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Giuliani is The Decider By: Julia Gorin
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, January 23, 2008

With six states down, and Romney, Huckabee and McCain being the only names on the lips of primary voters, caucus delegates, and reporters, it increasingly looks like it will indeed be up to January 29th to determine whether Rudy Giuliani’s Florida-only gamble paid off. Florida will also be a test of his candidacy and viability on Super Tuesday. Which will be a survival test for a breed of man who, when fanciful hopes for a Middle East peace were at their highest in the 1990s and Yasser Arafat was legitimized everywhere as a dignitary, had only one question: “Why is there a terrorist at my party?”

The occasion was the UN’s 50th anniversary concert at Lincoln Center in 1995. Writing in the Huffington Post recently, former New York Public Advocate Mark Green tried to describe in unflattering terms Giuliani’s reaction to seeing Arafat in the audience that night:

According to an American official at the UN who saw what happened and spoke to me, Mayor Giuliani "threw a temper tantrum" when he spotted Arafat in the crowd minutes before the curtain went up. He grew "red faced and went out of control," said the official. "Rudy was absolutely infantile like a two year old" and dispatched his aide to eject Arafat--despite the fact that this was a celebratory, symbolic UN event to which the PLO leader was duly invited and ticketed.

God forbid anyone should dampen the UN symbolism that gives terrorist regimes an equal say and places worldwide Jew-killing in political context. With Jews like Mark Green, who needs the PLO? Green went on to describe Rudy’s uncontrolled gut reaction as “pro-Israeli antics”, while others at the time depicted it as “pandering” to the Jewish vote. But Giuliani explained, simply, “I don’t forget.” What he didn’t forget were the PLO’s crimes against America, and that the Nobel laureate and frequent White House guest had “never been held to answer for the murders that he was implicated in.”

In his own, more recent, retelling of the Lincoln Center incident, Giuliani related his clarity of mind using plain, Jackie Mason-style wisdom:

I didn't call for a team of lawyers to tell me on the one hand you can throw him out, on the other hand you can't. Maybe you can partially throw him out. Maybe we can have him sit, like, further up. I made a decision. You see, I lead. That's what a leader is about.

This touches on another important Giuliani quality. Unlike Hillary Clinton, whose facial expression “did not change noticeably” when a supporter recently contrasted Barack Obama with JFK by saying that JFK was assassinated and so credit for civil rights laws goes to Lyndon Johnson—just as her expression didn’t change in 1999 when Suha Arafat accused Israel of poisoning women and childrenGiuliani has human, in-the-moment, morally sound reactions to events and statements. He doesn’t first consult with his staff to see what reaction he should have, or wait for a public reaction to determine his.

Recall the $10 million dollar check for New York disaster relief after 9/11 from Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, who went on to suggest that the U.S. should “re-examine its policies in the Middle East and adopt a more balanced stance toward the Palestinian cause.” We all know what Giuliani told the prince he could do with his ten million. In unequivocal and trenchant terms, Giuliani stated, “To suggest that there's a justification…only invites this happening in the future…And one of the reasons I think this happened is because people were engaged in moral equivalency in not understanding the difference between liberal democracies like the United States, like Israel, and terrorist states and those who condone terrorism. So I think not only are those statements wrong, they're part of the problem.”

There is a reason that while the likes of Bill Clinton, George Bush, and John McCain get statues, murals, boulevard names, and hero’s welcomes from Albanians, Rudy Giuliani got death threats. Under the current administration’s Clinton-inherited policies, our military finds itself protecting Albanian mafia drug interests from investigation, specifically the al Qaeda-connected Kosovo Liberation Army’s heroin facilities. Contrast this with Giuliani’s 1985 prosecution of the New York leg of this drug cartel, which garnered him an assassination contract, as the Wall Street Journal reported at the time:

The informant who visited the office of U.S. Attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani last December had a chilling story to tell: A defendant in a drug racketeering case that Mr. Giuliani was prosecuting was offering $400,000 to anyone who would kill a certain assistant U.S. attorney and a federal drug enforcement agent.

For 45 minutes Mr. Giuliani and his chief assistant, William Tendy, listened to and evaluated the tale. Five other informants later corroborated it. The threatened lawmen--assistant prosecutor Alan M. Cohen and narcotics agent Jack Delmore--were given 24-hour-a-day protection by federal marshals…The drug case that brought forth the threats Mr. Giuliani is concerned about involved the disruption of the so-called "Balkan connection," heroin trade conducted by among others a loosely organized group of ethnic Albanians, centered in New York.

A jury this year convicted Joey Lika and Mr. [Skender] Fici on charges of racketeering conspiracy…To emphasize to the defendants that their opponent was the government, and not just Mr. Cohen, U S. Attorney Giuliani himself appeared in court for the sentencing in March…Mr. Giuliani refuses to discuss details, but he says he has learned recently that there had been an effort to fulfill an assassination contract against him and Messrs. Cohen and Delmore…While Mr. Giuliani says he now considers the threat against himself "minor," DEA agent Delmore and his family have moved away from New York. Prosecutor Cohen is still investigating other drug dealers in New York but he, too, has a new residence.

The witness intimidation and murder that the Albanian mafia and KLA faithfuls are famous for is in full swing right now in Kosovo, whose former “prime minister” Ramush Haradinaj is on trial at the Hague for war crimes after many tireless but unsuccessful attempts by the U.S. government to protect him from prosecution—as opposed to protecting witnesses from Haradinaj’s henchmen. It’s all part of one of two simultaneous, Munich-style giveaways in progress, presided over by the current administration under the tutelage of Clinton-era policymakers. (Israel, newly dubbed by President Bush as an “occupier,” is the second.)

Israel and Kosovo are two fronts in the global jihad on which Republican and Democratic policies have converged into the same misguided course. That being the trend, and the 2008 candidates being bigger politicians than Bush (who at least tried to do the right thing for four years before giving up and joining the Clinton/elder Bush blob), Giuliani has withstood these pressures and moved in the right direction.

Pro-life Republicans have a problem with Giuliani. However, they mustn’t forget that fixating on Giuliani’s views on abortion may mean doing so at the expense of civilization. In contrast, evangelical leader Pat Robertson proved capable of prioritizing when he gave his endorsement to Giuliani on the grounds that Giuliani is not a pro-choice activist and he pledges his choices for judgeships will be conservative. And unlike some politicians present at the 2000 funeral for New York Cardinal John O’Connor, Giuliani was among those standing and applauding when Boston Cardinal Bernard Law said of the departed, “What a great legacy he has left us in his constant reminder that the Church must always be unambiguously pro-life."

If change is the favored theme this election year, a Western leader who doesn’t know his Koran-dictated place would certainly be a refreshing one. Florida voters will decide if his gambit paid off.

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