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Libyan Hell For Bulgarian Sisters Of Mercy By: Stephen Brown
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Talk about ‘Sicko’.

Has Michael Moore packed his cameras and booked his flight to Libya to make a film, about one of the world’s biggest recorded AIDS disasters? Has this self-appointed, documenter of evil and wrongdoing already researched the accompanying monetary shakedown of a whole continent that would turn a mafia don green with envy? Is Sean Penn on his way to help out those falsely accused in this travesty of justice like he did with his friend, Saddam Hussein? Probably not - which is typical of the hypocritical left. 


The shakedown concerns the more than $400 million payout the European Union is organizing as gratitude to perennially sadistic and mentally degraded Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi for having commuted last week the death sentence of five innocent Bulgarian nurses and one Palestinian doctor to life in prison. The Libyan strongman, who came to power in 1969 and is most famous for having Pan Am Flight 103 blown out of the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988 (those Muslim terrorists and their endless fascination with explosives and infidel airplanes), killing 270 people including 189 Americans, had the six medical workers arrested on trumped up charges in 1999.


The six foreigners were accused of having deliberately infected 438 children with the HIV virus in Benghazi’s El-Fath Children’s Hospital and have been imprisoned in Gaddafi’s dungeons the last eight and a half years. About fifty of the children have died since then in what is the largest ever recorded case in history of an HIV outbreak in a hospital in history. The motive of the accused, according to Gaddafi himself, was to deliberately infect Libyan children on behalf of foreign intelligence agencies.


“Some said it was the CIA. Others said it was the Mossad Israeli intelligence. They carried out an experiment on these children,” said the Libyan leader with a straight face at an African summit in 2001.


While the Palestinian doctor had lived in Libya since age two and was educated there, the five Bulgarian nurses, some of them middle-aged, accepted employment in the North African country because of the higher wages. However, none had any idea of the savage nightmare they were to experience. In prison, all claimed they were beaten and tortured, while the nurses also said they were raped. One nurse even tried to commit suicide after an electric shock torture.  


“We were left alone with those men who did everything they wanted to do,” said one imprisoned nurse, who was interviewed by Human Rights Watch. Another nurse had her shoulder dislocated when she was hung from a door, while the Palestinian doctor, Dr. Ashraf Ahmad Jum’a, was reported to have lost one of his eyes and had a hand paralyzed. All of which does not excite any moral outrage from the political left, at least not to the extent the mention of Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay does.


However in 2001, in what was probably supposed to be a good, full-blooded, no-nonsense show trial that would have made Joseph Stalin proud, all six accused courageously repudiated their confessions before the Libyan People’s Court, saying they had been extracted under torture. But a year after the trial had begun, the court ruled it did not have jurisdiction concerning state security matters and sent the case to a criminal court. The only result was that the defendants had a law suit for slander filed against them by a senior security official regarding the torture allegations.


The truth, however, came out in the second trial in 2003 when French doctor Prof. Luc Montagnier and Prof. Vittorio Colizzito testified on behalf of the defense. The two AIDS experts had conducted an investigation, with access to El-Fath hospital records, and concluded the AIDS epidemic had already started about a year before the Bulgarian nurses had even arrived in Libya. The children’s deaths, they noted, were due to poor hospital sanitary conditions such as the reusing of needles. In other words, it was filth.


Professor Montagnier, by the way, is the co-discoverer of the HIV virus (In 2005, the prestigious science journal, Nature, reached the same conclusion as Professors Montagnier and Colizzito, as did an international team of scientists in 2006). Nevertheless, in true, Stalinist fashion, the court disregarded the two European professors’ report and had an investigation conducted by Libyan scientists, who, probably to no one’s surprise, said the accused were responsible for the children’s deaths. Their scientific conclusion, Professor Colizzito was reported to have said, was “so irrational it’s unbelievable.”


But what Colizzito may not have realized is that this was all just part of the disgusting, carefully choreographed charade, directed by Gaddafi. Rather than admit responsibility for the epidemic, the former terror Godfather, who has no connection with humanity even when it concerns children’s deaths, immediately recognized a monetary and foreign policy opportunity in the HIV outbreak by unscrupulously blaming foreigners.


In 2004, the six innocent victims were condemned to be shot by firing squad. For the record, the names and ages of the six martyrs are: Sneschana Dimitrova, 54; Valia Tscherveniashka, 51; Nasja Nenowa, 40; Christiana Valtsheva, 47; Valentina Siropoulo, 47; and Dr. Aschraf Ahmad Jum’a, 40. The Bulgarian government has granted Dr. Jum’a Bulgarian citizenship - probably so that he has some place sane to go to if he ever gets out of that Libyan nuthouse.


The charade continued, involving further farcical legal antics, up until last week when, surprise surprise, the death sentences were commuted to life imprisonment in a last-minute, ‘war of nerves’ by Libya’s highest judicial body; but, naturally, only after the $400 million plus payment had been arranged and the families had started to cash the checks the previous weekend. Each family, supposedly, is to receive one million dollars. The International Gaddafi Foundation, run by the dictator’s son, will distribute the money and apparently also belongs to the special fund the EU has set up to pay the victims (this con game has no limits). Gaddafi’s son has been playing the ‘good cop’ role in this legal sham, saying the six were unjustly convicted and will be not be executed.


The European Union is vague about the source of the $400 million, but says it will pay to modernize the Al-Fath hospital and for the care of the still-living children in Europe. Bulgaria will also forgive Libyan debt from the 1980s and send Libya humanitarian aid. It is no wonder the Libyans, as one report stated, were always all smiles and very open over the years whenever compensation was mentioned.


The truly unpardonable aspect of the whole affair, however, is not Gaddafi’s half human behavior (which was to be expected), but rather the Europeans’ forgetting of Churchill’s words of never giving in to tyranny and dishonor. The European Union, so hypocritically sensitive about any perceived American or Israeli violation of human rights, did not respond to this monstrous sentence and hideous treatment of its citizens (Bulgaria is a member of the EU) by closing all Libyan embassies, revoking visas to Libyans and announcing a trade embargo against the North African country, let alone, heaven forbid, threaten military action (someone might get hurt, you see).


On the contrary! Besides verbal protests and the sending of foreign ministers and even the new, French president’s wife, Cecilia Sarkozy, to Libya, all of which probably served to stroke Gaddafi’s ego, the Europeans, like in the days of the Barbary Coast pirates, simply paid the ransom to this kidnapper of their citizens. Only a single man, a husband of one of the nurses, courageously staged a hunger strike in at the Libyan embassy in Bulgaria.


Oh, yes, the EU justice commissioner did say the death sentence does not encourage the EU to develop its relations with Libya; while in 2005 Bulgaria’s prime minister said: “The less we speak of it and the less we try to politicize the process, the better their chances are.” Responses worthy of a couple of old, maiden aunties.


And if all this isn’t shameful enough, Sarkozy even phoned the “Brotherly Leader and Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Republic”, as Gaddafi is known in the Libyan press, after the sentence commutation and said he was going to start his Africa tour in Libya. Talk about dhimmi status! Unlike Ronald Reagan, who realized that a wild beast like Gaddafi could only be tamed with a whip and had Libya bombed in 1986 for the Libyan dictator’s terrorist acts, the Europeans have lost all manly vigor.

The Europeans now want the prisoners sent back to Europe and this week have sent Cecilia Sarkozy back to Libya to this end. But the horse trading is probably not over yet. Gaddafi, who has always linked the AIDs case with the Lockerbie trial, will probably.

Stephen Brown is a contributing editor at Frontpagemag.com. He has a graduate degree in Russian and Eastern European history. Email him at alsolzh@hotmail.com.

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