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Rosie O’Donnell's Anti-Christian Smear By: Don Feder
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, September 22, 2006

While Muslims were busy threatening to kill the Pope, Rosie O’Donnell – talk-show host, constitutional scholar  and celebrity airhead – was busy comparing conservative Christians to Islamo-fascists.

On ABC’s “The View” last week, O’Donuts smeared committed Christians while trivializing the suffering of Islam’s many victims.

Responding to the comments of her co-host that militant Islam is a threat to free people everywhere, O’Donnell – famous for her keen intellect – shot back: “Just a minute. Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America where we have separation of church and state.”

Actually , we don’t have separation of church and state – words inserted into the Fist Amendment by Hugo Black in 1947. (Rosie might want to check out the motto on the currency in her Prada purse – “In God We Trust.”) But that’s another story.

O’Donnell didn’t tell us who these radical Christians are, but -- given the mindset of political Hollywood -- it’s easy to guess that she was referring to the Pro-Life Jihad and Family-Values Army of God.

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight:

Militant Muslims behead prisoners. Radical Christians oppose embryonic stem-cell research.

Militant Muslims blow themselves up in crowded shopping malls, slaughtering women and children. Radical Christians defend traditional marriage.

Militant Muslims fly planes into buildings, Radical Christians work to protect the sanctity of human life.

Militant Muslims threaten to kill those whom they believe have insulted their precious Prophet. Radical Christians threaten to launch consumer boycotts.

Militant Muslims issue fatwas. Radical Christians distribute voter guides.

Yep, I can see the similarities all right. The two are as alike as peas in a pod. No wonder Jerry Falwell is so often mistaken for Sheik Nasrallah.

Following her obscene comparision, O’Donnell turned her laser-like reasoning to the war on terrorism.

On 9/11, America was attacked “not by a nation,” Rosie opined. (Yeah, just a bunch of Muslim dudes hanging around a street corner in Jeddah.) Yet, “as a result of the attack and the killing of nearly 3,000 innocent people, we invaded two countries and killed innocent people.” Apparently, O’Donnell doesn’t know that innocents die in war. Does she think everyone who was killed in the January, 1945 firebombing of Tokyo was a war criminal?

Warming to her subject, O’Donnell observed, “Iraq and Afghanistan never threatened to kill us” – i.e., neither Saddam Hussein nor Mullah Omar sent the White House a post card that read – “Dear America, We will ,kill you.” Of course, al-Qaeda had training camps in Afghanistan and Saddam was subsidizing every terrorist gang in the Middle East, but there was no formal declaration of war.

Maybe Rosie blames radical Christians for the wars in Iraq and  Afghanistan too. Perhaps it was all part of a cunning conspiracy to ban partial-birth abortions while our attention was focused elsewhere.

Christianity is about as popular with the Hollywood crowd as George W. Bush. (“I hate him!” Barbra Streisand shrieks.) To wit-less:

  • Bill Maher calls Christian conservatives “the party of paranoia,” claims Christianity “has taken over all three branches of government,” and says Christians who seek to influence the political debate are “demagogues, con men and scolds” who “worship power.”
  • Actor Ian McKellen, who played a significant role in “The DaVinci Code,” claims the Catholic Church blinds us to the truth and says “The Bible should have a disclaimer in the front that says this is fiction.”
  • CNN founder Ted Turner says “Christianity is a religion for losers,” and the Ten Commandments should be rewritten to remove the prohibition on adultery and include sanctions for sins against the ozone layer. In 2001, when some CNN employees showed up at a meeting with ashes on their foreheads on Ash Wednesday, Turner called them “Jesus freaks” and told them they “ought to be working for Fox (News).”

Not satisfied with giving O’Donnell a forum for her very deep thoughts, last weekend, ABC aired a documentary called “Jesus Camp,” which focused on a Bible camp in North Dakota where youth are being trained to spread the faith, and – if necessary -- lay down their lives to witness in the Third World.

“This camp is, by many accounts, a small – and perhaps extreme – slice of what some say is a growing, intensifying evangelical youth movement,” ABC observed. Among other ominous trends, the documentary notes that in the past 15 years, “enrollment at Christian colleges is up 70 percent. Sales of Christian music are up 300 percent” and “tens of thousands of youth pastors have been trained.”

Sales of Christian music up 300 percent? This is ominous indeed. Today “Amazing Grace,” tomorrow, a theocracy. Christian colleges are growing because the left has ruined education at secular institutions by turning them into politically correct indoctrination centers.

The ABC special was based on the work of Lauren Sandler, described as “a secular, liberal feminist from New York” (Could the network possibly have founded a more biased source?), who is alleged to have “spent months among the believers researching her new book ‘Righteous.’”

Aside: The left has made a cottage industry of producing hysterical tracts on the apocalyptic dangers of the religious right. Besides Sandler’s offering, the latest titles include: “Holy Vote,” by Ray Suarez, “Religion Gone Bad: Hidden Dangers of The Christian Right,” by Mel White, “Why The Christian Right Is Wrong,” by Robin Meyers, “The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right,” by veteran left-wing hack Michael Lerner and “Theocons: Secular America Under Siege,” by Damon Linker. Not that publishers are obsessed or anything.

If I wanted to make a fast buck, I’d write a book titled: “The Unintelligent Leftist’s Guide To Hating The Christian Right – In The Name of Tolerance And Diversity.”

ABC breathlessly discloses that, based on her exhaustive research, Sandler has reached the foreordained conclusion that,  “the evangelical youth movement will have a negative impact on the country’s future, because the most moderate young evangelicals are inflexible on issues such as abortion and gay marriage.”

Sandler herself confesses: “It’s an absolute, straight-up-us-against-them. It’s you’re either with us or against us. … Not only are you a sinner, but you are working for the enemy – the enemy being Satan.”

Now I get it, Christian youth are a menace to society because they believe in the rightness of their cause, because they have firm convictions and because they view the other side as wrong – while loving them anyway.

And how about all of the students indoctrinated by teachers at the high school and college-level to: hate America, feel guilty if they’re male, Caucasian and/or heterosexual and see Republicans, right-to-lifers, opponents of gay marriage and oil company executives as “Satan.” Are they not equally “inflexible” and intolerant?

But, you see, it’s good to be inflexible and intolerant in a cause of which O”Donnell, Sandler and ABC approve.

Lauren Sandler and Rosie O’Donnell, meet Mel Seesholtz. A Professor of English at Pennsylvania State University, Seesholtz isn’t exactly Mr. Flexibility. Actually, you might call him a Radical Secularist.

In an online posting last week, Seesholtz – who’s bummed about the defeat of the so-called Bias Free Curriculum Act in California (life-style indoctrination in the guise of teaching tolerance) –referred to Christian opponents of bill as “evil lunatics.”

Seesholtz writes: “A very wise woman recently asked me, ‘Who will rid us of the evil lunatics?’” The prof says he responded, “We will. We must. Public education and a civil civilized (sic) society depend upon it.”

Rid in what way? Exile? Execution? Are we talking Stalinist gulags or Khmer Rouge killing fields?

It all comes down to this: Rosie and company hate conservative Christians because (as Sandler points out) they hate their agenda. Hence, in their twisted thinking, the Bible Belt equals Shiite Iran, the Campus Crusade for Christ is the same as Hezbollah and Bible-campers are  comparable to suicide bombers, hence they’re a threat to democracy, pluralism and liberty, hence someone must rid society of said “evil lunatics.”

On the 5th anniversary of 9/11, I spoke to a group of Christian Zionists in Pennsylvania. After my speech, a middle-aged man came up to me and said: “You know, Mr. Feder, in the next Holocaust, it’ll be Christians.”

Do they make uniforms for concentration-camp guards in 60 extra-humongous?

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Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website, DonFeder.com.

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