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Islamization on the Chesapeake By: Rabbi Aryeh Spero
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, December 13, 2007

No one knows yet what will be the political and geographical outcome of the Annapolis Peace Conference between Israel and the Moslem states. Thankfully, it appears that President Bush will not follow the pattern set by his predecessors of continually twisting Israel’s arm to make geographic concessions that are dangerous to its national security and reward intifada terrorism. What is, however, already known is that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice allowed unprecedented acts of diplomatic humiliation against Israel resulting in a form of dhimmi, second class, status of Israel, the Jewish State. She enabled acts of Islamization here in our own country.

So as not to “offend” the Saudi delegation, she, as reported in the French AFP news service, acquiesced to their demand that the Israeli negotiators not be allowed to enter the same door to the hall in which many of the official proceedings took place. In the name of “understanding Islamic attitudes", Condi Rice demoted principal guests to second class status. This is not the American way. It is, however, the way of Islamism, where Western countries begin turning over centuries’ of enshrined values and habits so as to accommodate Seventh Century Islamic demands and attitudes toward those they consider inferior or infidels.

It is one thing for these Arab games to be tolerated on their stage in the Middle East. It is wholly unacceptable, however, in this land of equality, especially when involving guests that have been officially invited. If the Saudis cannot live by American rules of etiquette, courtesy and protocol while here, they should simply not come.

Ms. Rice has said : "I know what it is like to hear that you cannot go on a road or through a checkpoint. I understand the Palestinian feeling of humiliation and powerlessness.” Notwithstanding her allusion to her experiences as a Black woman, she is contextually out of whack. Israelis stop would-be suicide bombers and possible terrorists at checkpoints not in the spirit of the Klan but to protect themselves and their children from being murdered by a people eager to kill Israeli Jews. Ironically, in her identification with the Palestinian Arabs, she was willing to implement her own form of discrimination against the Israelis and was complicit in telling them “to go to the back of the bus.”

Further snubbing took place at Condi’s conclave, according to David Warren of the Ottowa Citizen. Aside from turning off their ear pieces when the Israeli delegate spoke, the Saudis refused to shake hands with the Israelis, forcing Minister Livni to query, “Why won’t anyone shake my hand? Why won’t anyone let themselves be seen speaking to me?" Indeed, the Saudi intention of publicly snubbing and humiliating the Israeli delegation in a conference sponsored by Ms. Rice was known prior to the conference. Yet, she set no ground rules for propriety and American-style fair play. She has become like so many governing elites in the West who are so sensitive to Arab demands against their own humiliation but absolutely indifferent when Moslems humiliate those of us in the West.

By now, we are used to pitiful European capitulation to an Islamization wholly inconsistent with the essential features of Western civilization, be it the refusal by many in the Press to publish anything local imams find offensive or a national legislature expelling an elected official because of her critical remarks over Islamic honor killings and other brutal mistreatments of women within the Koranic community. This is a function of Europe’s fear and its timidity regarding its own cultural legitimacy.

What was starkly surprising last week was the Press’s refusal, here, to stand by its Israeli journalist brothers who were refused entry into a press conference at the Saudi consulate. Even one of Newsweek's reporters, an Israeli working out of Israel, was kept out of the Judea-rein briefing held only miles away from Constitution Ave. There was no solidarity shown, no standing up for that which should bind all legitimate journalists: freedom and access of the press. Evidently the odor of Islamization sourced in the State Department wafted over the Potomac down to Chesapeake Bay, and back.

Why the Olmert government didn’t muster enough pride in refusing to accept dhihmi status is irksome but understandable when remembering that it lacks sufficient pride to pronounce an emphatic “No” to those demanding that it relinquish to its enemies its very capital, Old Jerusalem, the repository of its spiritual and historic being. Worse, it has itself begun to believe the propaganda that the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state “is in Israel’s best interest.”

Up until now it was the Israelis who held the cards inasmuch as allowing for another Moslem state bent on its destruction and contiguous to it was not something Israel desired, not an end nor reason for which to compromise. Now that Olmert and company are peddling the Condi Rice tonic that it is in Israel’s self-interest to have, even create, a Palestinian Arab state, Israel will make irresponsible concessions and even accept dhimi status if that is what it takes to secure that great panacea known as a Palestinian state. It is a panacea, we are told, for by handing over one’s land to Islamists demanding it, a country is freeing itself from the demographic and intifada threats associated with that territory.

If the West accepts the notion that every time Islamists make claim to earth where they have begun living that it is in that country’s interest to forfeit portions of its own land so as to spare itself demographic and intifada troubles, then watch out Kashmir, India, Chechnaya, the Phillipines, Kosovo, Belgium and neighborhoods in Manchester and London. .Accepting that notion is a victory for the world wide, incremental putsch of Islamism.

Islamization is the granting of special rights to members of Islam heretofore never granted other groups. It is the willing suspension and eradication of our culture’s underpinnings and what has defined us simply so we can have the honor of Muslims living among us so they can tell us what is now acceptable or forbidden and how our country should now look and live. Most of us find this obnoxious, brazen, and un-American. Our elites and those who govern us, however, seem to have hitched a ride on the caravan toward Islamization.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero is a radio talk show host, a pulpit rabbi, and president of Caucus For America.

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