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Paintballing for Allah By: Joe Kaufman and Laura Mansfield
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, September 22, 2006

Recently a video was placed on the forum of the official website of the Young Muslims (YM) – the youth arm of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) – whose contents included an animated graphic of rockets being fired on and destroying the United States and a 9/11 message from “the American Al Qaeda,” Adam Gadahn.  Both the rockets and the message had been released prior, produced by Al-Qaeda’s media studio, Al-Sahab, and shown on Al-Jazeera TV.  But something else found on the video was previously unseen.  It was footage from a paintball range located in the United States.  The suggestive images within the footage could easily be construed as training for terrorist attacks.  No doubt, for Muslim extremists throughout the West, this has become the preferred method of preparation for waging jihad.

High Speed Paintball is a fairly large paintball center located in New Hope, Alabama.  According to the manager of the center, Larry Cook, the facilities are mainly in use by churchgoers.  Photos on the center’s website show various law enforcement agencies using the facilities, as well.  This being the case, how strange it is that footage from the center has been appended to an Al-Qaeda video.  What’s even more puzzling – and disturbing – is the fact that the footage depicts shocking scenes of what seem to be mock suicide bombings and IED (Improvised Explosive Device) truck bombings.  What is perfectly clear, though, is that the images were not placed on the video to celebrate paintball as a recreation.  They were there to celebrate it as a means towards death.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the sport of paintball began in 1981, as “a survival game conceived to settle a dispute between two friends, a New York stock trader named Hayes Noel and a writer from New Hampshire named Charles Gaines.”  The pastime, in conjunction to radical Islam, can be traced to just before the attacks on September 11th.  In the fall 2001 edition of MSA Link, the newsletter of the National Muslim Students Association (MSA), the following was written, under the heading ‘FIREARMS’:


“Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said: ‘Indeed, power is shooting, power is shooting, power is shooting.’ [Sahih Muslim]  Though there are arms training available to the public, many of them are expensive.  If you cannot get someone to teach you, buy books about shooting techniques.  However, one can join a club or go to a local shoot range, usually located on the outskirts of any town… Paintball is an excellent way to learn about combat.”


Since the newsletter was published, numerous paintballers have been involved in terrorist activity.  They include:


  • The Virginia Jihad Network.  In June of 2003, eleven paintballers were charged with training with and fighting for Lashkar-i-Taiba, a group related to Al-Qaeda that targets Indians with violence.
  • The July 7 Bombers.  According to an associate of Mohammad Sidique Khan – one of the four July 7, 2005 London suicide bombers – Khan and another of the bombers, Germaine “Jamal” Lindsay, would watch violent jihad videos with other radicals and then go paintballing.
  • The Georgia Paintball Terrorists.  In July of 2006, two Georgia men linked to a Toronto terror gang (also paintballers) were charged with plotting attacks on a U.S. military base, oil refineries and the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

An in depth list of Islamist paintball occurrences can be found on the Weblog of Middle-East expert Daniel Pipes.  Paintball has, unquestionably, become an industry for radical Muslims.


The Editor and C.E.O. of The Paintball Times (PBT) website is Mohammed Alo.  Save for the one time he defended his religion on his site, no one going on it would ever suspect that it was being run by a Muslim.  In the course of his defense, he spoke against those that he labeled “religious zealots.”  But what Alo hid from his readers is that he, himself, has exhibited this same type of zealotry in the past.


On the “Advertise” page of the PBT site, there is found a contact number for the PBT staff.  When doing a search for the number, one is led to the official website of Masjid Saad Foundation (MSF), a radical mosque located in Toledo, Ohio whose attendees included two individuals charged, in February of 2006, with plotting to carry out terror attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq and other overseas targets.  The site is registered to Alo.  In a piece he wrote for it, entitled ‘Trying to out-Israel one another,’ Alo gave his thoughts on why American politicians are so in favor of Israel.  He stated, “Ah, but it's not just votes… If they don't support the pro-Zionazi resolutions, they will be blasted in the pro-Israeli press.”  After comparing Ariel Sharon to Hitler, Alo later stated out of frustration, “If they love Israel so much, they ought to pack up and move there.”


The combination of Mohammed Alo’s work and his extremist ideology is an ominous and frightening proposition, but it’s only one example of many.  Other Muslims involved in the sport of paintball, who are also tied to radical Islamist groups and/or ideologies, must be questioned as to their true motives, as well.


When the MSA at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, a school that teaches students how to fly planes, conducts frequent paintball outings, as they have, this must be questioned.  When the Muslim Paintball Games of Kentucky lists as one of its competitors a name containing the term “Al-Mujahid” [The Holy Warrior], this must be questioned.  And when the Muslim American Society of Tampa (MAS-Tampa), a group that has published on its website material concerning the murder of non-Muslims, puts out a paintball event flyer stating, “We’re trying to separate the men from the Boys, The guns from the toys, The real ones from things that just make noise,” this too must be questioned.  Are these groups out to have fun, or is it something else?


In the Al-Qaeda video that contained the paintball footage, the following is stated by Adam Gadahn:


Four years after the blessed raids on New York and Washington, we find the people of the West continuing to speculate about the causes and objectives which lie behind those historic events and subsequent developments.  We find them in disagreement over the nature of the people who carry out operations like those on September 11th, March 11th, and July 7th, the nature of their motives, and the nature of the demands they harbor, if any.  And… as a result of their speculation and disagreement, we find them uncertain about which steps or actions they must take to achieve the restoration of the security they once enjoyed.”


While we do not have to ask why these evil acts have occurred, as Gadahn in his remarks hinted we should, we do need to break the uncertainty about the steps he spoke of which are needed to achieve our security.  One of those steps is to be wary of Muslims playing paintball.


Jeffrey Epstein, the President of America’s Truth Forum, contributed to this report.  To learn more about how to secure the United States from terrorist attacks, attend the upcoming America’s Truth Forum symposium, ‘Understanding the Threat of Radical Islamist Terrorism,’ taking place in Las Vegas this November 10th and 11th.  Go to www.americastruthforum.com for more details.

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