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It‘s Dad’s Fault By: Michael Tremoglie
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, March 18, 2002

GIVE RUSH LIMBAUGH CREDIT The guy is prescient. He predicted that even though Andrea Yates would be found guilty of murdering her kids, somehow public opinion would say the father would be blamed as well. Rush predicted modern feminists would not permit a mother to be solely culpable for killing her kids. Somehow, the father would be blamed.

What Rush did not predict is that the call for blaming the father transcends the ideological continuum and transcends gender. Conservative male talk show hosts and liberal female columnists are all saying Russell Yates should be charged in the murder.


The reasons for blaming Russell Yates are varied; he should not have impregnated her knowing she was depressed; he should not have left her alone, even for two hours, with the kids; he should not have done this; he should have done that. Who knows what he should have done? Maybe he should have called Dr. Laura? No, the gays and FemiNazis would not have liked that. Maybe he should have called Kim Gandynow (no pun intended) there is a rational individual.

What he did do was rely on advice from the “mental health experts.“ You know those people we depend upon to rehabilitate criminals.

One expert, Dr. Mohammed Saeed, said on June 18, 2001, two days before the murder, that there was no evidence to indicate Yates was psychotic. Earlier, when Yates attempted suicide after having her fifth kid, she was admitted to the Devereux Texas Treatment Network. Experts there released her after being treated. According to a December 6, 2001 PRNewswire account, a former supervising nurse at Devereux, Jackie Pruden, says it was not unusual for patients to be released too early from that hospital. ``I have seen patients released before they were ready to go,'' she says. ``They weren't getting the counseling ... behavior modification. And they were being released before they learned the coping mechanisms they needed on the outside world.''

This is the father’s fault?

Well, some say, the father was morally culpable. Was he?

There are several moral theories. There is Utilitarianism that says morality is whatever promotes the greatest happiness. This is “the ends justifies the means system. There is the Deontological Theory that says what is right is what is required by God or by reason. There are Natural Law Ethics that says God reveals morality through human reason. There is the Social Contract Theory that says society determines what is appropriate. There are permutations of these theories and there are other theories of morality. Russell Yates is not culpable using any of these standards.

He is not culpable legally either. According to two legal experts interviewed in separate Texas newspapers, Yates could only be charged if he neglected to prevent his wife from committing the act or he assisted her in its commission.

Russell Yates did neither. There was no indication that Russell Yates knew his wife was going to do this. Certainly the “mental health experts “ did not tell himneither did Andrea Yates. She kept her delusions to herself and she had no history of abusing or neglecting her kids.

The NOW fanatics have absolved Andrea Yates and blamed the father. Russell Yates was too controlling they say. He kept the wife and kids isolated from the rest of the world. He kept his wife pregnant. It is his fault she went bonkers.

Yet, modern feminist thought has a conundrum. When this tragedy occurred the feminists and their leftwing media acolytes proclaimed the Yates’ religious, stayathomemom, patriarchal lifestyle was the reason for it. However, six days after the Yates tragedy, an Iowa mother, Kari Engholm, killed her kid by leaving her in a hot van while she went to work. The mother was a busy hospital executive and forgot to drop the kid off at daycare.

Engholm was stressed out the media said. A Roper poll, according to one TV psychiatrist, said that working mothers are the most stressed out people on the planet. We were told that Engholm normally did not take the kids to daycare. That was the father’s job. This was not her routine that is why she forgot the kid was there.

Two infanticides, one by Andrea Yates, a home schooling, stayathome mother, the other by Kari Engholm, a working, corporate executive, mother. Leftists can say the old fashion, religious, stayathome model caused the Yates murder. How do they explain the other, feminist Engholm model of the woman executive and mother?

Easily, they can explain both by saying its Dad’s fault.

Michael P. Tremoglie is the author of the new novel A Sense of Duty, and an ex-Philadelphia cop. E-mail him at elfegobaca@comcast.net.

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