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To Kill a Queen By: Stephen Brown
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Misogynistic and murderous, Islamic terrorists have announced with their loudest and most recent success in Pakistan they are now in the business of killing powerful and famous women. But it was not their first attempt. As part of its jihad to destroy the West, and only weeks before the death of Pakistan ’s Benazir Bhutto, Islamist terrorists had targeted the world’s most famous female political figure: Britain ’s Queen Elizabeth II.

In a vastly under-reported story, the Ugandan newspaper, The Monitor, claims the Allied Democratic Forces, a Ugandan Muslim terrorist organization connected with al-Qaeda, was planning to assassinate the British monarch at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting late last November in Kampala , Uganda ’s capital. The paper relates the ADF planned to steal Uganda Broadcasting Corporation vans and use them as cover to gain access to one of the venues, possibly the Ugandan parliament, which the British royal addressed on November 22, for a bomb attack.

However, the two UBC vans scheduled to broadcast the Queen’s parliamentary address, the Monitor discovered, were that day under the watchful guard of an elite Ugandan military unit. As a result, Ugandans did not see the British queen make her historic speech to their national legislature. A UBC official later said there was no broadcast because there was no money and the UBC’s equipment would not work in the parliament (the British Broadcasting Corporation’s equipment, however, somehow functioned adequately at this venue).

Prior to the Commonwealth event, a Ugandan military spokesman said there had been “credible threats” from the ADF, but declined to elaborate on the counter-measures taken. As well, only a week before the Commonwealth gathering, a radical Muslim commander in Somalia , believed to be al-Qaeda’s representative, told his fighters to attack Ugandans, saying they were no different than Americans. Uganda has 1,500 troops in Somalia , protecting the airport and harbor, and hosts 40,000 Somali refugees.

“We expected threats from ADF,” said the spokesman. “We took precautionary measures before anything bad happened. Remember, al-Qaeda in Somalia had warned us, so we had to be on high alert.”

Due to the western media’s underreporting on Africa in general and on the Islamist terrorist threat there, the ADF is an almost unknown entity. However, this radical Ugandan Muslim terrorist group had conducted a terrorist bombing campaign in Uganda from 1998 to 2001 that cost 88 people their lives and injured a further 268. If CNN and other media outlets had been paying attention, it would have noticed that the ADF’s greatest success actually foreshadowed the London, Madrid and Bombay commuter bombings when it bombed three buses in one day, killing 20 and injuring 35.

New York media outlets would also not have had to go far to get information about these criminals, as a United Nations news agency, IRIN, issued a special report on the ADF in 1999. For the record, the report states the ADF “… was born from a core group of puritanical Moslems from the Tabliq sect whose members portray themselves as ‘Moslem evangelists’.” The report further states the ADF leader, Jamil Mukulu, is a former Catholic whose group has bases in the Uganda-Democratic Republic of Congo border area and contains ex-commanders from Idi Amin’s army. Idi Amin is Uganda ’s former genocidal, Muslim dictator who died in exile in Saudi Arabia .

Sudan ’s Islamist government is believed to train and supply the ADF fighters with arms, like it does with Uganda ’s other, more famous terrorist group, the Lord’s Resistance Army. And like the LRA, the ADF kidnaps women and children, but forces its captives to convert to Islam. Mukulu himself trained in terrorist camps in Afghanistan and the Sudan where, one report states, he associated with Osama bin Laden’s in the 1990s before bin Laden moved to Pakistan .

Nevertheless, Mukulu is continuing Idi Amin’s , and now Osama bin Laden’s, tradition of spilling as much innocent blood as possible. Last February in Kampala , the ADF is suspected of exploding a bomb, its first since 2002, which killed two people and injured six.

The plot to assassinate the Queen had all the markings of an al-Qaeda operation. Like 9/11, it would have garnered sensational worldwide attention for both al-Qaeda and bin Laden, satisfying his huge ego, while demoralizing and emphasizing the vulnerability of the civilized world. Another sensational and underreported al-Qaeda terrorist plot, believed drawn up by bin Laden personally, had the same goal. Al-Qaeda-linked Algerian terrorists planned to assassinate English soccer star David Beckham and kill the American national soccer team in its hotel during the 1998 World Cup in France . http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID=26EF4B30-0776-4B1F-9860-8DABF850BB49.

Making the recent Kampala plot even more credible, next to passenger airplanes, embassies and parliament buildings seem to hold a fascination for al-Qaeda. Its adherents have attacked the parliaments of Kashmir and of India , while an al-Qaeda-inspired group in Toronto was going to attack the Canadian parliament in Ottawa with the added nice touch of beheading the Canadian prime minister afterwards. In the Indian parliament attack, a second-hand car was purchased and had its appearance changed to look like an official vehicle to get past security. However, all five terrorists were killed trying to shoot their way into the legislature.

The recent threat against the Queen’s life is not the first high profile, but unreported, radical Muslim terrorist plot discovered in Uganda . Former CIA Director George Tenet wrote in his 2007-published book, At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA, that only two months before 9/11, the US embassy in Kampala was a terrorist target. A Southeast Asian Islamist terrorist organization, Tenet writes, brought in “four trucks filled with C-4 explosives.” But Egyptian intelligence services tipped off the CIA, which then informed the Ugandans. One Ugandan intelligence officer said the explosion would have cost thousands of lives. America had already witnessed two of its embassies bombed simultaneously in East Africa in 1998, causing hundreds of casualties.

But this 2007 Islamist conspiracy to kill Queen Elizabeth II, if successful, would have had an effect that no one can ever properly evaluate. Thankfully, God, and good security people, looked out for the Queen. But with al-Qaeda and its murderous allies still around, they need to stay on their toes.

Stephen Brown is a contributing editor at Frontpagemag.com. He has a graduate degree in Russian and Eastern European history. Email him at alsolzh@hotmail.com.

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