Jews are soo full of crap anyway, a new one will be a relief for them).

Hope you send me advance notice when registration finally does open.


As I posted earlier in our comments, every time there is a terror attack in Israel I receive emails like this one.

UPDATE: Huffington Post has also turned off comments for their post on the Times Square bombing: Police Release Footage of NYC Blast - The Huffington Post.

Man. They’re really scared of their own readers.


By Charles Johnson

The CEO of the Associated Press is being honored tonight by the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation, for doing everything possible to subvert and undermine the War on Terror: 9/11 attacks harm First Amendment.

WASHINGTON - The shadow of the Sept. 11 terror attacks is eclipsing press freedom and other constitutional safeguards in the United States, Associated Press President and CEO Tom Curley said Thursday.

“What has become clear in the aftermath of 9/11 is how much expediency trumps safeguards,” Curley said in remarks prepared for the annual dinner of the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation.

“Congress steps back from its constitutional role of executive oversight. Civilian oversight of the military wanes. A Justice Department interprets laws in ways that extend police powers. More drastically, prisons are established in places where government or military operatives circumvent due process or control trials,” Curley said in accepting the foundation’s First Amendment Leadership Award.

“It’s at moments like these when a free press matters most,” he said.

Curley was selected for his role in pushing for more openness in government and for emphasizing reporting on First Amendment issues. That includes efforts by the AP to establish the Sunshine in Government Initiative, a news media coalition that presses for strengthening Freedom of Information laws and for greater government openness.  Thursday, March 6, 2008


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