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Mission Accomplished: A Fond Farewell to FrontPage Readers By: Richard Poe
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, February 15, 2002

TODAY IS MY LAST DAY as editor of FrontPageMagazine.com.

I resigned my position because I have been offered a book deal by a major publisher, with the working title, The New Underground: How Conservatives Conquered the Internet. The book will be based upon my columns, "Secret Masters of the Internet," and "The New Underground," and will chronicle the rise of conservative Web news as a major new force in media.

That is the immediate reason for my departure. In a larger sense, though, I feel that my mission here at FrontPage is complete.

Managing an organization ­ much like raising a family ­ is an exercise in self-extinction.

As a parent, you know that your time on earth is limited. You must teach your children to replace you when you are gone. Only when your children take your place as good citizens of your nation is your mission complete.

So it is with managing an organization. A good executive, from the moment he begins work on a job, has one overriding goal ­ to build an operation that is self-sufficient, that will stand on its own feet and continue functioning at a high level of quality and efficiency long after he is gone.

As a manager, I subject every new system and procedure to what I call the "truck test." I ask myself, "What will happen to this system if I am suddenly run over by a truck?" If the answer is that the system will fall apart, then there is something wrong with the system, and it needs more tinkering.

After 20 months of tinkering, I am proud to announce that FrontPage passes the "truck test."

During my time as editor, average monthly Web traffic increased 400 percent and annual revenues nearly 2000 percent.

More importantly, systems and procedures were established that provide a reliable and proven framework for future growth. 

I would like to extend a very special thank you to my webmaster David Benfield ­ a "24/7" man, like myself ­ whose round-the-clock efforts behind the scenes have kept FrontPage up and running through storms, floods, blackouts, terrorist attacks ­ indeed, through every conceivable form of mayhem, be it technical, meteorological or organizational.

Special thanks go also to Associate Editor Scott Rubush, my right-hand man in the editorial department, who meets every emergency, every last-minute change of plans and every bone-crushing multiplication of his duties with the same stoic professionalism.

Thanks also to Departments Editor Kerry Fox who edits the news and forums, and to Web Applications Developer Tom Scerbo, who, among other things, creates the stunning photo-collages that have become a FrontPage trademark.

And let us not forget our former Web designer Rick Phillips ­ who executed our beautiful site redesign, unveiled in December 2000 ­ and former Associate Editor Jennifer Kabbany ­ both of whom made valuable contributions to FrontPage before moving on to bigger and better things.

And, of course, a thousand thanks go to our fearless columnists whose barbs against the Hate-America Left have sent howls of pain through the enemy ranks.

Like Jason at the helm of the Argo, I have been cheered these 20 months by the stoutness of my Argonauts, whose courage and good humor have never flagged. I am proud of all that we accomplished together, and grateful for the honor of having served with you ­ one and all ­ in the frontlines of this war for America's soul.

All of us who have served FrontPage and the Center for the Study of Popular Culture have known what it means to fight for a great cause, and to serve a great man.

While America slept, David Horowitz sounded the alarm. And, as with the Minutemen of Lexington and Concord, I believe our most lasting distinction will lie in the fact that we stood with Horowitz when he raised his war cry, on that invisible battlefield of ideas where America's future hangs so precariously in the balance today.

With that, I must take my leave.

Of course, I am not disappearing completely. My columns will still appear on FrontPage. And though I will no longer moderate the Go Postal message board, those who still wish to cross ideological swords with me can find me on the forum at RichardPoe.com.

In closing, let me offer a final acknowledgment to the most important contributors of all to the success of FrontPage ­ the 350,000 readers who visit our site each month. Thank you for your support. God bless you all.

And may God bless and keep our Republic, in this time of peril.

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