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What is the A.N.S.W.E.R.? By: Michael Tremoglie
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, March 29, 2002

THEY HAVE INDICTED every American president since Harry Truman for war crimes against the people of Korea (North and South). They have represented Slobodan Miloslevic at the International Court and have declared the International Court guilty of war crimes. They have declared the United States guilty of war crimes in Iraq. They were major players in demonstrations in Seattle, Washington, DC, Quebec City, Genoa, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Now they are members of the steering committee of A.N.S.W.E.R (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism).

Who are they? They are the aristocracy of the ochlocracy. They are the International Action Center (IAC) and their tyrant-in-chief is Ramsey Clark.

Yes, that Ramsey Clark, the wonderful philanthropist who has called for revolt against the imperialistic American capitalists who commit genocide against the peace-loving peoples of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Cuba, and now Yasser Arafat’s Palestine. If you do not believe that Americans are imperialistic capitalists just read the IAC website which publishes such announcements as this:

"The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Cuba energetically condemns the aggression committed against the heroic Palestinian people and its authorities. We demand an end to the isolation and harassment of Yasser Arafat and the immediate end to crimes and the outrages being carried out by Israeli occupation forces."

Or the ruminations of everybody’s favorite death-row journalist, Mumia Abu-Jamal:

"When U.S. President George W. Bush spoke about an "endless war," some took it as mere political speech, or rhetoric …I did not. "W" is an agent of his class, the wealthy oil merchants of the land... This will eventually become a war that reaches into a slew of countries in the Middle East, on behalf of the rich and powerful elites who rule. Make no mistake: this is a war that has nothing to do with democracy. "

More recently the IAC assisted ANSWER with the marches against war, poverty, and racism in Washington, DC and San Francisco. Among the other members of ANSWER’s coalition are: the Green Party USA (Nader in ’04), the New Communist Party of the Netherlands (where is the old one?), the International Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the president of AFSCME Local 1702, several members of the National Lawyers Guild, the VP of the Baltimore National Action Network (Reverend Al’s group), and the president of the World Union of Freethinkers (militant atheists).

They seem to be a very eclectic group. Then again, maybe they are not so eclectic. They are actually the usual Americaphobes. What is interesting about ANSWER is that they are funded by the same organization as the IAC-the Peoples Rights Fund (PRF). The PRF sponsors the National Anti-Death Penalty Education Project, the Colombia Project, and the People’s Video Network Project. The PRF is a 501(c)(3) organization and lists the same address as the IAC-39 in New York. I would be very interested in reviewing their donor list. I wonder how many front groups contribute to the People’s Rights Fund.

The IAC has been described as a Stalinist organization and one that supports authoritarian regimes and communist dictatorships. Incidentally, both Serbia and Iraq have retained Clark as their U.S. counsel. The IAC is affiliated with the Workers’ World Party, which is affiliated with ANSWER. All of these organizations are advocates of Arafat.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Iraqi money is being used to help fund anti-American organizations and attempt to influence opinion to prevent America from invading Iraq. Hussein realizes that his regime’s existence, for that matter his existence, is contingent upon keeping President Bush from forming a coalition to assist in the invasion.

Unfortunately, Saddam will have many Americaphobic organizations anxious to help his cause. Americaphobia is well entrenched in academia; Americaphobes have absolute access to the media, they are well financed (even without Iraqi money) and they are extremely well organized. Well-meaning people flock to them and their message of peace and love. Who would not? How can you object to world peace?

The devil is in the details. Even a cursory examination of Americaphobic organizations like the IAC reveals a certain selectivity about which nations they consider to be peace loving and which are not. The IAC condemns US involvement in Central America or South America. However, the IAC admires Cuba and is never concerned about Cuban military involvement. The IAC condemns American human rights violations in Bosnia--without evidence of such violations. Yet, the IAC never mentions anything regarding Serbian ethnic cleansing.

Other organizations exhibit similar hypocrisy. Amnesty International, for example, was very quick to condemn the treatment of Taliban prisoners by the United States, yet Amnesty International never issued a condemnation of the treatment of American prisoners by Iraq.

However, many well-meaning people do not seem to realize this. They just immediately assume the United States is involved in some imperialistic military adventure and they must join organizations like the IAC or ANSWER to prevent it.

The problem with these well-meaning people is that before they join groups like ANSWER they need to ask themselves WHAT IS THE QUESTION?

Michael P. Tremoglie is the author of the new novel A Sense of Duty, and an ex-Philadelphia cop. E-mail him at elfegobaca@comcast.net.

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