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Our Northern Hypocrites By: Stephen Brown
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, September 22, 2006

“It was a good attack” – if you like mangled, bloody children.

Four Canadian soldiers dead, dozens of soldiers and civilians wounded, including numerous children, and that’s how bloodthirsty, Taliban “spiritual” leader Mullah Hassan summed up a “successful” suicide attack in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan last Monday. Fifteen additional innocent people were also killed across that suffering country in other coldly calculated suicide bombings that day.   


The Canadian soldiers, who are in a tough fight to reclaim the province and former Taliban stronghold from these murderous thugs, were part of a patrol stopped near villages in a rural area. The Canucks, whose contingent numbers about 2,200 in Afghanistan, were handing out toys and school supplies when a suicide bomber on a bicycle blew himself up, causing indescribable carnage. The Globe and Mail, a Canadian national newspaper in which Hassan’s heartless quote appeared, also cited a local farmer who said “all the children were crying and bloody”, while there were bloodstains and chunks of flesh left on the road. It was also the second suicide attack against Canadian troops in as many days.


“Every time we get the chance, we will kill Canadian soldiers. And the ordinary people must learn to stay away from foreigners,” continued Hassan in another proud, jihad moment.


A Liberal government committed Canadian troop to Afghanistan in 2002. Since then, they have suffered 36 deaths, including one diplomat. Their stellar performance on the battlefield, however, has earned them high praise from many quarters, including Condoleeza Rice. On a recent visit to Canada, the U.S. Secretary of State called the Canadian soldiers “fierce fighters”, saying the Taliban have “learned a tough lesson from that.”


But while Canadian troops are pounding the Taliban, incredibly, it is the Canadian Left that has not learned Afghanistan’s lessons. The leader of Canada’s socialist New Democratic Party, which is home to a myriad of current and former Maoists, Trotskyites and other  assorted Marxist-Leninists, has recklessly and repeatedly called for the withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan, breaching our NATO agreement that has already passed Parliament.


“There is no sign that it is making the Taliban weaker or the world safer,” said Layton at recent NDP party conference in Quebec. “There is no hope of changing the realities on the ground in Afghanistan - with the forces we have or can commit.”


In his appeasement comments, Canada’s Neville Chamberlain went even further - if that is possible. The leader of Canada’s third largest political party, which has 29 seats in the House of Commons, has actually called for negotiations with the Taliban, a gang of cutthroats that currently murders Afghan teachers for teaching girls, saying this is not the right mission for Canada. Which then begs the question: What is there to be talked about? Layton might as well just show up with a white flag; and then you can bet the Taliban will be eager to talk to him.


But like the Canadian and American Left during the Vietnam War, ‘Cut and Run’ Jack avoids talking about what would happen if coalition troops suddenly and in such cowardly fashion pulled out in the middle of a fight, leaving their Afghan friends in the lurch. The world has already seen the Taliban in power in Afghanistan and knows what to expect: no education for girls; women would be whipped in open stadiums; the certain reappearance of Osama bin Laden; and the reestablishment of a terror state with 9/11-like terrorist attacks against the West. And all this would probably come after a vicious war between the Taliban/ al-Qaeda jihadists and the Afghan national army, in which many more people would perish than are currently dying now.


Bad as it is, Layton’s Afghan position, however, might receive a modicum of respect if it wasn’t so hypocritical. The NDP prides itself on being the champion of women’s and gay rights in Canada and yet is willing to cease fighting against, and even negotiate with, the biggest abusers of women and murderers of homosexuals in the world.


What’s more, the Canadian political leader’s position on the deployment of the Canadian military to Afghanistan may actually be putting the Canadian troops’ lives in more danger than they currently are. According to an interview with Afghanistan’s Consul General in Toronto that appeared in the Toronto Sun, the Taliban are politically astute, understand political pressure, are well aware of any critics and “were pleased to exploit that.”  The suicide attacks against the Canadians may have been timed to coincide with the opening of Canada’s parliament this week as well as with the upcoming visit of Afghanistan’s president to Canada.  


If this is the case, Canadian troops can expect increased Taliban attacks at election time in order to take advantage of Canada’s political division and help topple the current, tough-on-terror minority government of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper for a more yielding Liberal/NDP coalition. Both the Liberals and the NDP currently play the casualty card after Canadian troops die in Afghanistan to score political points for the next election, calling for a change in the military mission instead of condemning the actual enemy and lauding our soldiers as the heroes they really are. For the record, one of Monday’s heroes’ names has been released: Pte. David Byers of Espinola, Ontario.  


Harper, true to his non-compromising, steely stance against the Taliban, has responded to critics by sending the first squadron of Canadian tanks to Afghanistan. The Canadian Prime Minister also kept the latest Canadian casualties, and the war, in perspective, saying in the House of Commons: “Nothing more than this incident illustrates the evil they are fighting and the goodwill and the nobleness of the cause that they are taking to the Afghan people.”


But it is Conservative Defense Minister Gordon O’Connor who articulated best the NDP’s and the Canadian Left’s divisive position regarding the Afghan conflict.


“Only they and the Taliban want us out of Afghanistan,” he said.


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Stephen Brown is a contributing editor at Frontpagemag.com. He has a graduate degree in Russian and Eastern European history. Email him at alsolzh@hotmail.com.

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