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Jihad's Target: Women By: Phyllis Chesler and Nancy Kobrin
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, July 06, 2007

The Islamist "Doctor's Plot" in the UK was fiendish, but one particularly horrific aspect of it has received insufficient attention: it was specifically aimed at women.

Buried deep in the New York Times article on the subject was this fact: The Tiger Tiger nightclub in London was targeted in part because last Thursday was “ladies night.” (Christopher Hitchens, writing in Slate, is among the few so far who focused on this fact.)

Nor is it the first time that Islamists have directly targeted women. British security expert Sajjan M. Gohel remembers a 2004 conspiracy in which "British-born bombers said they wanted to attract women at a nightclub, whom they viewed as promiscuous, in conversations monitored by the police."

When will western progressives, especially feminists, "get" that Muslim terrorists hate women --especially infidel women who are intellectually or sexually independent and whose independence taunts, tempts, and enrages them?

That should come as no surprise.  Islam’s record of treating women is abominable. Islamic gender apartheid targets Muslim women for maximum punishment (lashing, stoning to death, political gang-rape, honor-murder) when they are in any way perceived or misperceived as even slightly independent (e.g. if they want to marry men of their own choosing, divorce dangerously abusive husbands, or simply attend college.) But, even when they have committed no such "crime," many Muslim, Arab, and African women are genitally mutilated; most Muslim and Arab women are routinely beaten as daughters and wives. They are forced to "cover" their hair, faces, bodies, and threatened with maximum punishment when a wisp of hair or too much ankle is showing. They are forced to accept and embrace polygamy and purdah (physical sequestration).

These onerous practices have penetrated the West. Increasingly, masked and silent women are appearing on our streets; their presence is oddly menacing. At the very least, they clearly do not approve of your ways because they have chosen a visibly different path. The fact that some women may view hijab and niqab as a legitimate and humble expression of religious submission or freely choose to be modestly "covered" as a way of proclaiming themselves "off-limits" to western secular promiscuity does not change the fact that their presence also constitutes a walking advertisement for jihad.

What else can we expect from a religious-terrorist culture in which both life and the life force is mocked, feared, hated, and destroyed? A pregnant woman with young children was recently intercepted as a human bomb by the Israelis. Often, a suicide bomber will purposely stand right next to a mother with a young child. This is how thanatos (the death force) in the most visually graphic and literal of ways, destroys eros (the life force). In the most recent instance, physicians, who are supposed to take an oath to save lives, were engaged in murdering innocent civilians-- many of them ideally female. What clearer perversion of the life-force can there be?

We have argued before in these pages that Islamic terrorists should be seen as serial killers. The masterminds and handlers are just that. The body parts (of one human being, usually female) that serial killers carefully display at the crime scene are being taken to new levels here with hundreds of people's body parts on display, although scattered to the winds. (We do not have the time in this piece to explain how woman-hating and woman-murder relates to a shame and honor culture in which such murder is normalized, not criminalized.)

And still, the media pundits are trying to blame Israel and America for such Muslim atrocities; still, they talk more about a non-existent "Islamophobia" than they do about murderous Muslim hatred of the infidel and misogyny.

Now is the time for peaceful Muslims to denounce these atrocities and to resolve to rid their culture and their countries of such homicidal maniacs. Many Muslims remain in denial about their own "tigers." (An Israeli friend, a former member of Mossad, commented that the "Saudis had created the tiger and now they had to ride it." He said so after the series of bombings that shook Saudi Arabia itself.) One cannot continue to blame or scapegoat Israel and America for what is an indigenous Muslim problem. The Muslim ummah might now be terrified of their own sons and daughters, the very "tigers" they have raised and nurtured. Perhaps they are shocked to discover that their tiger-cubs are criminals.

Think of it as a spectrum. First, women in Islamic countries must dance separately, in segregated rooms, hidden from men so as not to arouse them. Next, you have the Taliban, who ban all dancing. Shortly thereafter, you have suicide bombers who, unable to live with the idea that thousands of women in the West are dancing naked (since their faces are uncovered), attack discos. This is not rocket science. It is life post 9/11.

Phyllis Chesler, Ph.D is the author of thirteen books including The New Anti-Semitism and The Death of Feminism. She may be reached through her website www. Phyllis-Chesler.com. Nancy Kobrin, Ph.D, is a psycho-analyst and Affiliate Professor at the University of Haifa.


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