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Three Strikes for the Open Borders Lobby By: Don Feder
GrassTopsUSA.com | Monday, August 27, 2007

A version of this column originally appeared on GrassTopsUSA.com and appears here with the author's permission.

Three young people died in Newark, the latest casualties in illegal aliens' war on America. But don't expect even this bloody outrage to end the complacency of the political elite - or the mainstream media - as the alien invasion turns our streets into a slaughter house.

On August 13, The New York Times, America's newspaper of wretched, covered the Newark murders in its usual, agenda-driven, fashion.

In "After Killings, Sense of Unity Surprises Newark," the Times reported, "Political rivals have promised to work together, young men in gangs have signed pledges to put down their weapons, and a mayor who was facing criticism from even his most devoted allies has been buoyed by a wave of sympathy and support."

Paragraph after paragraph of this boiler-plate/community-coming-together rot filled a story that ran over 2,000 words. Two words were missing - "illegal" and "alien." The last thing the Times wants its readers to think about is the connection between the Newark atrocity and our nation's porous borders.

The dead kids -- Iofemi Hightower, Dashon Harvy and Terrance Aeriel -- all college-bound, were forced to kneel against a wall and shot in the head, execution-style, in an apparent robbery. A fourth victim, 19-year-old Natasha Aeriel, survived. There are reports the girls were sexually assaulted.

The Times observed that when the killings took place the reputed ringleader, Jose Lachira Carranza, now in custody, was out on bail on a charge of raping a 5-year old, and was awaiting trial on an aggravated assault charge. It also mentioned the arrest of one Rodolfo Godinez. That both are in the country illegally the Times considered irrelevant and beneath its notice.

Even though police and prosecutors were aware of Carranza's status, he was still released on bail on the earlier charges, and the feds were never told that an illegal alien, who practically had career predator stamped on his forehead, was at large.

Mark S. Ali of the Essex County, N.J. prosecutors' office told the Newark Star Ledger that immigration officials could care less about such matters - "In 19 years, I have called immigration maybe a dozen times, and not once have they come to put a detainer or arrest someone."

Or prosecutors' failure to dime Jose to the feds may have been mandated by Newark's sanctuary policy.

Meanwhile, the death toll mounts. Consider the following (most gleaned from the website of the Federation for American Immigration Reform):

  • July, 2007 - In New York, Nilssen Torres Paredes, an Ecuadorian national, pleaded guilty to manslaughter for killing two people while DUI. Paredes was both DUI and DWI (driving while illegal).
  • July, 2007 - Undocumented worker Gilberto Cruz, was convicted of the shotgun slaying of his former girlfriend in Colorado.
  • July 2007 - Marcelo Mota, an uninvited guest from Brazil, was arrested in New Jersey on charges of serial rape and sexual assault in Boston and the New York City-area going back to 2003.
  • May, 2007 - Ezeiquiel Lopez, a Mexican who entered the country illegally (which is increasingly redundant), shot and killed a Kenosha, Co., Wisconsin deputy sheriff. Lopez had been jailed twice before for violent crimes and, needless to say, not deported.
  • August, 2007 -- Mejia Cinto was arrested in Pennsylvania for the stabbing death of Anthony Senisi, a 44-year-old New Yorker and father of two. Apparently, it was a random homicide. Cinto, age 19, was angered after losing a street fight and is alleged to have knifed the first person he met. Or perhaps he was provoked by Congress' failure to "regularize" his status.
  • May, 2007 - In Indianapolis, Jonathan Castillo pleaded guilty to raping a seven-year-old girl. Castillo is one of those undocumented child-molesters doing jobs Americans don't want.

Aliens are responsible for a crime wave that makes Capone's Chicago look like Woodstock:

  • At the end of 2003, over 267,000 illegal aliens were in prisons and jails throughout the U.S., at an annual cost of more than $6.8 billion.
  • Illegals are responsible for an estimated 1,800 to 2,500 murders each year in the United States. (Iowa Congressman Steve King believes the figure is closer to 4,400 a year.) At the lowest estimate, every two years illegals murder almost as many Americans as jihadists in Iraq have killed in the entire war. Instead of bringing the troops home, how about sending the illegals home?
  • The Violent Crimes Institute informs us that our illegal alien population includes roughly 240,000 sex offenders. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of perverts yearning for fresh victims.
  • It's estimated that illegal aliens are responsible for one-fourth of all highway fatalities. The undocumented are involved in DUI arrests at 3 to 6 times the national average. Said carnage is probably due to our failure to enact a guest-worker program.
  • The drug gang MS-13, which originated in Central America, has more than 15,000 members in 115 local chapters (which double as McCain campaign offices), operating in 15 states. Jose Carranza's boy accomplices are believed to be MS-13 members.

Apparently, there's a critical shortage of murderers, rapists, drug-dealers, gang members and drunk-drivers who are native to these shores, so we needs must import them. Those involved in this politically lucrative import business include politicians at all levels of government, church leaders, the knee-jerk media, scofflaw employers and the illegal-immigrant lobby.

The failure to control our borders is exacerbated by more than 30 politically correct, "sanctuary cities" across the U.S., including Newark.

By order or ordinance, these municipalities have pledged not to cooperate with immigration authorities, to the point where, if an illegal is arrested for raping a 5-year-old girl, local police and prosecutors won't notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

"Get this evil out of my city," Newark Mayor Cory Booker theatrically thundered at the funeral of one victim. But he and his predecessors invited this evil into his city, by making it a safe haven for illegals.

Sanctuary cities include Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, New York, Austin, Houston, Seattle and Newark. To succor poor, oppressed illegal aliens - to save them from the brutes who believe that illegal immigration is an attack on our sovereignty - these cities have pledged to shelter the strangers in their midst, including those who prey on the Americans mayors and city councils have sworn to protect.

After a series of federal raids in April, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (who makes your average municipal Marxist look like a patriot) bleated: "I will not allow any of my department heads or anyone associated with this city to cooperate in any way, shape or form with these raids. We are a sanctuary city, make no mistake about it."

It should come as no surprise that Washington, D.C. - leading the list of municipalities targeted by terrorists -- is also a sanctuary city.

As Amanda Carpenter notes in Human Events, in an internal memo wrested from the city through the Freedom of Information Act, DC cops "are strictly prohibited from making inquiries into citizenship or residency status for purposes of determining whether an individual has violated the civil immigration laws or for the purpose of enforcing those laws...the MPD (Metropolitan Police Department) is not in the business of inquiring about the residency status of the people we serve and not in the business of enforcing civil immigration laws."

No, they're in the business of sweeping up the bodies criminal aliens leave in their wake.

If a car-load Saudis are stopped for a traffic offense in DC, police are ordered not to inquire into their status or communicate with the feds, making it easier for them to go jihad on the White House or Capitol.

Of the six terrorists on their way to kill U.S. soldiers at Ft. Dix, apprehended in May, three were in the country illegally. One had overstayed his visa by 23 years. The trio had been charged by New Jersey police 75 times for traffic offenses - but there were no inquiries about their immigration status. Hey, Garden State cops aren't in the business of enforcing immigration laws or causing emotional pain to those they serve.

Some of Carranza's accomplices are still at large. Since the overwhelming defeat of the McCain/Democrats' amnesty bill - due to an outpouring of public outrage that turned around 17 Senate votes in 48 hours -- it's still business as usual for the open-borders crowd.

  • Rudy Giuliani takes umbrage at Mitt Romney's criticism of his immigration record. The mayor fought to preserve New York as a sanctuary city. In 1997, when Congress passed a law forbidding municipalities to bar their employees from cooperating with immigration agents, Rudy sued the feds. He lost in the lower courts and was rebuffed on appeal to the Supreme Court. But, in a fit of extreme ethnic pandering, Giuliani declared he'd ignore the courts. That's your tough-on-crime-and-terrorism, 9/11 mayor.
  • Mitt has his own credibility gap. In a 2005 Boston Globe interview, the then-governor said the McCain bill "is very different from amnesty." (Today he calls it "virtual amnesty.") "It's saying you could work your way into becoming a legal resident of the country by working here without taking benefits and then applying and then paying a fine," the Mittster explained. It's saying you could break the law and get away with it. Referring to our illegal community, Romney observed "These people contribute in many cases to our economy and to our society. In some cases, they do not." The latter would include the killers, rapists, drunk-drivers and those who displace low-income wage earners and suck up social services.
  • In an August 12 commentary, Rev. Robert Edgar, general secretary of the National Council of Churches (the Daily Kos and MoveOn.org in clerical garb), excoriated the "fear-mongers" and "demagogues" who employ scare tactics to "reduce us to a highly suspicious lot all too willing to not love the alien(s) as ourselves and to evict them from their homes, get them fired, separate them from their families, in an all out rampage of oppression and prejudice." Thanks for noticing. (What is it the Bible says about loving the murderer in our midst?) Something tells me the Rev. Bob doesn't live in a neighborhood where he's likely to experience firsthand the love illegals have for us.
  • Addressing the Boise Rotary Club on August 9, Idaho Senator Larry Craig (president of the Farm-State Republicans for Undocumented Crop Pickers) warned of apocalypse now over Washington's failure to enact a guest-worker program. Crops are rotting in the fields because there are no illegals to harvest them, the alleged Republican yammered. No matter if the rest of us are murdered, raped and killed by drunk drivers, as long as Idaho farmers get their cheap labor - the social cost of which is shifted from rich agricultural interests to poor, black families in Newark.
  • Last week, a move to get the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to condemn the "hate speech" of conservative talk-show host Michael Savage was stopped by a single vote (that of a supervisor whose grandfather emigrated from China 70 years ago). Savage was verbally hateful by observing that illegal immigrants and their supporters are raping America. "This attempt to vilify Latino-Americans will not be tolerated," huffed Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval, as he sought to enforce the city's don't-be-hateful-to-illegals gag rule.
  • Also last week, the Census Bureau asked immigration agents to stop enforcement raids during the 2010 Census, to facilitate its count of illegal aliens. Incredibly, an ICE spokesman indicated that the request would be taken under advisement. At least the Bureau won't have to count the Americans criminal aliens send to the morgue each week.
  • In New Haven, Connecticut, the Junta for Progressive Action and Unidad Latina en Accion filled suit against ICE agents for enforcement raids in the city on June 6. The racial solidarity groups suspect the raids were retaliation for New Haven's sanctuary policy. "We want to be sure that the rights of our immigrant communities have not been violated," cautioned Junta boca grande Sarahi Almonte. Here "immigrant" is a euphemism for illegal alien, which in turn is a euphemism for the murderers, rapists and vehicular homicide communities.
  • And on September 30, half of the 6,000 National Guardsmen deployed on the border last year will be reassigned. The border fence is still largely an illusion. The Border Patrol is still under-staffed and outgunned by drug-smugglers and assorted scum. The Jose Carranzas are still coming. But after a brief flirtation with enforcement, it's back to securing Iraq's borders, while ours are largely untended.

Three promising young lives cut short. Three families devastated. Jose and several of his associates are in custody. But the most dangerous culprits remain at large - making speeches, writing commentaries, filing suits, holding placards at marches, and running for president of the United States.

Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website, DonFeder.com.

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