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Professor Jihad By: Candace de Russy
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Last week Mike Adams (here and here) reawakened scrutiny of Kent State University Professor Julio Pino, a Cuban-born convert to Islam. Pino’s ringing support for Muslim radicals, notably Palestinian suicide bombers, and his encomia regarding the deaths of American troops, have triggered public ire in recent years.

The (Akron) Beacon Journal reports, for example, that he was targeted in an Internet petition describing him as a ``walking, talking time bomb'' and seeking to get him fired with remarks like, ``Remove this traitor from our educational system'' and ``Get this murderer out of the country!''

The latest tumult surrounding Pino concerns his contributions to a website called Global War, which boasts of being “a jihadist news service [and providing] battle dispatches, training manuals, and jihad videos to our brothers [i.e., our terrorist enemies] worldwide.” As highlighted at Wizblog, the site sub-head refers to its proprietor as "the most dangerous Muslim in America," and the site appears to be mainly authored by someone using the moniker “Lover of Angels” – “angels” presumably intended to mean those “holy” winged ones who carry the murderous Islamist message worldwide.  


Although Pino denies ownership of Global War, he has repeatedly declined to comment about his connection to it. However, he reportedly did admit to his department head, John Jameson, that he has provided postings on the site. KSU, which has defended Pino on the basis of free speech, strenuously disavows any link to the site, stating “We object to our name being used in connection with it.''


The point, it seems to me, is not the campus’s involvement with the jihadist site but rather the truth about Pino’s ties to it. Why doesn’t he clearly and publicly elucidate his connection? If some “Lover of Angels” were posting terrorism-related items wrongly associated with you or me, would we not go public and unambiguously deny it and clear our good name?


Secondly, it would appear that the “ownership” discussion is a red herring designed to deflect from the question of Pino’s true relationship to Global War. Or, in the words of Adams (cited above), Pino is “like the guy I know who committed murder and later said, after being caught with the smoking gun – that he didn’t own it. He just fired shots from it. That’s all.”


Whatever the identity of the website’s proprietor, he/she has decidedly been rattled over the last few days by all the attention. Wizblog reports that during this time the owner first redirected hits to a "Defend America" patriotic site and then shut down Global War by directing hits to the home page of its blog service, blog-hi.com.


But the plot thickens, not only with Pino’s failure to comment on whether he is in fact "Lover of Angels," but also with a report from the Beacon Journal indicating that a letter Pino wrote under his name last year in a student newspaper at KSU is identical to a posting on Global War attributed only to “Lover of Angels.” Perhaps, then, as blogger “Another Realist” opines, “the ‘owner’ shut it down to keep it from being linked to the Nutty Professor.”


In a post David French acknowledged that as yet we do not have enough concrete proof of “the extent or nature of Julio’s ‘contributions’ to the site” to judge whether he and Global War are protected by the First Amendment. If it is discovered, however, that he and his fellow “contributors” are deliberately and actively providing material aid to Islamists, such as terrorist training manuals, for the purpose of attacking the U.S., Pino & Co. will no longer be able to take refuge behind the free speech clause.


Following up on French’s remarks, Anthony Paletta placed on journalists, as opposed to KSU, the burden of digging for more information about these, at the least, terrorist-sympathizers and America-haters.


As for me, I hope the F.B.I. is on this case, in the event that Pino is more than just another in a long line of bloviating academics who hate this nation that rewards them with guaranteed lifelong employment, along with the time and freedom to propagate their hatred in the cyber-ether and to brainwash students in it. I hope the feds are sniffing about Global War’s every putrid sphere and have divined the intent and, perchance, deeds of its Lover of Angels – and whatever other fiendish spirits inhabit it. 


Candace de Russy is a writer and trustee of the State University of New York.


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Candace de Russy is a writer and trustee of the State University of New York. Mitchell Langbert is associate professor of business at Brooklyn College. Phil Orenstein is a systems manager based in Queens and formerly an adjunct lecturer of Computer Aided Manufacturing at Queensborough Community College and Farmingdale State University.

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