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Marxists and Islamo-fascists of the World Unite! By: Stephen Brown
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, May 17, 2007

Forget the proletariat! Now it is Marxists and radical Muslims of the world unite!

If any doubt still existed regarding bonds being formed between the hardcore left and elements within Islam, one needed to look no further than the leftist “Festival of Resistence” conference held at the University of Toronto last weekend for confirmation.


As indicated by the causes they represented, the contemporary Marxists gathered there seem to have given up on the Western proletariat ever becoming revolutionary and placed their hopes elsewhere in their unending, hate-filled struggle to destroy capitalism. In the audience were members from such stimulating groups as the environment, First Nations, the anti-war movement and the transgendered (Was Marx a cross dresser?). But while diverse in nature, the one commonality they all possessed, one can be assured, was hatred of capitalism, Israel, the United States and of Western civilization.  


But, as reported in the Canadian newspaper, The National Post, the conference’s opening night was not given over to any of these ragtag, would-be revolutionaries to rail against the ills of capitalism or George Bush, as one would expect, but rather was dedicated to forging unity between Marxists and Muslims. To this end, the keynote speaker the first evening was a controversial local Muslim, Zafar Bangash, a Muslim imam and the director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought.


Bangash is currently at the center of a controversy to bring a mosque to Newmarket, a town north of Toronto. The people opposing the project say they are not objecting to their community getting its first Muslim place of worship but rather are against Bangash himself, whom they regard as an Islamic extremist.


In an interview earlier this year with a Toronto newspaper, the imam defended himself against the charge, saying he was definitely neither a racist nor a terrorist nor an advocator of violence. But the Pakistan-born immigrant admitted he is against “Israeli state policies”, since they are responsible for crimes committed against the Palestinian people.


“How could that be radical?” he said. “Is it permissible to starve millions of people?”


However, in the same story, Bangash is cited for having written after 9/11, as the editor of a Muslim newspaper, that Osama bin Laden was someone who “stands up to the West in the name of Islam” and that there was a “far greater tragedy taking place in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan.” In the same interview, Bangash also called stories, in which he was supposed to have said America knew about 9/11 beforehand and that Canada is a “fully paid-up member of the Anglo-Saxon Mafia, which is responsible for most of the genocides in the world”, fabrications.


At the Marxism conference, Bangash, according to The National Post reporter, “railed” against a Jewish group that complained the teams in his soccer league had lovely names like Jihad and Hezbollah. But despite the violent, warlike messages these names send, the controversial imam said his presence at the event was to due to humane reasons like “…justice, inequality and poverty”, common themes that concerned all the participants.  


It was an irony of the evening, however, that Bangash interrupted his delivery to his audience of atheists in order to go and pray. And while Marxism has always been virulently anti-religious, the heirs of Marx and Lenin present said not a word. On the contrary! According to the newspaper report, they shouted down a Trotskyist who said he opposed all religions, indicating how much times have changed for the radical left.


But as much as things appear to have changed, they still remain the same for the class haters. The supposedly humane causes they now espouse conveniently serve as cover for their eternal hatred of capitalism and of the United States, much like the cause of the “oppressed” working class did before the fall of the Berlin Wall. These Western Marxists are also ignoring and betraying their brother Iraqi communists who have good reason to oppose Muslim extremists and ironically, unlike their Western counterparts, want American troops to stay in their country.


Moreover, the radical left is also still willing to make alliances with anyone who can further their goals of destroying both objects of their animosity, a tradition stretching back to Lenin. And while Marx, author of the famous words ‘religion is the opiate of the people’, would probably never have advocated an alliance with Islam, his modern followers see a staunch ally in Muslim radicals, since both sets of extremists share a rabid hatred of the United States.


Muslim moderate Tarek Fatah, a critic of Bangash according to the newspaper story, perhaps summed up best the essence of such an alliance of hatred when he said: “For atheists, considered worthy of the death penalty by Islamists, to team up with their ultimate opponents in attacking Canadian civic society, demonstrates the fundamental bankruptcy of these two political ideologies.”  Bankrupt, indeed!


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Stephen Brown is a contributing editor at Frontpagemag.com. He has a graduate degree in Russian and Eastern European history. Email him at alsolzh@hotmail.com.

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