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No Freedom to Celebrate Statehood By: Andrew Walden
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Honolulu’s Iolani Palace August 18 witnessed the shameful spectacle of Americans being denied the right to peacefully celebrate the 1959 decision of 94% of Hawaii voters to become the 50th state.  Citizens’ first amendment rights were blocked by a gang including self-described drug-addicts led by pseudo-secessionist anti-American-military protesters Ikaika Hussey and Dr. Richard Kekuni Blaisdell.  The goons’ were abetted by the refusal of police to provide crowd control to assure that in 2006 the freedom to celebrate Hawaii Statehood is protected on the very site from which statehood was proclaimed in 1959.

Fifty goons could not obstruct the First Amendment of the United States Constitution without some backing.  A key element of this goons’ power comes from the so-called “Apology Resolution.” 


The Apology Resolution, Public Law 103-150, passed by the Democrat-controlled 103rd Congress and signed into law in 1993 by Democrat President Bill Clinton, in effect decrees that the 1893 overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom is the key fact in Hawaiian history.  It then writes into law the “correct” version of the history of how the Hawaiian Kingdom was overthrown and apologizes for it. 


After passage of six years in Hawaii without a government-organized statehood celebration, the marching band of Honolulu’s Kalani High School planned to join State Senator Sam Slom (R-Hawaii Kai), State Representative Barbara Marumoto (R-Waialae-Kahala) and Bill Brennan, spokesperson for Honolulu’s Democratic mayor, Mufi Hanneman at Iolani Palace the morning of Statehood Day, August 18.  In preparation for the event, Hawaii’s Republican Governor Linda Lingle issued an official Statehood Day proclamation—her first after skipping the three previous Statehood Days.  Democratic Congressman Ed Case, currently campaigning for the Democratic Senatorial nomination, announced his intention to attend.


The celebration was not allowed to proceed.  Bikers rode their Harleys onto the palace grounds.  Bill Brennan was shoved.  Barbara Marumoto, dressed as Lady Liberty, and Sam Slom were menaced by thugs.  Others shouting into a microphone told band members, “We cannot guarantee your safety unless you put down your instruments and leave the premises immediately.”  In spite of all the politicos and the High School band, no police were in sight and none arrived during the hour-long fracas that followed.


When asked about his dilated pupils by a reporter, one counter-protester explained, “I can smoke ice if I want to. I belong to the Kingdom of Hawaii.”  He then dropped his pants and exposed himself to the female reporter and two children. 


Methamphetamine addiction continues to ravage Native Hawaiians and others on all the islands.  In contrast to the addict, one of the leaders, Kekuni Blaisdell, is a MD.  Is this MD interested in using addicts for his own political and economic gain rather than providing them the medical treatment they need to get off drugs?  Does this anecdote tell the story of a living culture moving forward or of a culture being strangled by federally-decreed history lessons and the goons that enforce them?


One might ask if Clinton was apologizing to Hawaiians for making them Americans or apologizing to America for letting Hawaiians into the Union.  Can these two views be separated?  It would not be the first time Democrats have played this double game.  In 1959 Segregationist Democrat Senators including Albert Gore Sr. (D-TN) worked to block Hawaii statehood on the grounds that Hawaii’s multi-ethnic peoples were not white enough.  Thirty-four years later on November 21, 1993, Albert Gore Jr. stood proudly behind Clinton as he signed 103-150 into law.


Is there an analogy between the Apology Resolution and the Democrat Party’s 1964-65 reversal on civil rights for African-Americans? 


For one-hundred years after the defeat of their Confederacy, Democrats stood for Jim Crow segregation.  With the rise of the civil rights movement in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Democrats could see the writing on the wall.  As segregation collapsed, they switched from the stick to the carrot and kept blacks in subjugation.  As segregation ended, the welfare programs of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” began destroying black families and communities and undermining the morale of black men, women, and children.


The Apology Resolution has become the excuse for millions of dollars in pork-barrel spending on Hawaiian programs which keep low income Hawaiians in dependency and provide a ready cash flow for high-income Hawaiians attached to the political machines and the bureaucracy:  Hence the doctor and the addict.

The 1893 overthrow of the monarchy is not the only fact in Hawaiian history nor are the facts surrounding the overthrow absolutely clear and subject to only one legitimate interpretation.

By decreeing the “correct” version of Hawaiian History, the 103rd Congress robs Native Hawaiians and all of Hawaii’s people of opportunities to debate and challenge interpretations of the past.  By extension we are robbed of the freedom to advocate differing interpretations of the Hawaiian future.  As Senator Slade Gorton (R-WA) said in opposing the Apology Resolution, “...the logical consequences of this resolution would be independence."  


Culture emerges from the past.  Culture continually evolves and develops in response to the changing world around it.  At one point a particular interpretation of history seems to better inform the present.  At another point, other interpretations gain more credence.  The strength of a culture comes not from one interpretation or the other but from the interplay of all interpretations.


By decreeing one “correct” version of Hawaiian history, the United States government, with the acquiescence of guilt-ridden liberals, has fossilized an important section of the Hawaiian past.  Denial of the right to challenge federal history spreads the fossilization process from 1893 to interpretations of the present day. 


If the federally-decreed fossilization spreads, Hawaiian culture will die.  In its place will only be welfare programs for Hawaiian ‘victims’.  In the name of national independence, personal dependence is created.  Even those who believe the version of history contained in the Apology Resolution should recognize that any government decreed history is inherently an act of cultural genocide.

The one-sided version of history decreed by Clinton is at the root of comments by others such as Kapu Paishon from Pahoa writing in a letter published in the Star Bulletin:  "(H)osting a celebration of Statehood Day at the palace is a textbook example in disrespect and insensitivity toward the Hawaiian people. One would think that the appropriate venue for such a program would be at the state Capitol building. Are the organizers of the event so ignorant of the history that surrounds the palace… The Statehood Day celebrants owe all of us an apology for their gross stupidity.”

No, the Statehood celebrants are not ignorant.  Here are some historical facts secessionists wish to keep all of Hawaii ignorant of:


  • Iolani Palace was the seat of the Hawaii legislature from 1900 through 1969. 
  • The 1959 statehood referendum was supported by 94% of Hawaii voters.  
  • Molokai—the most Hawaiian of the major Islands—voted 97% for Statehood.
  • When the Hawaii Statehood Act was signed by Eisenhower, Iolani was where the proclamation was announced.  Iolani was the site of huge spontaneous celebrations on August 21, 1959.
  • In 1902, Hawaiian royal heir Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole led Native Hawaiians in joining the Republican Party and supporting US rule.  Native Hawaiians were elected to the majority of legislative seats and joined the civil service.
  • In 1919 Prince Kuhio, serving as Hawaii’s Territorial Delegate to the US Congress, presented the first Hawaii Statehood Bill.
  • Between 1941 and 1945 American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines fought and died from Pearl Harbor to Okinawa to keep Hawaii free.
  • A 2006 Grassroot Institute poll of over 39,000 Hawaii residents found that even after three-and-a-half decades of relentless anti-American propaganda, 77.8% would vote for statehood today.
  • The same poll shows that 61.4% of Native Hawaiians would vote for statehood today.

The slogan of Kamehameha Schools is “I mua” (forward) not “Ho’opau” (cease).  No culture, including Native Hawaiian culture, can survive government-ordered historical interpretation.  For a culture to live and grow there must be free debate, interpretation and re-interpretation of history. 


The Apology Resolution is a dagger aimed at killing free inquiry into the past.  It is an ideological tool for politically-connected elites to acquire federal pork and to shield highly lucrative corrupt activities from legal scrutiny.  The goons are their enforcers.


Freedoms not used are lost.  Next year, statehood celebrants should be back again at Iolani Palace.


Free debate of Hawaiian history is a necessary precondition of the continuation of Hawaiian culture.  For free debate to occur, police must maintain the peace.  Next year, law enforcement and political leaders can do a great service to Hawaiian culture and to the cause of freedom by ensuring that statehood celebrations are allowed to occur without harassment or intimidation.       


Debate and inquiry into Hawaiian history must be liberated from the shackles of federally-decreed political correctness.  Hawaii must recognize all of its history, not just the parts convenient to the anti-Americans.  Joining America is nothing to apologize for.  Congress should repeal Public Law 103-150.  


Senate Debate on Passage of the Apology Resolution 1993:



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