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Britain Under Siege By: Vasko Kohlmayer
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Although last week’s terrorist attacks in Britain were shocking in their murderous intent, they were not at all unexpected. They are merely the latest in a long series of attempts – successful, foiled and failed – in what is in effect a war waged from within Britain’s Muslim community against the host country.

Even a cursory recounting of recent terrorist activity makes it immediately evident that Britain is a country under attack:


On June 30, two Muslim men drove an explosive-laden car into the main terminal building at Glasgow airport. Most of the explosives failed to detonate.


On June 29, two cars loaded with explosives were discovered and defused in London’s nightclub district. Had the detonation gone off according to the plan, hundreds would have been killed.


On June 15, seven men received lengthy jail sentences for being members of a sleeper cell that was planning an extensive terror campaign across the UK. Their targets included buildings, aircraft and water supplies. On learning of the verdict, Home Secretary John Reid warned: “The outcome of this trial once again shows the extent of the very real and serious threat the UK faces from terrorism.”


On April 30, five men received life sentences for planning to bomb a shopping centre, a nightclub and a gas network with a giant fertilizer bomb. Expert witnesses testified that the explosion could have killed hundreds of people. The sentencing judge told the terrorists – all Muslim and British citizens – that they had “betrayed their country.”


In March, one Abdul Muhid was found guilty of soliciting murder during last year’s cartoon demonstrations in London. He was filmed chanting “Bomb, bomb the UK,” while brandishing placards with inscriptions such “Annihilate those who insult Islam.”


On February 7, a Muslim cleric by the name Abu Hamza al-Masri was sentenced to seven years in jail after he had been found guilty of 11 charges of inciting murder and racial hatred. He would regularly incite his flock in London’s Finsbury Park mosque with statements such as: “You must know the cause of Allah and you must help that cause in fighting, by fighting and when you fight you kill, you don't fight just to negotiate or to show off or to make videos or to make audios, fight to kill not fight to tape.” Al-Masri’s followers included Zacarias Moussaui, 'shoebomber' Richard Reid.


Early this year, nine men were arrested in connection with a plot to kidnap, torture and behead a Muslim member of the British armed forces. They planned to broadcast the Iraq style execution on the internet.


In November of last year, an Islamist convert by the name of Dhiren Barot was jailed for life for conspiring to carry out a series of attacks across the UK. One of his schemes involved the detonation of a dirty bomb; another flooding the London Underground with the River Thames. Boasted Barot, “Imagine the chaos that would be caused if a powerful explosion were to rip through London and actually rupture the river itself.” The prosecutor said that the terrorist was preparing to carry out massive explosions “the principal object being to kill hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people without warning.”


In August 2006, twelve people were arrested in connection with a plot to bomb ten transatlantic airliners in mid-flight with liquid explosives. According to the authorities, the preparations were in their final stages. Home Secretary John Reid said that if the scheme had succeeded, it would have caused death on an “unprecedented scale.”


In August 2005, Muslim cleric Omar Bakri was barred from the United Kingdom after it had been discovered that he headed the jihadist radical al-Muhajiroun group.


On July 21, 2005, four men attempted to carry out suicide bomb attacks on the London underground, but their devices failed to detonate.


On July 7, 2005, a series of bombings targeting the London transportation system left fifty-two dead and more than one 1000 injured.


Numerous as they are, these episodes only represent the tip of the iceberg. Last year, the MI5 – Britain’s domestic spy agency – revealed that it was monitoring up to 30 high-priority terrorist plots involving some 200 groups and 1600 suspects.


Intimately familiar with the extent of the threat, London Police commissioner Sir Ian Blair warned almost exactly a year ago that another successful terrorist attack was virtually inevitable. Last week’s events in London and Glasgow saw the fulfillment of his gloomy prediction. It was only a matter of good fortune that the attacks did not translate into massive casualties. This, however, is no great consolation, for more plots are being hatched and planned even as we speak. It is almost certain that Britain will be hit again. The chances are that the next time we will not be so lucky.


At this point, even the deniers can no longer ignore the obvious: Britain is under sustained assault which is being launched from within its own Muslim community. It is this community that the terrorists move and live in and where they receive financial and logistical support. It is this community that gives them cover to carry out their murderous schemes. In short, the Muslim community is their haven and base of operation in their war against Britain.


Although some may feel shocked and surprised at this state of affairs, the situation is only the natural outcome of the trends that have been at work for a long time. By and large, Muslim communities in the West have shown themselves to be aggressively resistant to assimilation. Not only do they refuse to adjust, but they exhibit outright hostility towards their host cultures and, when sufficiently numerous, they invariably attempt to take over the areas they populate. Intimidation, terror and violence are their means of choice in the pursuit of this objective. This tactic has succeeded in Lebanon where Muslims have taken over a formerly Christian and democratic country. Now they are trying to do the same in France, the Netherlands and Britain.


There are some who think that we may already be beyond the point of being able to stop the Islamic takeover of much of Western Europe. In the opinion of U.S. national defense expert and Pentagon Advisor Lt. Col. Bob McGinnis (U.S. Army-Ret.):


It probably is too late for Great Britain and France and maybe even the Netherlands and Germany. They [Muslims] have very sizeable minorities that refuse to integrate, that impose Sharia law on the ghettos, and as a result have created what I think is a series of smaller countries within a country.


The world better pay attention, because this will be the fate of every country that allows large Muslim communities to form in its midst. Clinging to traditional forms of Islam, their mindset is largely incompatible with the Western view of life which is based on openness, tolerance and freedom. Sizeable Muslims populations are thus a sure prescription for terror and violence, because those in their midst will sooner or later strike out against the societies they despise.


No amount of political correctness can conceal the fact that many Muslim enclaves in the West are neither peace loving nor patriotic. Large portions of their populations feel no allegiance to their host countries and they are all too ready to approve of violence in order to further their ends. Their lack of gratitude is truly breath-taking, since they have not only been welcomed in their new lands, but also provided with various forms of support, benefits and assistance. But we should not be all too surprised by this behavior from people who are taught by their religion to despise and kill infidels.


There is a question that often drops from the lips of British Muslims during their fraternizing times together: “Are you British or Muslim?” It is not difficult to guess how many of them answer. In the minds of many, pledging allegiance to the host country would effectively mean ceasing being a good Muslim.


If they really wanted to, British Muslims could easily stamp out the terrorists from their midst. Terrorists can only thrive among their ranks because it is there that they receive cover and support. Despite all of the reassuring statements by their official representatives, far too many Muslims loathe their adoptive country and either turn a blind eye to or implicitly approve of terrorist plots against it. If British Muslims were a peaceful group they often claim to be, the hate-filled sermons of radical imams would not be attended, and would be denounced, by tens of thousands of eager hearers.


Britain is now paying the harrowing price for decades of mindlessly admitting large numbers of Muslim immigrants. Ignoring the warning signs along the way, it pursued the policies of multiculturalism to their inevitable conclusion. Today its unassimilated Muslim minority is waging a war against its host country. Terrorized and attacked by those it so has unthinkingly welcomed with open arms, Britain is now a country under siege.


Born and raised in former communist Czechoslovakia. the author is a naturalized American citizen. He is a regular columnist for Frontpagemag.com and his work has also appeared in The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Times, The American Thinker, The Jewish Press, RealClearPolitics, and other publications.

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