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The Kucinich Surrender Tour By: Andrew Walden
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, September 28, 2007

Fresh back from his Damascus love fest with fascist dictator Bashar Assad of Syria, long-shot presidential candidate Rep Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) stopped in Washington long enough to cast the sole negative vote on an otherwise unanimous Congressional resolution commemorating the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Then it was off to Hilo.

Speaking to a crowd packed with students assigned to attend the event by Marxist professors who never overlook an opportunity for brainwashing, Kucinich September 13 was greeted with a lei by UH Hilo student association President Justin Avery. Avery also heads the Global Hope Club, a student organization, supported by dozens of UH Hilo faculty members, which has posted materials on its website claiming that “Israelis” carried out the 9-11 attacks. When not busy blaming Jews, Global Hope web postings have also claimed that “the CIA” and the “US Air Force” carried out the attacks.

In Hilo, Kucinich called for immediate withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and their replacement by ‘peacekeepers’ from neighboring countries—well actually only two neighboring countries, Syria and Iran.

Kucinich was also greeted on stage by Ralph Palikapu Dedman, a convicted drug dealer and ex-con with two felonies and two misdemeanors on his record. Dedman recently helped lead a failed effort to force his Hawaiian neighbors off their ancestral properties at Punaluu, Kau. His most recent conviction is a 2004 shoplifting misdemeanor.

The event, funded by taxpayers, tuition, and student government fees, also featured a “Kucinich Hawaii Campaign Coordinator” giving students detailed instructions on how to fill out cards to join the Hawaii Democratic Party and then directions on how to participate in the Hawaii Democrats’ Presidential Caucus in Hilo “at 6:30PM on February 19, 2008.” An UH Hilo administrator told this reporter that any campaigning at the event would be a violation of University rules possibly leading to sanctions against Avery.

For most Americans, Kucinich, recipient of the US Communist Party’s 2004 Presidential endorsement, is pathetic and laughable—a walking stereotype of the phony pacifist eager to service any foreign dictator that comes along. For instance Kucinich’s hometown Cleveland Plain Dealer points out September 13: “His 12-point Iraq withdrawal plan includes nonexistent U.N. peacekeepers and U.S. and British reparations. His outreach to Middle Eastern leaders involves pretending that Iran's threats against Israel were mistranslations, and then making a ‘peace’ trip to Syria this month that amounted to a propaganda coup for Syrian President Bashar Assad. Kucinich used the opportunity to bash President Bush's policies and praise Assad on Syrian television.

“Kucinich then told the Associated Press in Lebanon that he'd ruled out a visit to Iraq because he didn't want to ‘bless’ the ‘illegal occupation.’ Instead, he ‘blessed’ a government that harbors terrorists and is under a U.N. cloud for possible involvement in the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.”

Hawaii Democrats are different. Kucinich in 2004 won the Maui County Democrat Party caucus and won about 27% of Hawaii Democratic convention delegates statewide. Hawaii was the only state where Democrats gave Kucinich any significant support for his failed 2004 Presidential bid.

Kucinich on Maui met with Maui Democrats leading protests blocking what would be Hawaii’s first statewide ferry system in decades. So-called environmentalists from the majority white counties of Kauai and Maui claim the “Superferry” will bring “crime, drugs, and homelessness” from majority-non-white Honolulu—consistently one of America’s safest large cities. Kucinich discussed his plans to give Iraq to Syria and Iran at a $1000 per person fundraiser featuring “light organic snacks” held at the Maui estate of Paul Wenner, founder and CEO of Wholesome and Hearty Foods.

Anti-Superferry lawyer Lance Collins told the Honolulu Advertiser: “(Kucinich) sort of represents a very coherent, philosophically consistent opposition leader." That same day, Collins, also an attorney for Maui’s “Akaku” public access cable TV station, was called to account for illegal eavesdropping on Superferry attorney’s client consultations during a Superferry court hearing. Maui News reported: “(Judge Joseph Cardoza) later warned Akaku attorney Lance Collins that the Akaku broadcast crew could be held liable for unauthorized electronic eavesdropping on privileged conversations.”

Mele Stokesberry, Maui Peace Action president and co-sponsor of a Kucinich appearance at Maui Community College, told the September 8 Maui News that Kucinich “takes no corporate or special interest money.”


The Plain Dealer points out, “Kucinich speaks of the need for more even-handed U.S. foreign policy - but then he travels on the dime of interest groups. His tour last year of Lebanese war damage with his wife, Elizabeth, that included stops in Damascus and Jerusalem, was paid for by AACCESS-Ohio, a local Arab-American group, according to his latest congressional financial disclosure.

“As for this trip to Syria and Lebanon, Kucinich's presidential campaign initially told The Plain Dealer's Stephen Koff that it was paid for out of 2008 campaign coffers. When asked about that Tuesday, campaign spokeswoman Sharon Manitta said she had ‘heard that a group of people in Cleveland were trying to pay for it.’ Hmmm. Let's hope the campaign gets the details straight before the next filing deadline.”

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