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Where’s Omar? By: Tanya Metaksa
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, December 12, 2001

IS IT REALLY SURPRISING that the Taliban "religious" and secular leader, "Mullah" Mohammed Omar, is on the run? Is it surprising to find out that his title of "Mullah," which is usually earned by a person who has studied to become a Mullah, is fake?

The answer to both those questions is a resounding no. After all, Omar, the Taliban, and Osama Bin Laden are nothing more than your garden-variety bullies, of the sort you find in every neighborhood. When he is in the company of his "gang," he’s mean and brave, but when confronted alone, he usually runs and hides.

Bullies have existed throughout history. They come to power when a country’s political and economic structure is in chaos. If necessary, they will create the chaos themselves. Omar’s ancestors are the Jacobins that took over the French Revolution; the Trotskyites who fomented the Russian Revolution; Hitler and his Nazis; Pol Pot in Cambodia; the list is never ending.

Like them, Omar is a destroyer, not a builder. Under the banner of a religious movement, he destroys what others have built. Like the Jacobins who looted and pillaged the priceless works of art at Versailles, Omar blew up priceless treasures of Buddhist art. Like the Trotskyites who hung their opponents from lampposts, Omar did the same to non-believers and those who did not grow their beards long enough. Like Hitler who killed millions of Jews because they were not Aryan, Omar killed those whom he believed were not true believers in Islam, and he ordered non-Muslims to wear markings on their clothes "for their own safety."

In a rare interview, he told a Pakistani newsman that, in his lifetime – he is believed to be around 40 – he has seen one-half of Afghanistan destroyed and that "he was ready to see the other half destroyed rather than give up Osama Bin Laden." He refuses to be photographed saying that reproductions of Allah's creations are a sin – thus remaining incognito and avoiding capture by his enemies.

In an interview with Voice of America, he stated, "Almighty God is helping the believers and the Muslims. God says he will never be satisfied with the infidels… We are confident that no one can harm us if God is with us."

Now, like a true bully, he is heading for the hills, despite his "belief" that God is with him. He cares not one whit for his followers, most of whom accepted his propaganda of attaining paradise by killing infidels. Even during the final days of Taliban rule over Kandahar, he urged his supporters to "fight to the death." Obviously he and his buddy Osama bin Laden don’t subscribe to their own party line. If they did, we wouldn’t be bombing caves in Afghanistan; we would be looking at their bodies.

The Northern Alliance may have eradicated the Taliban government from the cities of Afghanistan, but the road to a new Afghan government will be very rocky. The hard core Taliban and Al-Qaeda have not surrendered. Omar, Bin Laden, and their gang of assassins have scurried back to the rat holes from which they sprang, but they are not defeated, will not surrender, and will remain to continue their jihad, plaguing Afghanistan and the world.

As the Afghanis go about the difficult task of day-to-day life, and attempt to rebuild a stable country, Al-Qaeda, with bin Laden and Omar, will return to their guerrilla tactics: harassing, destabilizing, and terrorizing the rest of the country, while they plot their return.

So, as the Northern Alliance and Afghani tribesmen search and Americans bomb Tora Bora, what will happen if we find Omar or bin Laden alive? It would be very wrong to show them any mercy. After all these are men who, in the name of Allah, were responsible for the September 11 attacks, the bombing of the Cole, the bombing of the U.S. Embassy and the murder of countless Afghanis. Their evil defies comprehension.

In the book "Where’s Waldo" the object is to find one person, Waldo, amongst many. Looking for Omar and his allies in terror is a life-or-death version of looking for Waldo. If we do not find them and make them pay the ultimate price for their crimes against humanity, they will disappear into the hills or into the crowds of refugees where they will regroup – and continue their jihad against the non-believers.

Tanya K. Metaksa is the former executive director of the National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action. She is the author of Safe, Not Sorry a self-protection manual, published in 1997. She has appeared on numerous talk and interview shows such as "Crossfire," the "Today" show, "Nightline," "This Week with David Brinkley" and the "McNeil-Lehrer Hour," among others.

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