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We Are Family By: Michael Tremoglie
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, April 22, 2002

LET ME TELL YOU: The brothers and sisters are running the city. Oh, yes. The brothers and sisters are running this city. Running it! Don't you let nobody fool you; we are in charge of the City of Brotherly Love. We are in charge! We are in charge!"

This quote is from a speech given by Philadelphia Mayor John Street at a meeting of the local NAACP on April 13. Where was the Philadelphia media? Mayor Street’s comments were reported in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer. However, they were reported as Street’s accomplishments in civil rights. I guarantee you if this were a speech by Frank Rizzo stating that white people were in charge or that the paisano’s were in charge, it would have been banner headlines the next day. They probably would have published a special edition containing numerous essays about the racist Rizzo. The Philadelphia media excoriated Rizzo for once saying that if black politicians can say vote black, why can’t white politicians say vote white?

Now, I have met Mayor Street and listened to some of his speeches. I would characterize his politics as more of a conservative Democrat than a liberal. However, what he said is not a revelation. I have often felt that some civil rights leaders and organizations are not so much concerned about equality as they are control. They do not seek equal opportunity they seek to have a special status conferred. In fact, it is not just the " civil rights" groups; all the liberal advocacy groups and their Democratic Party minions seek power and control rather than equal opportunity.

If there is any doubt about this, ask yourself the following questions:

1-The ACLU is a fervid advocate of affirmative action. When was the last African-American, Executive Director of the ACLU?

2-Why does the Democratic Party claim they are the party of inclusiveness yet prevent anti-abortion Democrats from speaking at Democratic Party conventions or fundraisers?

3-Why do grandees at the National Organization for Women claim to support gender equality, yet do everything they can to prevent fathers from having equal opportunity for custody in divorce cases?

4-Why does the NAACP claim to want blacks to have equal rights and yet routinely attempt to prevent conservative blacks like Ward Connerly, Clarence Thomas, and Thomas Sowell from speaking?

5-Why does the ACLU claim to be the self-appointed guardian of the Bill of Rights, yet, when a cop is accused of shooting a black they want the cop imprisoned before there is a trial?

6- Why do the ACLU, NAACP, and NOW all claim they want criminals rehabilitated (i.e. no incarceration), yet want "hate crime " legislation so there can be harsher sentences for those convicted of such crimes?

7-Why do "civil rights" organizations claim to want equality before the law, yet offer only silence regarding racial or gender motivated crimes against whites and males?

8-Why do liberal academicians claim they do not want ethnocentric history taught, yet propose curricula such as Ebonics and provide fraudulent or misleading scholarship such as Michael Bellesiles latest book or Phyllis Chesley’s "Mothers on Trial" which claimed fathers received custody in 70% of divorce cases?

9-Why is it that when environmentalists misrepresent scientific studies the "unbiased" media are silent?

10-Why is it that there are never anti-abortion rallies on TV?

No, Mayor Street’s comments to the NAACP and the fact that they have not made national news or prompted censorious editorials are not astonishing. Equal rights, equal opportunity, equality of the law, ecology, social justice, or sexual liberation; none of these are what civil liberty or advocacy groups seek. I am not implying they never did seek these things. They most certainly did. However, their objectives now are self-perpetuation, the acquisition of power, control of government and culture, and enriching themselves.

A local Comcast station interviewed Chris Mathews, the host of a cable TV show and a columnist for the San Francisco Examiner. Mathews is a fervent Democrat and a liberal. He was a member of the Peace Corps. He was formerly a staffer for Tip O’Neill and is considering an elective office. Mathews commented about the current state of the Democratic Party. Mathews believes that Democrats just want power. Nothing else. They will say or do whatever they have to do to be elected. He believes Republicans want to be right and will state their true beliefs.

This is a Democrat saying these things.

So when Mayor Street makes comments such as the brothers and sisters are in charge of the city, he is talking about his family-his ideological family. The ACLU, NAACP, NOW, PETA, the Green Party they are all one family-just like the Corleone family.

Michael P. Tremoglie is the author of the new novel A Sense of Duty, and an ex-Philadelphia cop. E-mail him at elfegobaca@comcast.net.

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