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"Red Zora" Trial In Germany By: Stephen Brown
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, April 25, 2007

At last! A humane Marxist terrorist group one can take pride in.

The crazy sixties and seventies produced a lot of oddball leftist terrorist outfits in the West, but one of stranger ones had to be Germany’s Red Zora. The radical Marxist-feminist outfit, composed only of women terrorists, was responsible for dozens of bomb and arson attacks in Germany from 1977 to 1995.


The ladies who bomb reappeared in the news last Monday when a former member, Adrienne G., 58, was sentenced to two years probation in a Berlin court. In a pre-trial arrangement, G., whose last name German law prevents the media from publishing, was allowed to plead guilty to membership in a terrorist organization and for participating in two failed bomb attacks. The lenient sentence was due to G. having given herself up to authorities after almost two decades living under an assumed name and also to the fact her crimes were committed so long ago.


The Red Zora would actually make for good entertainment if it had not been so deadly dangerous. A good example of this was their willingness only to wound people and not kill them in their terrorist campaign, hence their eschewing of weapons. A nice, humane, feminist touch!


The radical leftist outfit targeted atomic, gene and reproduction research institutions, sex shops as well as companies that had businesses in the Third World. All of which, the terrorists claimed, oppressed women, the theme of their attacks. At one point, the group admitted to 45 bombings. The last one was at a shipyard in Bremen in 1995. German police believe the group is no longer active.


The self-described “social revolutionary, feminist liberation movement”, whose stated goal was to change the societal order in Germany through violence, incongruously took its name from a popular, young people’s book, whose heroine was the head of a band of orphan children in a Croatian city. Because of her red hair, the leader was named Red Zora.


But as their violent antics proved, there was nothing childish about West Germany’s Red Zora, except perhaps their infantile way of thinking. And this was perhaps expressed best by another former Red Zora member, Corinna Kawaters, in a video in 2000:


“The reason why the Red Zora women decided to offer militant resistance against the system was that the assessment of the political situation at that time was that the power structures were legal and repression only became visible through resistance.”


Well, there you have it. The incredible and delusional intellectual arrogance of a Marxist that allowed her to see oppression where no else could - principally because there was none – and only the heroic actions of people like her could lift this veil of ignorance.    

These radical feminists first originated as an autonomous subgroup within the German terrorist organization, the Revolutionary Cells, which itself was responsible for about 200 bomb attacks. In 1977, however, the girls decided they did not want to play terrorist with the boys any more, so they established their own operation to commit mayhem, but sometimes still crossed the schoolyard to help the RCs carry out bombings. It is believed about seven women occupied the Red Zora’s inner circle.


However, unlike their more famous, German terrorist counterpart, the Baader-Meinhof group, the Red Zora did not kill or wound anyone, but did cause substantial property damage. Also unlike the Baader-Meinhof, the Red Zora and the RCs did not go underground. Rather, they lived bourgeois existences, holding regular jobs (probably an onerous burden for such Marxist radicals), earning them the moniker “the closing time terrorists.” 


This tactic of assuming a bourgeois cover frustrated the police for a long time, and only when a RC member was captured in the mid-1980s did the investigators discover how the groups functioned internally. It was also then that Adrienne G. went underground with her companion, a leading RC male terrorist, who is also now awaiting trial. It is believed East Germany’s notorious secret police, the Stasi, helped them disappear.


The two wanted criminals resurfaced recently after almost twenty years because, according to one German newspaper, they were tired of living under false identities, and Adrienne G. wanted to live in Berlin. It was not disclosed in court where they had been hiding.


At her trial, G., a teacher and trained radio electronics technician, admitted purchasing two alarm clocks used as detonators for bombs planted at a genetic research institute in Berlin and at the administration building of a clothing firm in Bavaria. With the latter bombing, the Red Zora wanted to show their solidarity with South Korean women who were striking at the firm’s factory in Korea, a deed I’m sure the hard working Korean women fully understood and appreciated.


But the police recovered the clocks, which led them to Adrienne G. Investigators had noticed this brand of alarm clock had been used in many bombings and had recorded their numbers. The police also placed cameras wherever they were sold and captured the feminist terrorist twice on film. However, one German journalist probably got closer to the truth when he noted that with her radio electronics training, it is hard to believe G.’s role in the Red Zora bombing campaign was limited to just buying two alarm clocks. 


In the end, like all Marxist “liberation” movements, the Red Zora did not liberate anyone. The perceived oppressive patriarchal and capitalist state they hated so much and wanted to lead to chaos, economic ruin and social destruction was very lenient and merciful to them. As it turned out, the only ones who really needed liberating were the Red Zora women themselves and not from capitalism but rather from their own personal anger, hatred, conceit and narcissism that led them to follow such a barbaric path.  

Stephen Brown is a contributing editor at Frontpagemag.com. He has a graduate degree in Russian and Eastern European history. Email him at alsolzh@hotmail.com.

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