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Ann Coulter on Democrats, Palestinians, Israel and Iran By: Avraham Shmuel Lewin
JewishPress.com | Monday, April 16, 2007

Last July The Jewish Press published an interview with controversial author and columnist Ann Coulter that became the most viewed article on our website for 2006. Nine months later, we decided it was time to once again get Ms. Coulter’s take on recent events.

THE JEWISH PRESS: Who or what is to blame for the Republicans doing so badly in the November elections?

Ann Coulter: The evaporating spine of the American people, the relentless media onslaught and the feckless Bush presentation of the case for war.
Have you changed your opinion on Bush and Iraq since the last time we spoke?
No. There has been a great deal of improvement; Iraqis say things are moving in the right direction, and we’re killing and capturing a lot of terrorists. But Bush seems to have lost his nerve and will not act boldly enough either in Iraq or to counter the lies of the MSM (mainstream media).
What would a Democrat in the White House mean for America’s Mideast policy?
Do the words “unconditional surrender” mean anything to you? A Democrat president would turn us into a satrapy of Middle East terrorists. The Democrats would surrender to our adversaries in the Middle East and would shortly be surrendering to them again in the streets of New York City.
What do you think about the Obama boomlet?
Barack Hussein Obama? From what I hear, he’s got the “soccer moms trying to quit smoking” vote locked up. 
As a woman, do you think there is any benefit to Nancy Pelosi being House Speaker?
Yes, it shows people the foolishness of putting liberal women in positions of authority. Another benefit is that every time Pelosi opens her trap another 100 people become registered Republicans.
The Democrats have been in control of Congress for a couple of months now. Have you seen any perceptible changes?
Yes, the agenda of the new Democratic Congress is holding hearings on Dick Cheney’s energy meetings from 2000, rescinding their 2002 vote to authorize war, and cutting and running in Iraq. They’re taking America in a new direction: Backwards.
How do you explain the phenomenon of civilized, educated people in the West shooting themselves in the foot over and over again?

Liberal Democrats breed a certain softness, which is a problem because we are at war with savages. It takes democracies a while to recognize threats to their existence.

This is the lesson of Munich, but unlike Munich, the forces of civilization don’t have much time to waste. The danger of another Munich this time is even more catastrophic.
What’s your view on the creation of a Palestinian state?
My American values support the creation of a Palestinian state in the abstract, but are against the creation of another Taliban. So there would have to be an assurance that such a state would be gelded militarily. The up side: at least we’d have a specific country to attack.
What do you think of the contention by State Department types and the Europeans that the Palestinian issue is the root cause of Islamic terrorism and Middle East unrest?
It would be a lot more plausible if Islamic terrorism were restricted to the Palestinian areas. Osama bin Laden also criticizes the West for global warming and the American Indians. He should change his name to Osama Gore.
What about those who say that putting pressure on Israel would bring peace to the Middle East?
Oh, sure – making concessions to the Arabs has never, ever worked in the past, so why not try it again?
Were you disappointed that Israel failed to defeat Hizbullah last summer?
It was good news for whoever decides to run against Olmert. Every day we allow armed Jihadists to exist is another tick on the clock to midnight. Both Israel and the U.S. ought to act more vigorously.
Were terrorists around the world inspired by Israel’s inability to defeat a gang of terrorists?
Does “American Idol” inspire no-talent losers to think they can sing? But let’s not get carried away — Israel did set them back a little. It’s always a good day when the forces of democracy are killing terrorists.
What should America’s policy be in Iraq?
America’s policy should be to obliterate any remnant of terrorism in Iraq with whatever force is necessary, and to do so with alacrity. Then it’s on to Iran! I’m proposing a two-part plan, the second part of which is, “Let God sort them out.”
Do you think the Bush administration will eventually get its act together and attack Iran?
No on the getting their act together part, and maybe on the attacking Iran part.
Do you think Bush is strong enough politically to authorize an attack on Iran?
Once he gets his approval rating down to single digits, what does he have to lose? Maybe that’s when we’ll see some real action. Remember, Harry Truman’s approval rating was in the low 20’s when he ordered U.S. troops into Korea.
If no one else acts, should Israel go it alone and take out Iran’s nuclear facilities?

It worked pretty well the last time with Iraq. Israel would take hits for it, so it would take a lot of guts.


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