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Terror Apologist Identifies Frontpage Scapegoats By: Patrick Poole
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, July 23, 2007

In Abukar Arman’s world, any criticism he might receive for his praise of Islamic terrorist organizations and individuals is driven by “Islamophobia”. Anyone actually writing about it is a “neo-McCarthyite” and part of the Zionist global conspiracy. And to explain why he is currently the subject of a local government investigation into his extremist views, Arman has identified two men here at FrontPage Magazine – Dr. Daniel Pipes and David Horowitz – as scapegoats (conveniently, two of Jewish backgrounds) for my recent exposé of Mr. Arman’s extremist views and his role in local Homeland Security, “Hometown Jihad: The Somali Terror Apologist Next Door”.

According to an article by Arman published last week in the Global Politician, “When the Politics of Polarization Prevails: Islamophobia and the Specter of Neo-McCarthyism”, Pipes and Horowitz (and tacitly, the Zionist global conspiracy), are to blame for my exposing Arman’s defense of the al-Qaeda-backed Somali Islamic Courts Union, HAMAS, Hezbollah and Muslim Brotherhood – all while he sits on the blue-ribbon board that oversees Central Ohio Homeland Security.


Another willing accomplice in the Zionist global conspiracy he identifies is the Little Green Footballs blog, which featured a link and quote from my article on July 13th. He observes that “the LGFs have been infiltrating their way up to the White House and that it is incumbent upon the good guys to stop them.” No doubt, his next article will blame me for the LGF post this past weekend, “When Islamists Seethe”, taking note of his near-psychotic ramblings.


Arman’s hyperbolic argument and paranoia-driven logic leads him to conclude that what at issue in my exposé is not really his vocal support for Islamic terrorism, or his position overseeing local Homeland Security, but secretly instead, a recent article he wrote back in June in defense of Norman Finkelstein, “The Finkelstein Principle”:


But, it wasn’t till my article The Finkelstein Principle was published by several media outlets that the heads in certain circles have turned. If there was ever a straw that broke the camel’s back, it probably was this one; for indeed it is the one article that earned me the most hate mails.


What makes Arman’s conspiratorial and delusional thinking so difficult to follow is that in my original article and in a follow-up last week here at FrontPage, “The Columbus Homeland Security Cover-Up”, neither makes any mention of this Finkelstein article at all, nor was their any discussion of Arman’s views on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. (Perhaps it was the fact that I didn’t mention it which made the sinister hand of the Zionist global conspiracy so clearly evident?!)


Even before he begins flinging his invectives my way, he identifies who he thinks is to blame for my FrontPage exposé – Daniel Pipes and David Horowitz. He identifies Pipes as “the Islamophobe par excellence” and with respect to Horowitz he says that he “does not pretend to foster any analytical objectivity when it comes to Muslims and Islam”. Arman then begins to piece together for his readers the traces of the “network of Islamophobes” that is allegedly targeting him, with Pipes and Horowitz at the helm:


However, both Horowitz and Pipes are considered as “experts” in a network of Islamophobes made of individuals, think tanks, lobby and media groups whose primary goal is to marginalize Muslims and kick these “Little Green Footballs (LGFs)” out of the orbit of influence. [LGF is also the most popular website that the network has]


He then explains my role in the conspiracy:


Coincidently, in a span of less than a month, Front Page Magazine has dedicated three or so articles aimed to smear this writer and activist’s name along with other Muslims of good community standing. All three vicious diatribes were authored by the same man, Patrick Poole- an obscure character who apparently specializes in maligning Muslims and Islamic organizations…Whatever the case may be, this Front Page hit-man has unleashed a barrage of disinformation, half-truths, and innuendoes that implicates many Muslims whose only crime seem to be that they hold a different opinion of the Israeli/ Palestinian issue.


But as anyone who reads the “barrage of disinformation, half-truths, and innuendoes” in my two previous articles can see for themselves, the Israeli/Palestinian issue isn’t even mentioned. It is purely a fabrication of Abukar Arman’s own paranoia and bigotry, as is his identification of the Zionist global conspiracy that is out to get him. In my original article, I did nothing more than to allow Arman to speak for himself in praise of the Islamic Courts Union and other terrorist groups and individuals; which, of course, is a well-known deceptive tactic of Islamophobes such as myself. [A note to the accounts payable department of the Zionist global conspiracy – I have yet to receive my paycheck for July. Please remit forthwith.]


Back here in reality, not only did Pipes and Horowitz play absolutely no role in my exposé, but the only communication I have with Horowitz are the FrontPage fundraising appeals I receive from him by email, along with all of the other thousands of registered FrontPage readers. (Yes, some far-flung conspiracy we run here at FrontPage!)


Abukar Arman’s conspiratorial worldview finds a regular outlet in his online writings, such as the “media bias” he identified last summer when “once again the media failed to prevent this whole escalation by turning a blind eye to the early reports that Israel was planning months earlier to deliberately provoke Hamas (also Hizballah) into a fatal military confrontation.” (“Media Bias and Distortion Fuels War in Middle East”) In that instance, Arman hinted that it was the “Jewish-controlled US media” that was covertly helping Israel provoke confrontations with the HAMAS and Hezbollah terrorist groups, who apparently do nothing on their own but only react to Israeli provocation.


And in October 2005, Arman informed his readers that it was the “Neocon activist” Daniel Pipes again who was responsible for promoting liberal and former Muslims (“Who is the moderate Muslim?”), where Arman identified Specially Designated Global Terrorist and HAMAS spiritual leader Youssef Al-Qaradawi as one of the “respected moderate Muslim scholars” he approved of.


At this point, it bears reminding readers that Abukar Arman sits on the blue-ribbon Franklin County Criminal Justice Planning Board that oversees the Office of Homeland Security & Justice Programs here in Central Ohio. As I reported last week, the Franklin County Commissioners have taken the facts I reported two weeks ago so seriously that they have launched an investigation into Arman’s extremist views, with one member, Commissioner Paula Brooks, stating in a memo that if the claims I made in my exposé  were verified, Mr. Arman’s public support for terrorism would be grounds for immediate removal from the Planning Board.


One wonders why Abukar Arman would even bother with Homeland Security, since he has voiced his agreement earlier this year with Ohio State professor John Mueller (see my previous article, “Ohio State Prof: What Terrorist Threat”), decrying the “gross inflation of the terrorist threat” in his Anti-War.com article, “The Overblown Terrorist Threat and Islamophobia”. What concern, if any, would Arman have regarding Homeland Security since he doesn’t even believe there is a terrorist threat.


Here we see again that anyone who disagrees with their rose-colored perspective is slapped with Arman’s favorite “Islamophobe” label in perfect McCarthyite fashion. No doubt, exposing Abukar Arman’s paranoid, delusional and conspiratorial worldview here will be just another exhibit he presents as proof of the Zionist global conspiracy that is out to get him, where his critics are all “Islamophobes”, all Jews not content with the destruction of Israel are “Neocons”, and all secular and moderate Muslims who voice their opposition to Islamic extremism and terrorism are “lesbians” and “notorious Islam bashers”. Abukar Arman has twisted his egocentric worldview of hatred so tightly it has begun collapsing in on itself.


If inviting readers to investigate more closely Mr. Arman’s enthusiastic public support for terrorist organizations and extremism is Islamophobia and Neo-McCarthyism, let him make the most of it.


Patrick Poole is a regular contributor to Frontpagemag.com and an anti-terrorism consultant to law enforcement and the military.

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